WWE SmackDown Results – May 10, 2013

– WWE Open.

– Tonight, Jack Swagger takes on Big E. Langston, one-on-one. And, Daniel Bryan faces Dean Ambrose.

– Chris Jericho was in the ring as the camera panned the crowd, strangely, the music played was that of the Smackdown theme rather than Jericho’s theme. Jericho was hosting the Highlight Reel. His guest was Ryback. As Ryback came to the ring, they showed Michael Cole, JBL, and Josh Mathews at ringside. They also showed a clip of Ryback beating Kane, only to be interrupted by The Shield. Jericho said Ryback has made some “incredible waves” in WWE lately. Jericho said he understands where Ryback is coming from as it relates to John Cena. Ryback said he didn’t need Jericho’s approval. Jericho brought up “Ryback Rules” and some of those rules include doing whatever it takes to get to the top. Jericho said he did the same thing. Ryback didn’t approve of Jericho judging him. Jericho said he’s not doing the judging…but the fans are. They booed Ryback on that cue. Jericho said Ryback could win the WWE Championship at Extreme Rules, but if he does it Ryback’s way, he’ll lose the respect of everyone in the WWE Universe.

Ryback opined that Jericho talks too much. He threatened to floor Jericho, but Jericho said he didn’t think Ryback would do a damn thing. Crowd gave an “oohhhh” to that line. As they went face-to-face, Teddy Long came out. Long said if they have business to settle, it’ll be settled in the main event. So, for the first time ever, Ryback will take on Chris Jericho. Ryback sucker-punched Jericho after the announcement was made. Then he left the ring. Ryback isn’t a natural on the mic, and putting him in there with a guy like Jericho only exposes him even more. It’s not awful, but I wouldn’t call it “good” either.

– Tonight, Mark Henry will attempt a world record: Pulling two tractor-trailers (appx 55 tons), by himself.

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No entrance for Rhodes, and just the tail-end of Kofi’s. Unique arm-drag by Kofi, followed by the more standard version. Apparently, Rhodes was recently voted Most Underrated Superstar on WWE.com. Take-down by Cody for a two-count early on. He worked over the left arm and wrist of Kingston. Kofi began his comeback, but missed his jumping clothesline. Sunset flip reversed by Cody, but Kofi rolled him up again, this time for a near-fall. The announcers again talked up the recent birth of Kofi’s son. It was strange enough bringing it up once, but continuing to bring it up would normally make you think it was leading to something, but I can’t imagine what that would be. Trouble in Paradise missed, and as Cody went for the Disaster Kick, Kingston instead hit him with Trouble in Paradise for the win.

WINNER: Kingston, at 3:28. Hey, a secondary champion wins a non-title match. I support that message.

– Next, we’ll see the “disturbing details” of Brock Lesnar’s “workplace invasion.”

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– The exterior of the PNC Arena was shown.

– Clips aired of Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman’s invasion of WWE Headquarters that was shown on Raw. They also showed Heyman’s promo via satellite and Triple H’s rebuttal.

– A graphic aired for Lesnar vs. Triple H at Extreme Rules, and the announcers discussed the match. This Monday, the men will go face-to-face in the ring. Back in the day, they used to at least come up with a REASON for them to be in the same ring together. They can’t even be bothered to do that anymore.

– Renee Young was backstage with Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter. Colter accused her of being part of the “lamestream media” and went on a rant of his own. He made fun of Alberto Del Rio and said he would take out “blondie’s bodyguard” Big E. Langston. HE said they’re getting closer and closer to getting their way – the American way.

– Big E. Langston came to the ring, flanked by Dolph “Blondie” Zigger and A.J. Langston screamed in a way that reminded me of Mantaur as they went to break.

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– Alberto Del Rio had joined the announcers at ringside back from break. They showed Swagger’s attack on Ricardo Rodriguez on Raw, which is why Rodriguez was not out with him.


Before the match began, Del Rio got a ladder from under the ring and pushed it into the ring in between the two camps. Ziggler tried to get it, but Swagger kicked him. That led to Swagger and Langston having a tug-of-war over the ladder. Colter hit Langston from behind, distracting him enough for Swagger to toss Langston. Ziggler got back into the ring and dropkicked the ladder into Swagger. Colter went for the ladder, but Ziggler shoved it into him and Colter took a bump at ringside. Del Rio came in and beat up Ziggler. Del Rio lined up Ziggler and belted him with the ladder. At ringside, Del Rio tossed the ladder at Swagger, hitting Swagger in the upper torso. Swagger squirmed on the floor, holding his wrist. Back in the ring, Del Rio climbed the ladder with the belt and held it up as his music played.

WINNER: No Match.

– Still to come, Bryan vs. Ambrose. It’s next.

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Running knee-lift by Bryan was the first high-impact move of the contest. Kane was at ringside with Bryan, by the way. Running clothesline by Bryan found the mark. Bryan kicked at the chest of Ambrose, but Ambrose dodged the final one. Suicide dive sent Ambrose into the padded guardrail. The match continued as they went to break at 2:27 of the match.

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Back at 5:32 of the match. Elbowdrop by Ambrose for a two-count. Ambrose locked in a nerve hold, then switched it to a neck vice. Bryan broke free and hit the ropes, but Ambrose hit him with a knee to the gut. Standing dropkick by Ambrose for two at 7:40. Ambrose pelted Bryan with elbows, but missed a running shoulder charge. Running corner dropkick by Bryan, then more kicks. Ambrose was hung in the tree of woe, and Bryan landed a dropkick to the mid-section. Cover, and a kick-out at 9:25. Backslide by Ambrose for two. Bryan went to the top and Kane cut off the other Shield members from interfering. Bryan launched himself with a missile dropkick for a near-fall at 10:17. Ambrose’s was cut just under his left eye. Knees to the face by Ambrose, but Bryan grabbed a short-arm clothesline attempt and went for the No Lock. He did get it locked in. As Seth Rollins tried to interfere, the ref and Kane held him back. That allowed Roman Reigns to get involved from the other side of the ring. Kane and The Shield members brawled at ringside. Ambrose went for his finisher, but Kingston ran in to interfere and cause a disqualification.

WINNER: Ambrose, via DQ, at 12:10. Hard-hitting, physical match. They put everything they had into every move (even the more subtle stuff), which was refreshing to see.

Kingston, Bryan, and Kane ended up standing tall in the ring as The Shield retreated through the crowd.

– Earlier tonight, Teddy Long made Jericho vs. Ryback for the main event tonight. Then, Ryback gave Jericho a cheap-shot. A graphic aired for Jericho vs. Ryback.

– Courtesy of WWE.com, they showed Mark Henry being harnessed it at 3:00 pm “earlier this afternoon.” Henry pulled a tractor-trailer as medical personnel and Titus O’Neil, Darren Young and Damien Sandow (yes, in his robe) looked on. Henry goes for another feat of strength next.

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– A clip aired of Sheamus beating Wade Barrett, then being attacked by a belt-wielding Mark Henry. They showed still photos of welts and bruises all over Sheamus’s back and chest. Therefore, at Extreme Rules, Sheamus will face Mark Henry in a Strap Match.

– In the parking lot of the PNC Arena, Mark Henry was hooked in as the Prime Time Players, Sandow, and Matt Striker looked on. Striker got a word with Henry before pull TWO tractor-trailers. Henry scoffed at Striker saying he was going to “attempt” to pull the trucks 20 feet. Henry said there have been a lot of strong men, but none who have pulled two tractor-trailers. He said this is a demonstration of how he’s going to pull Sheamus like a rag doll at Extreme Rules. Kind of a disjoined promo from Henry. Cole said this was approximately 55 tons. Henry struggled to budge the trucks. He paced and shooed Striker away from him. On a second try, the trucks slowly crept ahead. The wrestlers cheered him on as the trucks crossed the finish line. He collapsed to the ground as medics checked on him. He got to his feet and shouted, “that’s what I do!” Titus gave him a bottle of water. Inside the arena, Lilian Garcia said, “let’s hear it for Mark Henry.” Many in the crowd cheered him, at least politely.

– Up next, we’ll see what happened on Raw between Ryback and John Cena.

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– Mathews thanked Airbourne for “Live it Up,” the official Extreme Rules theme.

– The Raw Rebound aired.

– Backstage, Renee Young welcomed Randy Orton. They showed Orton being knocked out by Big Show on Raw. I feel like there have been more videos and clips from Raw than usual this week. Young asked Orton for a message to Big Show. He said he’s not the trusting type, but he stuck his neck out for Show at Wrestlemania. He said his message is that at Extreme Rules, there will be no antidote for what he’ll do to Show.

– Big Show came to the ring. He’ll be in action next.

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Show and Tensai exchanged right hands and Tensai even cornered Show. Tensai wore down Show, but blocked a choke and KO’d Tensai.

WINNER: Show, at :50. Just goes to show that Show’s finish can come from anywhere.

After the match, Show tried to pick a fight with Brodus Clay, but Clay fought back. At least, until Show speared him. Before he could KO Clay, Orton ran out and hit Show with an RKO.

– Kaitlyn was texting backstage when A.J. came upon her. She thought Kaitlyn was texting her mom, but it was her secret admirer. A.J. asked if she found out who was “slumming” by trying to shack up with her. The two traded barbs until Natalya walked up. A.J. left and Kaitlyn asked if Khali was able to find anything out. Khali walked up behind them with a Rey Mysterio mask and shouted “booyaka booyaka 619!” He took off his mask and told Nattie that it was really him and not Mysterio. So, I guess Khali hadn’t found anything out about Kailtyn’s new lover. Nattie said Khali doesn’t have to go undercover. Khali added a mustache so that people would think he’s Cody Rhodes, drawing the previous comment from Natalya.

– Chris Jericho came to the ring for the main event against Ryback. It’s next.

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Before the match began, Ryback’s cheap-shot at Jericho was again shown. Jericho was knocked off the apron by Ryback within the first minute. Ryback went outside the ring to take a few more shots at Jericho. Back in the ring, Ryback continued to work over Y2J. He delivered a chop in the corner, then a forearm across the back. Jericho hit Ryback with a flying forearm, and Jericho grazed Ryback with a springboard dropkick while Ryback was on the apron. Ryback used this time to take a breather. They went to break at 3:23 of the match.

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The show returned at 7:21 of the match. Ryback was in the midst of putting the boots to Jericho. Jericho broke free of a waist-lock, but fell victim to a spinebuster. Cover got two at 8:53. After a missed corner charge by Ryback, Jericho struggled to get Ryback off his feet. He finally succeeded after a top rope axe-handle. Powerslam by Ryback. Mathews pronounced this “the beginning of the end for Jericho.” Of course, Jericho followed up by dodging a splash and hitting a Lionsault. Jericho escaped a press slam, but couldn’t hit the Codebreaker. Ryback caught him then tossed him to the mat. Powerbomb by Ryback. Jericho came back, but couldn’t lock in the Walls of Jericho. Fall-away slam by Ryback. Ryback had Jericho up for his finisher, but Jericho escaped and put Ryback in the Walls. Ryback got to the ropes to break the hold. Codebreaker by Jericho, but Ryback rolled out of the ring. Ryback ended up throwing Jericho into the barricade. He then took Jericho and sent him crotch-first into the ring post, drawing a disqualification.

WINNER: Jericho, via DQ, at 15:24.

Ryback started heading up the ramp, but came back to ringside to clothesline Jericho over the announce table. The show ended with Ryback, smile on his face, heading to the back.

(By Greg Parks, PWTorch.com)

  • TomasHunter

    Smackdown was pretty good this week; Bryan and Ambrose put on a fantastic match, and so did Ryback and Jericho. I’m just getting caught up on wrestling for the week, because I work nights for DISH. That’s ok; I use my DISH Hopper DVR to record all 9 to 10 hours of wrestling weekly. That sounds like it would eat at my DVR storage, but the Hopper holds up to 2000 hours of recordings; I still have tons of room for all of my other shows.