WWE Speculates That Chris Jericho May Leave Again After PPV

WWE’s website has a new storyline article up looking at how Chris Jericho has failed to win gold since returning in January and how this effects World Heavyweight Title match at Over the Limit as he goes against champion Sheamus, Randy Orton and Alberto Del Rio.

They are strongly teasing that Over the Limit may be it for Jericho this time around. Here’s some of what they wrote:

“Further, if Jericho fails to come away with the gold, will Over the Limit be the last time the WWE Universe ever sees the “Ayatollah of Rock n’ Rollla” in the ring? Or can Jericho save his career with a huge win against three formidable opponents?

If this is to be his final stand, the smart money would be to bet on Jericho walking out of PNC Arena in Raleigh, N.C., with the title in hand. Jericho is a survivor, and like a cornered lion, he’ll be at his most dangerous with his back to the wall. Jericho will do anything — anything — to emerge from Over the Limit with the World Heavyweight Championship secured around his waist.

But even if he does overcome the other three competitors in the Fatal 4-Way, there’s already plenty of speculation that the WWE Universe won’t see much of Jericho in the coming months. His heavy metal band Fozzy is set to release a new studio album this summer, and tour dates have been planned.

That said, will his match at WWE Over the Limit be his lingering legacy? And if Y2J does decide to walk off into the sunset, will he do so with the World Heavyweight Championship around his waist?”