WWE Star Mingles At SXSW, Though Enough Star Returns To MMA

WWE Tough Enough contestant Jeremiah Riggs returns to MMA fighting tonight for the Bellator promotion. Riggs (7-5) is scheduled to face Trey Houston (9-0) in a “Featured Middleweight division” bout. The fight will broadcast on Spike.com prior to the main card that airs on MTV2. Both men are listed as 185 pounds for the fight. Riggs is on a five-match winning streak, but has not fought since January 2011.

Mark Henry was mingling with the crowd at a restaurant during the popular South by Southwest event in Austin, Texas. Fuse.tv posted the following regarding Mark Henry’s involvement: “Wrestler-Approved Bacon-Themed Restaurants: A friend was eating lunch when WWE wrestler Mark Henry started talking to him and subsequently recommended Bacon, an Austin restaurant where nearly every item has its titular food. Music-related? Not really. But there is no weirder and more appropriately Austin moment than that.”