WWE Smackdown Results – November 29 2013

We start off a food eating contest backstage between Titus O’Neil and The Great Khali, hosted by Vickie Guerrero. A bunch of other talent is crowded around them.

Match #1
Mark Henry (w/Big E Langston) vs Curtis Axel (w/Ryback)

Henry dominates Axel as Ryback gets a cheap shot on Big E. Axel tries to chop away at Henry to some success. World’s Strongest Slam to Axel for the win.

Winner: Mark Henry

Segment with Randy Orton in the ring, being interview by Renee Young. Orton goes on about the double title match at TLC and the win over Big Show. He leaves after a bit.

A little bit of friction between Brodus Clay and Xavier Woods as Brodus tells him to respect the veterans.

Titus O’Neil wins the food eating contest, giving him a match with Cesaro later.

Match #2
Los Matadores vs 3MB

Lots of quick lucha moves here. Triple suicide dives from Los Matadores to 3MB. El Torito gets the hot tag and cleans house before tagging in one of the Matadores. The Matadores hit the double backbreaker move for the win.

Winners: Los Matadores

Match #3
Brodus Clay & Tensai vs Xavier Woods & R-Truth

Brodus works aggressive here. Truth tags into Woods early and doesn’t see the ring again. Brodus overpowers Woods and hits a 2nd rope splash for the win.

Winners: Tons of Funk

Match #4
Titus O’Neil vs Antonio Cesaro

Titus and Cesaro go at it as Titus is noticeably slowed down by the eating earlier. Big swing by Cesaro. Darren Young gets involved and a little brawl breaks out.

Renee Young interviews CM Punk, who hasn’t seen Daniel Bryan since he was captured. Bray Wyatt segment saying Bryan is safe with him and he’s going to turn him into a monster.

Winner by DQ: Antonio Cesaro

Titus O’Neil then pukes in JBL’s hat and puts it on Cole. He pukes on Colter as well.

Match #5
The Shield vs Rhodes & Goldust – Tag Team Championship

This ends quickly in DQ as Ambrose gets involved. Punk comes out and evens the odds.

Six man tag:
CM Punk & Rhodes Brothers vs The Shield

Punk comes in and starts cleaning house after Goldust did some work on Rollins. Lights go out and Wyatt Family come down. Distraction puts Ambrose in control. The Wyatt Family attacks the Rhodes Brothers and Rey Mysterio and The Usos make the save.

Main Event
CM Punk, Rey Mysterio, The Rhodes Brothers & The Usos vs The Shield & The Wyatt Family

The bad guys are in control of this one for quite a while. They work over one of the Usos and eventually take out Rey when he gets tagged in. Rowan with a bear hug. CM Punk gets the hot tag and takes out Rowan. Full scale brawl breaks out and Reigns spears Goldust. Double superkicks from The Usos to Reigns and then Harper. Usos dive out onto Rollins and Harper. Punk goes for the GTS on Rowan but Bray Wyatt breaks it up. Mysterio runs in and dropkicks Bray. Rey hits the 619 to Rowan and Punk hits the GTS after for the win.

Winners: CM Punk, Rey Mysterio, The Usos & Rhodes Brothers