WWE SmackDown Results – July 19 2013

We start off with Teddy Long, announcing a job evaluation tonight. Booker T comes out and thanks Teddy but says that he’s back in charge. Vince announced that only one of them can be GM. Teddy announces Jericho/Axel for the IC title and Booker announces Del Rio/Orton. Maddox comes out and hyped the return of RVD to Smackdown! Vince then announced Vickie Guerrero as Smackdown’s new GM.

Match #1
Dolph Ziggler vs Jack Swagger

Swagger looks good in this one, with a little help from Cesaro, until Ziggler manages to hit the Zig Zag for the win!

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler cut a short promo afterwards addressing AJ Lee, saying he has no regrets breaking up with her. AJ is backstage, very angry standing with Big E.

Match #2
The Shield vs The Usos

The match never begins as the Shield use their 3 on 2 advantage until Mark Henry runs in and makes the save.

No Contest

Match #3
Daniel Bryan vs Wade Barrett

Nice hard hitting brawl between these two. Bryan gets the win with the No Lock and the crowd goes nuts.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

MizTv with Paul Heyman. Heyman tells Punk to stay down and talks about Lesnar. MizTv ends and Axel comes out.

Match #4
Curtis Axel vs Chris Jericho – IC Championship

Good back and forth match where Jericho manages to lock in the Walls but Axel escapes. Axel hits the hanging neckbreaker to get the win as Jericho departs for his tour.

Winner: Curtis Axel

Sandow cuts a promo where he invites Cody Rhodes to the ring and still addresses him as a friend. Cody comes down and goes along with it but attacks Sandow! Sandow gets out and leaves up the stage.

Match #5
Rob Van Dam vs Darren Young

RVD still looking really good, much more fit than he was in TNA. He got most of his popular stuff off here and finished off DY with the five star frogsplash.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

Big Show returns Monday!

Main Event
Randy Orton vs Alberto Del Rio

Both guys look good in this one and it’s somewhat similar to their match at Hell In A Cell last year. Orton gets the win with an RKO OUTTA NOWHERE and takes a clean win. Interesting.

Winner: Randy Orton

My apologies for this one being a bit brief. Had a very busy day and it’s not quite over yet!