WWE & Stephanie McMahon Trying To Sign Stacy Keibler, Possible Hall Of Fame Induction?

WWE officials are reportedly making a strong effort to bring former Diva Stacy Keibler back to the company as an on-air performer. We noted last month that Stephanie McMahon saw Stacy while she was in New York City at a VH1 Blitz concert. Stephanie told a fan on Twitter that Stacy looked the best she ever has.

Word is that Stephanie and Stacy met for 15-20 minutes. While Stacy has been reluctant to return in the past, apparently WWE’s latest offer to her is lucrative enough that she must be giving it serious consideration.

News came out this week that Stephanie was trying to lock in a big name for this year’s Hall of Fame ceremony and speculation now is that name is Keibler.

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(Partial source: Prowrestling.net)

  • James Humwood

    How is kiebler a big name? She’s never been a big name not even a good wrestler or diva only thing going for her are her legs. Was hoping for randy savage to be the name :/

    • mike

      Uh Randy Savage passed away 3 years ago

      • James Humwood

        uhh no duh doesnt mean he couldnt be the name they could talk about his family about the induction

      • Hosep

        Which means he fits perfectly into WWE’s process, “oh you died, sure you can be in the hof now”

  • cj

    Love Stacy, but inducted before Lita ? Sorry but that’s a dumb idea. As far as Diva’s go, once you did Trish, it’s only right that Lita follows.

    • James Humwood

      exactly what im saying lita should be the next diva in… no offense to keibler but she never was a big name

      • OrangesofDeath

        I’m positive Lita will follow closely behind Trish, but not necessarily right behind her. A year separation would be fine. Stacy Keibler would be a nice Hall of Fame inductee. She definitely deserves it. But part of me feels like they’re going after her so strongly because of who she’s currently dating. All due respect to Stacy though. Like I said, she deserves to go into the HoF.

  • Joseph Albanese

    Stacy Keibler gets in then the HOF loses all credibility!

    • Ty Gibson

      It lost credibility when Drew Carey got in

  • Prince

    Stacy Keibler in the HOF? WTF? She’s not a big name, nor is she anywhere close to being HOF worthy. I can think of quite a few divas who deserve to get in before her. Lita first, then work on down the list.

  • Dev9h

    All because she banged clooney.

  • cj

    But WWE considers (based on popularity) Trish, Stacy, Torrie & Lita the top Diva’s of the last generation. So her possibly being inducted isn’t a shocker. I just feel Lita, due to her accomplishments, being the top diva in the WWF before her injury, and influence on aspiring diva’s and current diva’s should go 1st.

  • James Humwood

    I just don’t see how stacy was ever popular I mean even when she was there she wasn’t a big name I guess she could go in the hall as a manager but as a wrestler ehh no… though the only reason wwe want her is because she is famous for banging Clooney lol