WWE Smackdown Results – March 21, 2014

Kane makes his way to the ring and discusses the brutal beatdown of Daniel Bryan by the hands of Triple H on Raw. He delivers a message from Triple H saying that everyone needs to respect the Authority.

Match #1
Fandango vs Fernando

Fandango is in control for the majority of this one. Fandango goes for the leg drop but misses and takes two spinning elbows. Fandango gets distracted by El Torito who is chasing Summer Rae and gets rolled up.

Winner: Fernando

Match #2
Dolph Ziggler vs Damien Sandow

Ziggler starts off in control, dropkicking Sandow. Sandow escapes the ring. Sandow attacks Ziggler and proceeds to beat him down back in the ring. Sandow locks in a chinlock. Ziggler fights out but meets an elbow to the face. Sandow locks back in the chinlock on Ziggler. Ziggler on offense now. Neckbreaker! Ziggler gets the win with the Zig Zag.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Short Wyatt Family promo on John Cena. Bray talks about the match at Wrestlemania.

Match #3
Ambrose & Rollins vs Ryback & Axel vs 3MB vs Cesaro & Swagger

Rollins and Reigns dominate the opening portions of the match, oddly as the good guys in this one. After the break Ryback is in control, choking Ambrose on the bottom rope. Swagger hits the Swagger Bomb, followed by a leapfrog stomp from Cesaro. Ambrose makes the hot tag to Rollins and Rollins cleans house. Slater distracts Rollins but Reigns spears him. Kane comes out and begins brawling with Reigns while the other teams beat down on Rollins/Ambrose.

No Contest

New Age Outlaws come out and help Kane beat down Reigns. In the ring Rollins/Ambrose get outnumbered and destroyed.

MizTV segment with many of the battle royal participants for Wrestlemania. A full scale brawl breaks out and it comes down to Big Show and Sheamus. Big Show manages to toss Sheamus out.

Match #4
Big E vs Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio with furious kicks but Big E fights him off. Spear into the corner from Big E. Del Rio catches Big E’s arm over the ropes and locks in the hanging armbar. Del Rio dodges a spear into the corner, sending Big E into the ring post and hits a superkick and covers.

Winner: Del Rio

Match #5
Bella Twins vs Natalya & Summer Rae

Natalya and Nikki go at it and Nikki gets the best of her. Summer Rae tags herself in and works over Nikki’s leg. Nikki makes the hot tag to Brie and Natalya and Summer begin arguing. Brie hits them both with a dropkick off the ropes. Brie hits a facebuster on Natalya for the win.

Winners: The Bella Twins

Kane gives #1 contender shots to Ryback/Axel and The Real Americans for the help, he also puts 3MB into the battle royal at Wrestlemania.

Lana introduces Rusev, who comes out on the podium.

Main Event
John Cena vs Luke Harper

Harper spends the early going laying into Cena. Rake to the eyes by Harper. Rear naked choke on the ground from Harper. Cena starts a comeback but takes an atomic drop and superkick. Cena fights back and hits the five knuckle shuffle. Big boot from Harper to Cena. Cena dodges a running boot into the corner from Harper. Cena locks in the STF but Harper gets out. Harper with a front facebuster. AA from Cena for the win!

Winner: John Cena

Cena escapes as the Wyatt Family storms the ring to end the show.