WWE Star’s Gimmick Change May Be Put On Hold For A Different Angle

As PWMania.com reported last week, the plan for Tyson Kidd was to repackage him under a masked gimmick. The company has already ordered a Lucha Libre style mask for him but it looks like those plans may have changed since last week’s NXT Takeover.

At NXT Takeover the plans seemed to indicate that they were doing something else with him, possibly an angle about how his losses are causing stress with his marriage. This may tie in with the upcoming season of Total Divas. Kidd did not say anything in the backstage interview on the telecast and in the post-show and they kept that going on the tapings on Friday.

  • Latoya

    They should go with the latter. Putting Tyson is a horrible idea, just maybe give him a tag partner(loved the idea of Evan Bourne),let him be the grunch of the bunch who embellishs on saying “fact”. Simple, but easy works more often than not.

  • Bryan

    I think the only reason he’s still with the company is because he wants to be close to his wife. Otherwise he would’ve left when Harry left.

  • https://twitter.com/HPLoveshaft H.P. Loveshaft

    The two best options for Tyson Kidd:

    1) Put him with another wrestler with good high flying and / or technical skills in a tag team, and don’t book them as total jobbers. Build them up to be serious contenders for the tag titles, and keep them in the title picture a bit.

    2) Have him and Natalya win the NXT men’s and women’s titles, start a power-couple angle and turn them heel, and have them crash the Raw roster some day.

  • DanielsonFan

    Didn’t like the idea idea at all.