WWE SmackDown Results – September 27, 2013


We start off the evening with Triple H, talking about what’s best for business. Miz comes out and he’s not pleased about the beatdown from Orton and the KO punch from Big Show. Triple H gives him a shot at Randy Orton tonight in the main event.

Match #1
Alberto Del Rio vs R-Truth

Del Rio takes control for a majority of the short match. Truth fights back for a bit but goes face first into the turnbuckle and eats a superkick to end the match.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

After the match, RVD lays a beatdown on Del Rio in retaliation for the multiple beatdowns on RVD.

Match #2
Prime Time Players vs The Real Americans

Real Americans work over Titus and make quick tags. Titus reverses Cesaro’s attack into a body slam and makes the hot tag to Darren Young. Cesaro hits a uranage on Young but Titus breaks up the cover. Young hits the gutbuster to Cesaro but doesn’t realize that he tagged out to Swagger. Swagger locks in the ankle lock for the victory.

Winners: The Real Americans

Match #3
Bray Wyatt vs Zack Ryder

Wyatt methodically wears down on Ryder before Ryder makes the big comeback. Ryder goes for the Rough Ryder but Wyatt reverses it and sends Ryder to the ground. Bray hits Sister Abagail for the win.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

Match #4
Dean Ambrose vs Dolph Ziggler – US Title

This match lasts for a couple minutes before RVD, Kofi, Reigns and Rollins start brawling. Triple H comes out and turns it into a six man tag.

Dolph Ziggler, Kofi Kingston & Rob Van Dam vs The Shield

RVD and Rollins go at it with RVD getting the upperhand. Rollins then proceeds to work over the injured arm of RVD and The Shield pounce. Ziggler makes the tag and gets roughed up a bit by The Shield. Hot tag to Kofi and he cleans house. Kofi reverses a roll up by Ambrose into a roll up, only for Rollins to curb stomp Kofi into the mat and Ambrose makes the cover.

Winners: The Shield

Match #5
AJ Lee vs Cameron

AJ toys with Cameron and beats her down in the corner. AJ misses a dive into the corner and Cameron rolls her up for a near fall. AJ tosses Cameron out of the ring. Naomi comes over and AJ tries to kick her. Naomi goes to retaliate and Tamina (at ringside with AJ) clotheslines the heck out of her. In the ring, AJ finishes off Cameron with a Shining Wizard.

Winner: AJ Lee

Paul Heyman comes out and a cuts a promo on the CM Punk/Ryback match that’s happening at Battleground.

Match #6
Santino Marella vs Heath Slater

Santino has Khali in his corner. Santino pulls out the Cobra shortly into the match but Slater takes him down. The cobra comes to life and Santino rises up and hits the Cobra on Slater for the win.

Winner: Santino Marella

Main Event
Randy Orton vs The Miz

Miz starts off with a frenzy and goes after Orton furiously. Miz misses the clothesline in the corner and goes down. Orton takes over here. They stop the match due to Miz’s injuries and Orton’s targeting but Triple H comes out and restarts it. Orton proceeds to destroy Miz. He hits the elevated snap DDT off the barricade and throws a lifeless Miz into the ring. Orton lifts Miz and RKOs him for the win.

Winner: Randy Orton

That ends this edition of Smackdown!

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