*Spoilers* WWE SmackDown Taping Results For 6/28

WWE taped this week’s WWE SmackDown Tuesday night from the Colonial Life Arena in Columbia, South Carolina. Here are full results:

Dark Match

* Great Khali (w/Natalya and Hornswoggle) defeated Jinder Mahal (w/Heath Slater & Drew McIntyre).

WWE SmackDown

* Sheamus defeated Damien Sandow in a Dublin Street Fight.

* Natalya defeated AJ Lee. Kaitlyn came out dressed as AJ Lee.

* MizTV with Curtis Axel. Axel attacked The Miz to end the segment.

* Randy Orton defeated Kane.

* Ryback defeated Justin Gabriel.

* Christian & The Usos defeated The Shield. Christian got the winning pinfall.

* Time for Del Rio’s fiesta. There were Mexican flags, balloons, a buffet table with Mexican food, and the Ziggler piñata. Ricardo Rodriguez (sans bucket) leads a mariachi band to the ring. Ricardo mocked South Carolina and then introduced Del Rio, who gloated a little and then vowed to speak in Spanish the rest of the night while confusing closed captioning with subtitles. After several minutes’s worth of remarks in Spanish, he reverted to English, then whacked the Ziggler piñata and broke it. He wondered where Ziggler is, since Ziggler had promised to ruin the fiesta.

As if on cue, Ziggler emerged on-stage (sans A.J. and Big E.). He then took off his jacket and walked down to the ring. Del Rio swung at him with the piñata stick and missed, then Ziggler attacked Del Rio and Rodriguez. He clotheslined Ricardo over the top rope and fought Del Rio while the mariachi band fleed. Ricardo went to the top rope, but Ziggler caught him and threw him through the buffet table. He grabbed a guitar left behind by the mariachi band and swung for Del Rio, but he ducked and retreated through the crowd. Ricardo recovered just in time to get a guitar shot in the back.

Ziggler grabbed a sombrero and the now-broken guitar and proceeded to play a song with the mariachi band on the ramp. His music hit and a bunch of red, white, and green balloons descended from the ceiling. Ziggler walked up the ramp as his music played. Then, all of a sudden, Del Rio re-emerged from backstage and attacked Ziggler from behind. He beat him down the ramp and back into the ring, where he and Ricardo worked him over. However, Ziggler soon turned the tables and Del Rio ate a fame-asser. The heels retreated up the ramp and Ziggler celebrated in the ring with the World Title.

* There was no dark match after the show concluded.


    How is it possible for Kaitlyn able to be smaller than AJ.

    • chel

      …She doesn’t have to be smaller to dress up like her?

  • Cm punk / Paul heyman guy

    Wwe booking has messed up the shield.. Having them lose as a stable 2 times in the last 3 weeks

  • KidLightning617

    Could have done without the “sans” in the results. No World Title MiT
    B announcement? :/

    • Chris Morris

      The people in the match will be revealed after the show, there is an article on here revealing the participants but not reading it xD