WWE SmackDown Results – November 22, 2013

Match #1
Real Americans vs Rhodes & Goldust – Tag Team Championship

Back and forth match until Colter’s crew double team Rhodes in the corner. Rhodes and Cesaro go at it in the corner and Rhodes makes it to the top rope and hits a moonsault. Rhodes tags in Goldust, who cleans house. Powerslam from Goldust. Cody dives out onto both Real Americans. Swagger locks the Patriot Lock on Goldust but Cody hits the disaster kick. Big swing to Rhodes from Cesaro. Goldust knocks Cesaro out of the ring and hits Swagger with the Curtain Call! Awesome match!

Winners: Rhodes & Goldust

Ryback issues an open challenge and Khali accepts.

Match #2
The Great Khali vs Ryback

Back and forth match with Khali getting the advantage multiple times. Khali with a big chop to Ryback. Ryback fights back and hits the shellshocked on Khali for the win.

Winner: Ryback

Match #3
AJ Lee vs Naomi & Cameron

Tamina knocks Cameron of the apron. AJ toys with Naomi and beats her down. Cameron starts to get up and AJ knocks her off the apron. The Rear Ending from Naomi for the winner.

Winners: Naomi & Cameron

Bray Wyatt cuts a promo on Punk & Bryan.

Match #4
Rey Mysterio & The Usos vs The Shield

Shield divide and conquer one of The Usos and work him over. Usos dive out onto The Shield. Shield are back in control. Rey Mysterio gets the hot tag. Reigns spears an Uso and Rey takes out Reigns. Rey goes the 619 on Rollins but Ambrose clotheslines him. Rey hits the 619 for the win.

Winner: The Usos & Mysterio

Randy Orton and Big Show trade insults in the ring.

Match #5
Big E Langston & Dolph Ziggler vs Damien Sandow & Curtis Axel

Sandow and Axel work over Ziggler until he makes the hot tag to Big E. Ziggler hits the fame-asser to Axel and Big E with the Big Ending to Sandow.

Winners: Ziggler & Big E Langston

Alberto Del Rio with an interview with Renee Young about John Cena.

Main Event
Daniel Bryan vs Luke Harper

Bryan and Harper go at it in a high energy battle. Harper dominates using uppercuts and clotheslines. Bryan with a few kicks before Harper takes control again. Suicide dive from Bryan to Harper. Bray distracts Bryan and Harper attacks. Punk’s music hits and Bryan rolls up Harper and gets the win!

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Punk and Bryan brawl with the Wyatt Family, however are decimated and laid out.