WWE Smackdown Results – November 6 2012

Smackdown 11/6

Michael Cole starts off in the ring with Sheamus. The WWE.com clip is shown of Sheamus, Regal and Big Show brawling in a pub. Big Show on the big screen. Sheamus said he wants to kick Big Show’s ass. Big Show on the titantron. Show says that at Survivor Series he’s going to take Sheamus out for good. Barrett comes out on stage. Barrett brings up Sheamus vs Barrett, happening on Main Event. Sheamus suggests Barrett fight him now. Wade takes a few steps forward and then backs off.

Booker T announces to Barrett that it will be Barrett/Show vs Sheamus/Regal tonight!

Match #1
Miz vs Kofi Kingston – Intercontinental Title
Miz takes control early and gets Kofi out of the ring. Kofi gets up onto the barricade and clotheslines Miz. Back in the ring Miz takes control of Kofi’s knee and drops some elbows on it. Kingston fights back and manages to hit the Boom Drop. Series of roll ups for near falls from Miz and Kofi. Miz locks in a single leg Boston Crab as Kofi is in agony. Kofi fights out and gets back to his feet. Both of them fight on the ropes before Kofi hits a headbutt. Splash from Kofi for the win!
Winner: Kofi Kingston

Match #2
Prime Time Players vs Sin Cara/Rey Mysterio
Cara and Young kick it off but the PTP quickly take control. Your average control spots from the tag team before Cara hitsa bi DDT and Mysterio gets tagged in as O’Neil does. Young distracts Mysterio as he’s going for the victory and gets hit with a sitout spinebuster from O’Neil, giving PTP the win.
Winners: Prime Time Players

Booker gets Teddy Long to suck up to him a bit before Booker says he’s just playing around.

Match #3
Sheamus & William Regal vs Big Show & Wade Barrett
Sheamus and Barrett start off until Sheamus makes the tag to Regal for a big pop. Regal with a shoulder block before the tag back to Fella. Regal with some clubbing blows back in the ring before Barrett manages to get him in the corner. Big Show with a big chop to Regal followed by a body slam. Big Show locks in a submission before we go to commercial. Barrett now in the ring with control of Regal. Show and Barrett makes quick tags and keep Regal grounded. Regal finally fights off Barrett and tags in Sheamus. Sheamus cleans house and sets up for the Brogue Kick but Barrett interferes. Big Show spears Sheamus. Regal gets hit with a Knockout Punch and Show covers for the victory.
Winners: Big Show & Wade Barrett

Alberto Del Rio backstage being interviewed. Rosa Mendes wishes him luck. Orton is backstage for an interview. Orton says he’s going to get sick and twisted when he faces Del Rio in the Falls Count Anywhere Match.

Main Event
Randy Orton vs Alberto Del Rio – Falls Count Anywhere
Del Rio starts off strong, stomping Orton down in the corner. Ricardo gives Del Rio a char which goes in the corner. Orton with a big dropkick as they fight outside. Orton tosses Del Rio into the crowd. They brawl through the merch area. Del Rio in control until Orton slams his head off an equipment box. Orton covers. Orton and Del Rio continue to brawl through the crowd. Del Rio with a couple chair shots as we go to break. Back near the ring Del Rio is still in control as we return. Ricardo interferes as they fight up the ramp. Back in the ring Orton with the clothesline and powerslam. Orton tries to put Del Rio through a table but is put through himself. Del Rio tries a crossarmbreaker but Orton gets out. Del Rio tosses Orton into the ring post. Del Rio goes for a DDT on the steel steps but Orton gets out, but gets dropped on the steps. Del Rio tries to hit Orton with a chair but misses. RKO on the steps! Orton wins!
Winner: Randy Orton