WWE SmackDown Results – September 7, 2012

We kick off with a replay of Ricardo taking the Brogue Kick on Raw from Sheamus. Backstage Alberto and Otunga stand next to Ricardo, who is in a neck brace.

Del Rio’s music hits. No car tonight as Alberto and David Otunga slowly help Rodriguez get down to the ring. Alberto gets on the microphone and talks about how if this was a battle of skill and wits, Del Rio would easily win. Del Rio brings up Sheamus’ malicious actions and Otunga gets on the mic. Otunga mentions that he’s the first ever Havard Law graduate in WWE history. Otunga shows the clip of Ricardo getting kicked as evidence that the Brogue Kick should be banned. Booker T comes down and tells the fans that they’re the judge. He asks if they should ban the Brogue Kick and the answer seems unanimous. The Brogue Kick stays. Booker goes to the back as Ricardo seems to be crying in the ring.

We go to Cole over in the booth where he brings up Lawler being angry at Punk and they show a graphic from Monday Night. We’re getting Sin Cara & Rey Mysterio vs Cody Rhodes & The Miz when we return!

We get a flashback to last Friday where Mysterio defeated Rhodes with a sunset flip-like maneuver. Rhodes attacked after the match but Sin Cara made the save and masked Rhodes afterwards.

Match #1
Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara vs Cody Rhodes & The Miz

We start off with Miz and Mysterio in the ring. Lock up as Miz gets Rey in the corner. Kick to the gut from Miz, followed by a couple clubs and punches. Miz goes for a back drop but Rey reverses it and gets momentum. Tag to Sin Cara as they both hit fairly stiff kicks to Miz as we go to commercial break.

We return to Sin Cara hitting some stiff kicks to Rhodes. Cara runs up the ropes and hits a flying arm drag. Tag to Rey as we get a nice double team move. Miz and Cody go to retreat as Rey slides out after them. Rey gets distracted from Miz, causing Rhodes to attack from behind. Cody is in control now with a headlock on Mysterio. Rhodes has really caught on to the old school heel offense. Probably some influence from his dad.

Rey breaks out of the hold and manages to tag in Sin Cara. Sin Cara with a springboard elbow followed by a big kick to the head. Sin Cara missing a diving senton but tries to roll up Cody. Tag to Miz during the rollup and Miz takes control. Miz with the big running clothesline into the corner and he goes to the top rope. Axe handle smash from The Miz! Miz bring Sin Cara over to the corner and tags in Cody Rhodes. Cody holds Cara up for about ten seconds in the suplex position before dropping him forward. Another headlock submission from Rhodes as the crowd pumps Sin Cara up. Sin Cara manages to flip out of the submission and the crowd is going wild for a possible hot tag. Mysterio gets in just as Miz does and Rey is on fire with a big combo. Mean kick to the head from Rey for a near fall. Rey is on the apron and sunset flips over Miz. Miz catches himself and kicks Rey in the head for a two count.

Very good looking kick from Miz. Rey gets back to his feet and Mysterio tries to roll up Miz out of a Skull Crushing Finale. As Miz reverses the roll up into his own, Rhodes runs in and accidentally kicks Miz. Sin Cara gets in and takes out Cody on the outside as Rey hits the 619 on Miz in the ring for the win.

Winners: Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara

Thoughts: Really nice fast paced match here. Cody has become quite the wrestler in the past year and Rey is still consistently good. A few creative spots here and there too! I’d like to add that Miz works well, as the guy waiting to be tagged in. You could audibly hear him yelling things to Rhodes during the whole match.

Daniel Bryan is backstage when Hornswoggle comes up and asks him to hug it out. They handshake but Hornswoggle kicks Bryan in the shin and runs away. Bryan explodes in anger as he tells himself to breathe.

Otunga is backstage complaining to Booker T about his decision on the Brogue Kick. Otunga shows a photo collage of Sheamus’ kick, trying to provide more proof that it should be banned. Booker says he’ll think about it.

We get a recap of the Daniel Bryan/Kane hug-it-out segment from Raw this week. The song they’re using for this promo and the colorful graphics for this promo make it even more hilarious.

Daniel Bryan is on his way out to the ring for a match as we go to the break.

Match #2
Daniel Bryan vs Zack Ryder

As they lock up, Bryan immediately goes for the hammerlock but Ryder reverses into a rollup for a near fall. Bryan’s anger begins getting the best of him as he stomps and kicks away at Ryder. Bryan with the kicks to the chest and finishes with a big knee to the head. Small “Let’s Go Ryder” chant going. Ryder starts to make a comeback with a big clothesline and the Broski Boot! Ryder gets ready for the Rough Ryder but Bryan pleads that he’s sorry. Bryan asks Ryder for a hug. Ryder gives him the hug but Bryan grabs the arm and locks in the No Lock and Ryder taps.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Bryan isn’t done though. He puts Ryder back into the No Lock and the ref reverses the decision.

Winner by DQ: Zack Ryder

Bryan stomps around the ring yelling No! to a huge Yes! chant.

Thoughts: Disappointing that this match went the way it did. Ryder just isn’t getting the momentum he used to have. But I truly believe these two could have a wonderful long match someday.

Randy Orton is on his way to the ring.

Damien Sandow makes his way to the ring. Sandow says that he was not prepared for a match against Sheamus last week and that’s why he walked away. Sandow claims he needs time to seek out his opponent’s weaknesses and exploit them. Sandow complains about social media tweets/touts calling him a coward. Sandow says that people who use social media are the actual cowards. Big heat for Sandow. Sandow says instead of tweeting, people should read. “When Albert Enstein discovered the theory of relativity, I’m sure he didn’t tout about it!” But as Sandow is speaking, Randy Orton cuts him off. Orton says that he wants to face Sandow instead of his scheduled opponent and Booker had previously said the match was on. But right before it can start, Ziggler and Vickie come down to the ring for a closer look.

Match #3
Randy Orton vs Damien Sandow

Orton starts off with a head lock and Sandow counters with one. Ziggler is now on commentary. Shoulder block from Orton. Sandow immediately rolls out of the ring near the announce table. Cheap shots from Sandow back in the ring as he starts to take control but right as Orton irish whips him, he rolls out again. Sandow walks up the steps and makes the ref tell Orton to back off but it doesn’t work. Orton with a big elbow and then the stomps to random limbs and a european uppercut. Orton goes for the backbreaker but Sandow rolls back out, only to be clotheslined by Randy. Orton slams Sandow’s head on the announce table. Ziggler is now standing on the table. Orton gets distracted and Sandow taeks advantage. Sandow throws Orton into the ring post. Back in the ring Sandow gets a two count. Commercial break as Sandow stomps away.

We’re back and Sandow has Orton in a rear naked chokehold. Russian leg sweet by Sandow and goes right into the elbow of disdain. Two count. Sandow misses a big knee drop to orton and Randy gets to his feet. Clothesline from Orton, followed by another and then a big powerslam. Orton sets up Sandow for the spike DDT and he hits it! Orton stalks for the RKO but Sandow runs out of the ring and into the back, for a countout.

Winner via count out: Randy Orton

Ziggler gets up from the booth and Orton comes out and stands in front of him. Ziggler goes for a punch and Orton floors him. Big powerslam by Orton in the ring. Orton looking to strike the RKO but Sandow runs back in. RKO from Orton to Sandow as Ziggler and Vickie get away.

Thoughts: They’re booking Sandow great. His promos are great and they use him wonderfully in his matches, almost completely relying on his mind and taking a countout loss instead of taking big damage. I’m loving his WWE run so far.

Backstage with Otunga and Booker. Otunga has X-Rays of a normal spine and Ricardo’s and the damange to Ricardo’s is from the Brogue kick, according to him. Otunga threatens a lawsuit against WWE. Booker T books Otunga into a match against Sheamus.

Match #4
The Usos vs The Prime Time Players vs Primo & Epico

We have commentary from Truth & Kofi for this one. DY, Primo and Jey Uso start off in the ring and Primo hits a backstabber on Young. Quick tags from Primo and Epico as they work over Uso. Big dropkick from Epico to Jey, followed by triple back drops as Titus O’Neil gets the tag and takes over, booting Epico and hitting a backbreaker on Jey. Tag in to Young, he hits a northern lights suplex to Epico fro a near fall. Springboard flying DDT from Epico to Young. Jey Uso makes the tag to Jimmy, who begins cleaning house. Full nelson slam to Young, followed by a running hip attack. Jimmy with a superkick to Primo and tosses Titus out of the ring. He then tosses Epico onto the people outside the ring. Samoan drop in tyhe ring to Young. But Epico knocks him off the ropes. Young hits his finisher. Jey Uso with a samoan splash to Epico. Young pulls off Epico tosses him out and makes the cover for the win.

Winners: Titus O’Neil & Darren Young

Cole drops a gem: “Little Jimmy is like Yogi Berra…three strikes and you’re out”

Thoughts: Fun short match. Jimmy Uso looked awesome, cleaning house with all four of the other guys. Was hoping for Primo and Epico to get a shot but PTP vs Kofi/Truth could be very good.

Raw Rebound of the CM Punk/Sheamus and Cena/Del Rio matches. And of course PAUL HEYMAN!

Dolph Ziggler and Vickie interrupt Teddy Long talking to Kaitlyn and Long says that he’ll advise Booker to make the match for Night of Champions. Ziggler says, by then, he may already be champion.

Wade Barrett’s return match, when we return from the break!

Match #5
Wade Barrett vs Yoshi Tatsu

Barrett now has a beard and a new theme song. Barrett with knees and strikes all over the body of Tatsu. Tatsu with kicks but Barrett dodges one and kicks him right in the gut. Barrett chokes Tatsu with his own arm and then swings him around right into a huge elbow and covers.

Winner: Wade Barrett

Barrett grabs a mic and says that matches like that bores him to tears. He wants to go right into the World title scene. Wade Barrett says he’s open for business.

Thoughts: I’ve never been a big Barrett fan but I’m really liking this gimmick. WWE could always use another brawler and this gimmick change can be exactly what Barrett needs to get back on track.

Alberto Del Rio makes his way to the ring for a closer look at our main event.

Main Event
David Otunga vs Sheamus

Otunga clubs away at Sheamus to start the match but Sheamus comes back with some big knees. Clothesline from Sheamus out of an attempted hip toss. Sheamus goes for a Brogue Kick early but misses and lands on the apron. Otunga kicks Sheamaus in the leg and knocks him to the floor. Cover back in the ring for two. Otunga clubs away at the back and throws some blows to the stomach. Big shoulder block from Otunga. Now he moves into a rear naked chokehold. Sheamus comes back with a couple polish hammers and a knee to the side. Otunga is on the apron now and Sheamus holds him back and clubs the chest of Otunga 10 ten times, right in from of Del Rio. Sheamus hits the White Noise to Otunga. Sheamus gets ready for the Brogue kick but Booker T comes out. Booker tells Shemaus that he’s banned the Brogue Kick and has no choice. Del Rio celebrates aorund the ring. Shemaus turns around and catches Otunga and hits the Irish Curse and then locks in the Cloverleaf and Otunga taps.

Winner: Sheamus

That ends tonights show, folks!

Thoughts: Interesting idea to ban the Brogue Kick but build up a new submission for Sheamus. Good idea to focus on that.