WWE SmackDown Results – November 2, 2012

Kick off the show with a recap of the Punk/Ryback storyline, along with Cena/AJ affair storyline. And our new champion…The Big Show!

Miz TV time. Miz brags about Sheamus losing the belt to Big Show and invites Sheamus as his guest. Sheamus comes out and Miz brags some more, only for Sheamus to call out Miz for losing to Kofi. Miz claims he’s beat Kofi but Sheamus has never beat Show. Miz brings up that it was he who won Laurinitas the full time GM position, which led to Show getting his iron clad contract and deems himself responsible for Big Show winning. Sheamus asks if Miz should be the one he’s after. Miz says he’s going to regain the title from Kofi, causing Kofi to make his way down to the ring. Kofi asks how many times he has to kick Miz in the him head to knock some sense into him. Kofi said he beat him, and then beat him again. And then one more time. Miz gets interrupted by Big Show.

Big Show asks why Miz is interviewing Sheamus and not him, the new champion. Miz asks Show how it felt to KO Sheamus. Sheamus cuts off Big Show and mentions that he hit the White Noise on Show Monday. Sheamus challenges Big Show. Big Show walks off and Miz goes to attack, only for Kofi to flip him over the ropes and we go to commercial.

Hype for Orton vs Barrett.

Match #1
Sin Cara vs Darren Young

Sin Cara starts off with some fast offense. A huracanrana and a flying armdrag, only to get floored by a DY clothesline. Young with some leg drops to Cara. Young locks in a chin lock on Cara. Sin Cara goes to break out and rolls up Young for 2. Young takes control again and taunts Cara and kicks him a few times. Snapmare and back into the chin lock. Sin Cara starts fighting back with leg kicks and a springboard elbow. Sin Cara gets caught onto the shoulders of Young and gets hit with the double knee gutbuster for the cover.

Winner: Darren Young

Titus O’Neil grabs a mic and blows a whistle into it before taunting Sin Cara. Titus challenges Mysterio and Mysterio accepts.

Match #2
Titus O’Neil vs Rey Mysterio

We’re back and Titus is in control, stomping away at Rey. O’Neil with a bodyslam for a two. Mysterio fights back and sets up for the 619. Young trips him but Cara floors Young. Titus catches Mysterio and slams him into the corner. 3 point stance for Titus and he goes flying into the corner, roll up from Rey for the win!

Winner: Rey Mysterio

Recap of the Team Punk vs Team Foley promo. Long and Booker are talking backstage about Vickie Guerrero. Natalya comes in. Natalya asks to step in for Eve, only to be interrupted by Otunga. Booker says he needs Otunga to take on a returning superstar… The Great Khali. Otunga spits his coffee on Natalya’s chest. Booker confirms the match for tonight. Otunga looks at Natalya and he says “if you ask me…I think it’s an improvement”. Natalya slaps him and the coffee gets all over Teddy.

Wade Barrett vs Randy Orton…next!

Del Rio makes his way down to the ring to watch Orton/Barrett.

Match #3
Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett

Right before the match starts, Del Rio draws out Orton and Ricardo throws him into the ring post. Del Rio attacks Orton on the outside. Referees escort Del Rio as we go to a commercial break.

We return and Orton is fighting back and tosses Barrett out of the ring. Orton clubs Barrett in the throat and they get back into the ring. As Orton comes in, Barrett hits him with a big boot and punches him in the head. Barrett chokes Orton on the ropes. Knees to Orton’s head while he’s stuck in the ropes and a big boot, sending Orton to the outside. Barrett slams Orton’s head on the steel steps and they get back in. Barrett with a chinlock to Orton. Orton starts to fight out and Orton hits a back body drop. Kick to the stomach from Barrett and a nasty kick to the side of Orton’s head. Stiff clothesline from Barrett. Slugfest between Barrett and Orton until Barrett hits a big knee to the body of Orton. Elbow drop from Barrett.

Barrett goes to the second rope and hits a diving elbow for a near fall. Barrett goes for another elbow but Orton gets up and they battle on the ropes. Superplex by Orton. Orton with the clotheslines and a powerslam to Barrett, and the snap DDT on the ropes! Orton turns around, only to see Del Rio back on the entrance ramp. Orton stares him down and Ricardo with a distraction. Barrett rolls up Orton and gets the win.

Winner: Wade Barrett

Big montage to the WWE giving the million dollar check to Breast Cancer Awareness. We return backstage to Orton and Del Rio brawling backstage. Ricardo gets covered in piping hot coffee by Orton as they both brawl over by a food table as 3MB and some divas watch. Orton pours a vat of soup on Ricardo. Orton goes to hit Del Rio with a chair but Del Rio kicks him. Orton flips Del Rio onto a table in a very painful fashion as the table slid out under him. Orton tosses Del Rio over another table and he escapes. Striker goes to interview Orton and Orton throws him into a cake.

Match #4
The Great Khali vs David Otunga

Khali uses his power offense to destroy Otunga with chops in the corner. Otunga gets dropped by Khali and Khali picks up the win. Natalya looks on backstage, smiling.

Winner: Khali

Match #5
Justin Gabriel vs R-Truth

Power goes back and forth between the two before Gabriel takes an advantage. Kicks from Gabriel and then an octopus stretch. Roll up from Gabriel for two, followed by a chinlock. Gabriel with leg kicks and a spinning kick to the chest. Gabriel flips over Truth and hits a spinning wheel kick. Stomps from Gabriel. Flying cross body in the corner and goes for a springboard. Truth hits the Little Jimmy and gets the cover.

Winner: R-Truth

Gabriel gets up after the match and Truth extends his hand. The two shake hands as Gabriel leaves. Nice respect from these two.

Raw Rebound showcases the Cena/AJ/Vickie storyline.

Big Show and Miz backstage. Big Show says that they used to be teammates, but know Miz is his superior. Show says if Miz doesn’t listen to him, he’ll knock him out. Miz hands him his belt. Main event after the break!

Breaking news! Super Smackdown Live next week, Falls Count Anywhere between Orton & Del Rio!

Main Event
Big Show & Miz vs Kofi Kingston & Sheamus

Miz starts off with Kofi but Show tags himself in. Kofi tags in Sheamus and Show tags Miz back in. Miz goes right after Sheamus but Sheamus comes back with clubbing blows. Hip toss from Miz reversed into a clothesline from Sheamus. Tag to Kofi. Kofi with a big clothesline over the ropes to Miz. Show argues with Miz before Kofi hits a suicide dive to Miz. Show goes to attack Kofi but Sheamus runs over. Commercial break.

We return and Show has taken control and body slams Big Show. Show starts chain wrestling with Kofi in the comedy spot of the night. Arm drags, headlocks and takedowns from Big Show and you can’t help but laugh. Kofi starts fighting back but walks right into a sidewalk slam. Miz comes in and hits a big boot to Kofi. Miz with a backbreaker into neckbreaker combo. Miz locks in a chinlock to Kofi, the submission of the night. Sheamus gets the hot tag and works over Miz while Show watches from the outside. Powerslam from Sheamus. Clubs to the chest of Miz. Hell breaks loose as Kofi gets tagged in and everyone brawls. Kofi dives onto Miz but gets hit with a KO punch and Miz makes the tag as Big Show leaves with his belt.

Winners: Miz & Big Show

Show walks off as Miz celebrates over Kofi. Sheamus turns around and Brogue Kicks Miz to end the broadcast.