WWE SmackDown Spoiler Photo: 3MB’s Latest Gimmick Tributes To Famous Tag Team

Last week on RAW from England, WWE had 3MB come out as The Union Jacks. Monday night on RAW from Nashville, they had a country music gimmick as The Rhinestone Cowboys.

It appears 3MB’s new gimmick changes with whatever city WWE is in. At tonight’s WWE tapings in Atlanta, home of former World Tag Team Champions The Fabulous Freebirds, 3MB came out as The Fabulous 3Birds.

Heath Slater played Michael Hayes, Jinder Mahal played Jimmy Garvin and Drew McIntyre played Terry Gordy. Here’s a photo from their entrance:

WWE SmackDown Spoilers For Friday

  • saulewright

    I love what they are doing with 3MB. Good save!

    • Geronimo Jerry Cantu

      Yeah it’s kinda good, but I honestly don’t see drew do this for long! Remember he came in the wwe with a impact debut!

      • saulewright

        Yeah, I’m not a fan of how Drew’s being used and I agree, this won’t last long anyway.

  • Rene Ramirez

    they need to be the new hayman guys