WWE Stars & Wrestling Personalities React To Presidential Debate On Twitter

Pro wrestlers and wrestling personalities reacted to the Presidential debate on Twitter. Here are a few tweets.

Daniel Bryan: “The first presidential debate was interesting. I’m not enamored with either candidate, but thought Romney did better tonight.”

Dolph Ziggler: “debates MUTED obama trying to remember what to say, mitt regurgitating like hes on a nanny-cam mitt-53 obama-47”

Ted DiBiase Sr.: “Romney just kicked Obama’s butt. Obama was lost without his teleprompter”

Ted DiBiase Jr.: “No matter your political opinion… I think that was a great debate! In the end, whoever wins, I pray they lead us to a stronger America. GB”

Kevin Nash: “The President is my boy, but sir you got knocked the f*** out. Would vote for Romney if he didn’t do a 360 tonight.Sorry Mitt your bullshit lies might get a few votes but you didn’t get mine.”

Shane Helms: “I guess Mitt won, but all he really said was, ‘I got plans. I ain’t saying what they are, but I got plans. Oh, and f*** Big Bird.’ If Obama shows up at the next debate with Big Bird in his corner, WIN!”

Eric Bischoff: “Obama is lost, wandering through his list of demos to pander to, and can’t make a point or answer a question. Obama=empty suit. Watching the most obvious Obama supportive network, MSNBC, admit (with tears in their eyes) that Obama got punked. OUTSTANDING!”

Carlito: “Romney won that debate…but we’re still not gonna vote for him…well, if I ever were to vote that is!”

Stevie Richards: “I think it’s time for me to move next door to Jesse Ventura in Mexico. He has the right idea. #doomed”

MVP: “If perception is reality then Mitt came across way better than the President.”

Val Venis: “#Romney sounds like @JCLayfield who sounds very libertarian economically…..in debates! Just in the debates. Who is Obama kidding??? That debate SUCKED BALLS!!! #WeWantGaryJohnson”