WWE SmackDown Results – November 6, 2013

Match #1
Big E Langston vs Fandango

Back and forth match with Big E using his size to maul Fandango. Sandow sitting at ringside. Big E pulls the straps down but Fandango takes advantage and takes him down. Big E with a big clothesline in the corner, followed by the Big Ending for the win.

Winner: Big E Langston

Randy Orton in the ring. Orton complains about Cena and praises the authority figures. Daniel Bryan comes out and tells Orton he’s impersonating a champion and that he still deserves the belt. Shortly after this Bryan/Orton was announced as the main event.

Match #2
Alberto Del Rio vs Kofi Kingston

Del Rio in control for most of this short match. Del Rio with a huge kick and then the cross armbreaker for the win.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Shield promo backstage with a little bit of arguing between the 3. Ambrose says he’s facing Punk tonight.

Match #3
Ryback & Curtis Axel vs Rhodes & Goldust

Good back and forth match, Axel and Ryback work over Goldust. Rhodes gets the hot tag and goes to work. Moonsault from Rhodes to Axel. Axel rolls up Rhodes for the win.

Winners: Axel & Ryback

Match #4
CM Punk vs Dean Ambrose

Punk and Ambrose go back and forth delivering hard strikes and kicks. Ambrose takes control and works over Punk’s neck and back. Punk locks in the anaconda vise but Ambrose gets the ropes. Ambrose slips out of the GTS twice. Double underhook suplex from Ambrose. Punk finally hits the GTS for the win.

Winner: CM Punk

Rey Mysterio interview backstage where Cesaro, Swagger and Colter challenge him to a match later. Zeb tells Rey to find a partner.

Match #5
Tamina vs Natalya

Tamina beats down Natalya for most of the match. Samoan drop from Tamina. Tamina misses the superfly splash and Natalya pins her after Tamina sits up at first. Awkward finish.

Winner: Natalya

Match #6
Rey Mysterio & Big Show vs Swagger & Cesaro

Cesaro and Swagger beat down Rey and isolate him. Big show gets the tag and cleans house. Big Show spears Cesaro. Mysterio hits the 619 to Swagger and Show chokeslams Cesaro. Rey then stands on Big Show’s shoulders and does a splash to Cesaro for the win.

Winners: Big Show & Rey Mysterio

Main Event
Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton

Orton and Bryan trade off blow for blow in the opening minutes. Orton slowly manages to wear down Bryan. Suplex from Orton. Running clothesline from Bryan. Bryan with the corner dropkick followed by multiple kicks to the chest. Frankensteiner from Bryan. Bryan with more kicks to the chest before eating a powerslam from Orton. Orton with the elevated DDT. Bryan climbs the ropes but before he goes for the headbutt, the lights go out and the Wyatt Family appears. Bryan gets distracted and Orton RKOs him for the win.

Winner: Randy Orton

Bray Wyatt cuts a promo on Bryan telling him to join him as the show goes off air.

  • Mr Slippyfist


    Big E…start doing the 5 again. I miss it.

    Alberto and Kofi….Axel, Rybore Vs The Rhodes Bros..snore…

    CMPunk and Ambrose? Fucking gold.

    Natalya..am I the only one that sees how much she sucks in the ring? I have never seen one good match with her or any of those Total Divas…just saying, they all suck. Its time for Paige and Emma to move up. Maybe hire a few TNA girls…oh and WHY THE FUCK ISNT SARA DEL RAY WRESTLING!!?? A trainer? A fuxking trainer! Can’t she wrestle and train?? Can she train Natalya and those other shitty divas? Done ranting…wait no…Eva Marie is the biggest piece of trash, waste of roster space there is. She’s hot and that’s cool, but not good enough. Go pose for Maxim and Playboy Eva. You’re never going to amount to anything in WWE. Personal opinion. Done ranting about Divas….Put AJ on TV more..hubba hubba

    Real Americans vs David and Goliath? Let me just say, Cesaro should win every single match he is in against everyone…done.

    Orton sucks and should go to TNA because they could use him. Bryan should have one of those top titles. He will have the Unified title someday though.

    Bray Wyatt. I think he will end up being Vince’s project. Vince in story saw the potential in Bryan and wants him to join them now. Just like Kane is probably just working undercover for Vince in story.


    • Johnny

      No, your not the only one, she seems to come to Australia on the WWE tour every year and she is crap… Why oh why can’t WWE use SDR as a wrestler rather than have the best years of her life wasted away training. She can train girls when she’s 50, for now, I want to see her put her boot in a few Divas faces…