WWE SmackDown Results – May 3, 2013

Show kicks off with Ryback. Ryback cuts a big heel promo where he puts Cena at the bottom of the food chain. Ryback says he didn’t want to team with Cena because he’d have to carry him.

Match #1
Ryback vs Daniel Bryan

Ryback with power moves to Bryan and nasty knees to the ribs. Bryan fights back with some kicks but Ryback catches him, lifts him over his head and drops him out of the ring. Ryback with a vicious powerslam to Bryan. Bryan dodges some strikes and kicks Ryback down to his knee. Bryan locks in a single leg boston crab but Ryback gets the rope. Bryan with a huge flurry. Dropkick in the corner followed by the flying front dropkick. More kicks! Ryback catches a kick and gets Bryan up for the powerbomb but Bryan huracanranas Ryback over the ropes. Ryback drives Bryan into the pole outside the ring. Powerbombs from Ryback followed by the Shellshocked for the win.

Winner: Ryback

AWESOME match!

Interview with Ricardo and Del Rio.

Match #2
Zack Ryder vs Fandango

Fandango in control for the majority of the match. Ryder hits the knees in the corner and the Broski Boot. Ryder goes for the Rough Ryder but gets hung up on the ropes. Russian leg sweep followed by leg drop for Fandango for the win.

Winner: Fandango

Interview with Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger

Match #3
Zeb Colter vs Ricardo Rodriguez

This is a manager match so not much happens but Colter is in control. Swagger runs in quickly and beats up Ricardo and gets away before Del Rio gets there. Teddy long comes out and makes it a tag team match. Shortly after that starts Ziggler gets involved and Long makes it a triple threat tag match.

Match #4
Ziggler/Big E vs Colter/Swagger vs Del Rio/Ricardo

Big E and Ziggler work over Del Rio. Ring fills up with action and Swagger takes down Big E. Ziggler rolls up Del Rio but Del Rio turns it into the armbreaker and Zig taps!

Winner: Del Rio/Ricardo

The Shield cut a promo backstage and show Bryan, on the ground, beatdown.

Match #4
Randy Orton vs Damien Sandow

Short match here. Orton hits his clothesline and powerslam early but Sandow takes him out of the ring. Sandow in control for a bit. Elbow of disdain from Sandow, twice! Orton manages to fight back and hit the RKO for the win!

Winner: Randy Orton

Post match Big Show distracts Orton and Sandow hits his neckbreaker as Show laughs.

Kane cuts a promo on The Shield.

Sheamus and Mark Henry in an arm wrestling match and Henry wins. Sheamus tells him to do it left handed. Henry eventually decides to and Sheamus hits Henry, knocks the table over and Brogue Kicks him. Is that what being a star is?

Main Event
Kane vs Dean Ambrose

The Shield have Bryan’s tag belt. Kane throws Ambrose into the corner and beats him down. Kane has Ambrose beat down and both Shield members out of it. As we return from break, Ambrose is working over Kane’s leg. Ambrose works away at Kane in the corner and taunts him mildly. Ten punch from Ambrose and a follow up forearm smash. Ambrose smashes Kane’s legs against the ringpost. Kane then throws Ambrose off the top rope and hits a clothesline and sidewalk slam. Kane goes for a flying clothesline and hits it! Chokeslam attempt from Kane and the second time he hits it! Kane sets up for the Tombstone but Rollins distracts and gets tossed onto the announce table, taking a nasty bump. Kane fights off The Shield until Ambrose gets back in the ring and hits a foreward facebuster to Kane and gerts the pin!

Winner: Dean Ambrose

After the match The Shield beat down Kane and take his tag title as the show ends with Rollins and Ambrose holding them.

  • TomasHunter

    Thanks for the results. Smackdown was pretty good this week; Ryback and Bryan put on a great match, and Arm Wrestling match was funny. You’re right about the Shield though; WWE Creative has a problem with telegraphing story lines. I’m happy I got to watch the show. I got called in to fill in a shift at DISH on Friday night. Thankfully I remembered to grab my tablet with the DISH Anywhere app on it. It streams live and recorded programming, so I was able to watch Smackdown from work.