WWE Smackdown Results – October 12, 2012

Welcome to Friday Night Smackdown!

Booker T comes out and talks about Sheamus & Big Show’s finishers. There’s a punching bag attached to computers and it seems as if we’re gonna see which finisher is stronger. Sheamus gets 1322 lbs per square inch. Big Show’s comes up as a whopping 1809. Tensai attacks Sheamus from behind.

Match #1
Sheamus vs Tensai

Tensai attacks Sheamus outside the ring, beating him down. As they get into the ring, Sheamus starts fighting back and the match gets even. Tensai takes control shortly until Sheamus suplexes him. Big offense from Sheamus with a Polish hammer. Powerslam from Sheamus to Tensai for a two count. Sheamus with the White Noise, followed by the Brogue Kick for the victory.

Winner: Sheamus

Ricardo is backstage looking out for Randy Orton. Ricardo hears viper noises and hides around a corner, only to run into Santino and his cobra.

Match #2
Heath Slater & Jinder Mahal w/Drew McIntyre vs Zack Ryder & Santino Marella

Ryder starts off with Mahal. Dropkick from Ryder. Quick tag to Santino. Slater gets in and works over Santino before tagging Jinder back in. Stomps in the corner from Mahal and Slater before another tag back to Slater. Santino goes for a tag but can’t make it and Slater gets him in a chin lock. Santino with an arm drag and a jaw breaker. Santino makes the hot tag to Ryder, who hits Slater with some clotheslines and a big 2nd rope dropkick. Broski boot from Zack Ryder. Mahal breaks up the cover and tosses Santino out of the ring. Jinder gets thrown out by Ryder but Slater catches him with Sweetness (I believe) for the victory.

Winners: The Band

Match #3
Kane vs Dolph Ziggler

Quick pace to start with Ziggler jumping all over Kane. Ziggler with elbows to Kane’s head and a clothesline before being tossed over the rope. Big boot from Kane to Ziggler.

Commercial break.

We return with Kane working over Ziggler a bit until Ziggler catches Kane’s throat on the ropes. Kane catches Zig and goes for a chokeslam but gets reversed into a fame-asser. Throat thrusts and punches being traded from Kane and Ziggler. Neckbreaker from Dolph. Elbow drops from Ziggler to Kane, about ten or so. JBL is putting Ziggler over big time during this match. Great commentary. Ziggler with a nice dropkick and tries to follow up with a splash in the corner but Kane dodges and hits a clothesline. Kane and Dolph on the top rope now. Kane headbutts him off and sets up for the flying clothesline but Vickie with a distraction. Dolph hits Kane with the briefcase but the ref sees it.

Winner: Kane via DQ

Ziggler goes to hit Kane again but Kane fights him off. Bryan runs down to defend Kane. They both argue about it as the crowd goes wild. Matt Striker comes out and says that the bickering may cost them the tag titles. Bryan locks the No! Lock in on Striker. Kane picks up Bryan by the beard, only to chokeslam Striker.

Ricardo still looking for Orton. He believes he hears him but it’s actually Hornswoggle using a talking Orton action figure. Ricardo slams it against the wall and punts it.

Recap of Miz/Larry King segment from Raw.

Match #4
Kofi Kingston vs Big Show

Kofi tries to fight off Big Show but Show quickly grounds him and chops him in the chest. Kofi with some kicks to Big Show and a dropkick off the top rope. Kingston hits the boom drop leg drop. Kofi sets up for the Trouble In Paradise but Big Show blocks it with his forearm and hits the KO punch for the victory.

Winner: Big Show

Miz makes his way into the ring as Kofi is out cold. Miz taunts Kofi and says losing is natural to Kofi.

Bryan confronts Del Rio backstage and says that Bryan vs Del Rio is the main event for the night. Bryan says he is the tag team champions.

Kaitlyn and Layla are talking backstage to Booker T saying that they found a blonde wig in Eve’s bag. Eve says she found a blonde wig Teddy has and claimed it could be his. Booker goes with Kaitlyn and Layla to discuss.

Match #5
Sin Cara vs Damien Sandow

Sandow shoves Sin Cara into the corner and yells before Sin Cara comes back with strong kicks. Sin Cara with a flying corkscrew arm drag. Sandow goes to regroup. Russian leg sweep into the elbow drop from Sandow. Sin Cara with a headscissors reversal into a jaw breaker and a springboard elbow, followed by a running huracanrana. Springboard dropkick from Sin Cara, taking Sandow out of the ring. Sin Cara dives out onto Rhodes as Sandow avoids him. Sin Cara pulls Cara off the apron and gets kicked out by the official. Sandow argues with the ref, only for Sin Cara to huracanrana him into a cover for the win!

Winner: Sin Cara

Main Event
Daniel Bryan vs Alberto Del Rio

Bryan and Del Rio lock up and Del Rio quickly takes control, only for Bryan to come back with uppercuts and kicks to the back. Bryan with huge kicks to Del Rio as the crowd chants Yes! Surfboard to Del Rio from Bryan, as Bryan slams the legs into the ground. More kicks from Bryan and then the flip out of the corner, followed by a flying clothesline. Kicks to the chest from Bryan. Bryan goes for the flying dropkick in the corner but misses and Del Rio takes control. Del Rio with an enziguri to the arm. Del Rio dives at Bryan on the apron but misses and goes through the ropes. Outside the ring, Del Rio slams Bryan into the barricade as we cut to commercial.

Del Rio with a high elevation backbreaker as we return. Kick to the arm from Alberto. Del Rio goes for the armbreaker but Bryan counters into the No! Lock. Ricardo gets on the apron and distracts the ref but not for long. Del Rio makes his way to the side and gets the rope, after a long struggle. Del Rio tosses Bryan into the ring post, shoulder first. Del Rio locks in the armbreaker and Bryan is forced to tap out.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Really high quality match out of these two that reminds me of their contests from the Summer of ’11 with a slightly changed role out of Bryan.

Del Rio gets on the mic and shows the ambush attack on Orton from two weeks ago. Del Rio mocks Orton in the ring but as Del Rio goes to pound the ground, he turns around into Orton who attacks Del Rio in nearly the same fashion. Orton throws Del Rio into the ring post and then into the steps. Orton puts Del Rio on the announce table but Ricardo attacks and Del Rio gets away. Orton turns his attention back and RKOs Ricardo onto the table.

End of show!