WWE Stars Reveal Who They’ve Been Mistaken For, Randy Orton Addresses Movie Role

– On this week’s edition of WWE Inbox, various Superstars comment on whether they’ve ever been mistaken for another Superstar. Kofi Kingston says he’s often mistaken for his tag team partner R-Truth, and vice versa. A clip is enclosed of an individual interviewing R-Truth and mistakenly acknowledging him as Kingston. Titus O’Neil says he’s often mistaken for Ezekiel Jackson. He then does a song and dance to boast that he has abs, unlike the missing in action wrestler. Heath Slater also says he has been mistaken as WWE Hall of Famer Edge, and considers it a compliment.

WWE Superstars also reveal their favorite boy band of all-time.

– In two weeks, Randy Orton will begin shooting for his starring role in WWE Studios’ 12 Rounds: Reloaded, the second installment in the 12 Rounds franchise. The Viper will continue to appear at televised WWE events throughout the movie’s production, which is slated to run through October.

Orton, who will portray an Emergency Medical Technician who finds himself caught in a deadly 12-round game of cat and mouse with a vengeful man tied to the paramedic’s past, addressed his role in the film via Twitter, writing, “Start shooting #12RoundsReloaded in 2 weeks. Script looks amazing. I’ve always wanted to do an action film, now I get my chance!”

Video – Randy Orton gets angry with Kofi Kingston on live TV