WWE Smackdown Results – January 4 2013

We start off 2013 Randy Orton! Orton cuts to the chase and says that he wants to be World Champion and that he’s entering himself into the Rumble. Sheamus comes out and the two exchange a little bit of trash talk. Big Show makes his way to the entrance ramp. Big Show shoots down the idea of either guy winning the Rumble because regardless they’d have to go through him. Cesaro comes out and calls Sheamus and Orton typical Americans. Booker T interrupts and makes a tag match for our main event.

Match #1
Heath Slater w/Mahal & McIntyre vs The Miz
Slater and Miz start off and shortly into the match the referee kicks out Mahal and McIntyre. Lots of back and forth to start this match with 3MB interfering on occasion which causes the ejection. Slater stomps away at Miz but Miz tackles him down. Slater goes outside to celebrate but Miz clotheslines him. Slater takes control and slaps and arm lock on Miz. Miz breaks out and gets taken down by the arm. Slater keeps up the offense until Miz slides under Slater and goes for a roll up. Slater kicks out and clotheslines him. Slater taunts. Miz shows signs of recovery but Slater keeps on destroying Miz’s arm. Miz with a double ax handle smash and then a skull crushing finale for the victory!
Winner: The Miz

Interview with Wade Barrett where he explains that it took 3 previous matches for Kofi to beat him on Main Event.

Match #2
The Great Khali, Hornswoggle & Natalya vs Primo, Epico & Rosa Mendes
Natalya slams around Rosa and Khali comes in. Khali beats up on the Colon’s and Hornswoggle comes in. Epico beats down on Hornswoggle until he hits a shining wizard and tags in Khali. Epico goes for the backstabber but Khali turns around and hits a brain chop for the win.
Winner: Team Khali

Kofi interview where he says he’s always had his back against the wall and that he always fights his way
out of it.

Match #3
Kofi Kingston vs Wade Barrett – IC Title
Kofi starts off with a little bit of rage and works on Barrett on the outside. Springboard ax handle smash to Barrett. Chinlock from Kofi. Barrett takes control of Kofi after some brief offense and takes the energy out of Kofi with a chinlock. Kofi with multiple roll up attempts but all fail as Barrett kicks him in the stomach but misses a clothesline out of the ring. Kofi dives out onto Barrett. We return and Barrett has a headlock on Kofi, Kofi battles out but Barrett knees him in the stomach. Barrett with a flying elbow off the 2nd rope. Barrett wraps Kofi up in the ropes and hits some knees followed by a huge big boot. Barrett goes for a superplex but Kofi fights him off. Flying cross body from Kofi for two. Kofi with a kick in the corner and springboards but Barrett avoids it. SOS from Kofi for two! Boom Drop leg drop from Kofi and sets up for the Trouble In Paradise. Barrett goes for a sidewalk slam but Kofi flips it into a roll up. Barrett comes back with a sidewalk slam for two. Trouble In Paradise but Barrett rolls out of the ring and Kofi can’t get the pin. Kofi gets him in and covers but Barrett gets the rope.

Barrett goes for the Bull Hammer but Kofi dodges and springboards out of the corner…INTO THE BULL HAMMER! Barrett covers for the win!
Winner: Wade Barrett

Match #4
Tamina vs Layla
Tamina gets the best of Layla for most of this match. Tamina rubs Layla’s face into the mat and locks in a rear naked choke while Layla is in a split. Layla tries a few comebacks but gets hit by a samoan drop, followed by a Superfly Splash to put her out.
Winner: Tamina

Main Event
Antonio Cesaro & Big Show vs Randy Orton & Sheamus
Cesaro starts off and brawls a little bit with both Sheamus and Orton in short bursts. No one really gets the upperhand to start off. Sheamus hits the clubs to Cesaro before getting speared by Big Show after a blind tag. Show and Cesaro work over Sheamus until Sheamus manages to hit the Brogue Kick on Show. Instead of pinning, he tags in Orton as Cesaro gets tagged in. Orton with clotheslines and powerslam. Sheamus gets back in and hits the White Noise. Brogue Kick set up but Orton slips in and RKOs Cesaro. Sheamus covers as he stares at Orton.
Winners: Sheamus & Orton

That’s the show folks!

  • sunil kumar bhargava

    Shield did not interfere in raw edition of last week of December 2012, and matches were interesting. Thank you wwe management. In future, such non-interference matches will go on. Happy new year and best wishes to wwe management, and specially to huh, who is the best wrestler and administrator.