WWE SmackDown WrestleMania Revenge Results (4/19/13) – Newcastle, England

Thanks to PWMania.com reader Matthew McAllister for sending this in:

3MB, (no Slater) Ted Dibiase & Santino vs Primetime Players & Epico & Primo

Santino got hot tag for win while others cleaned ring. Shield appeared & destroyed Dibiase.

Fandango (good pop) vs. Alex Riley.
Riley cuts off Fandango on the mic. Fandango wins

Justin Gabriel vs Wade Barrett for IC title – not a bad match was a good back and forward match plenty of let’s go Barrett chants, Gabriel off top rope into Bull Hammer. Barrett wins and signs a union jack poster, keeping fans happy.

Mark Henry vs Great Khali
Henry wins what can only be described a painful to watch match

Jack Swagger vs Alberto Del Rio – No DQ Match
Swagger went for cheap heat on mic, calling the country a disgrace, Colter runs the Brits down on the mic. Colter banned from ringside (after crowd vote) Del Rio calls them a pair of wankers (someone obviously told Del Rio to say this as its used as its seen as quite offensive in the UK) which gets a nice pop. Rodriguez sporting ankle cast
Del Rio arm bar with the win


Natalya vs Alicia Fox – Natalya with sharpshooter for win lost interest in this match

Big Show vs Randy Orton gets a big pop
Show with most of the offense randy slowly building comeback, (you can see the caliber difference in the match and how to work the crowd from both show and Orton) Orton hits RKO for win

Sheamus & New Age Outlaws vs The Shield, you can see massive potential with the Shield, good to see them getting built up. Crowd well in to this match. You’ve still got it chants for the New Age Outlaws. DQ finish with chair shot from the Shield. Sheamus and Outlaws clear ring, Billy Gunn hits fame-ass -er followed by Sheamus with Brogue kick to Seth Rollins to send crowd home happy

Good show altogether, looking around wasn’t any empty seats!!

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