WWE Star Pays Tribute To Released Tag Partner, Ziggler Boasts

— Trent Barreta acknowledged the release of “Dudebuster” teammate Caylen Croft prior to his match against Seth Rollins at Florida Championship Wrestling’s “Hog Wild” event in Brandon, Florida on Friday, yelling, “This one’s for Crofty!” He also had “Croft” written across the tape on his left arm.

— Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler noted on Twitter that he plans to carry his opponent tonight at the Survivor Series, Kaval, to “another show stealing match.”

“My back is healing just in time to carry another indy hero to ANOTHER show stealing match!,” he wrote. “You’re welcome for the SUPERSTAR rub, Mr. Peepers.”

— Vickie Guerrero took to Twitter to comment on why she placed an auction on eBay for a 2007 Chevy Avalanche honoring her late husband, Eddie Guerrero.

“I’m selling truck because I’m working on another car project,” she noted.

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