WWE SummerSlam Results – August 18, 2013

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WWE SummerSlam Results

The Miz welcomes us to WWE Summerslam and he runs down the two main events, Brock Lesnar vs CM Punk and the WWE Championship Match between John Cena and Daniel Bryan.

Fandango comes out and the Staples Center is doing the Fandango dance and song. Fandango simply dances with Summer Rae and The Miz once again welcomes us to Summerslam.

The opening video for Summerslam is shown.

Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry “The King” Lawler are on commentary.

Jojo from Total Divas sings an amazing version of America the Beautiful.

Hellfire and Brimstone comes up from the stage as Kane makes his entrance.

The arena goes dark as The Wyatt Family makes their way down to the ring.

Ring of Fire Match
Kane vs Bray Wyatt

Kane and Bray Wyatt are in the ring and the fire around the ring begins to burn. Kane sends Bray into various turnbuckles and unloads punches onto Bray. Bray goes clotheslined by Kane and the fire goes up. Bray begins to take control but Kane stops and suplexs him. Kane gets sent into the turnbuckle and Bray hits a running body splash and then hits another and Kane is down on the mat. Bray has Kane down and begins to stomp on him. Kane goes for the chokeslam but Bray gets out of it only to be hit with a big boot. Kane hits a sidewalk slam and the flames shoot up.

Bray motions to Harper and to bring in a Kendo Stick but when he tries to, the stick burns. Rowan gets a Fire Extinguisher and tries to put out the flames, only to fail. Kane hits Bray with a chokeslam but doesn’t go for a cover. Kane hits another one but this time motions for a Tombstone. Harper and Rowan get into the ring by covering the flames with a mat. They begin to attack Kane. Rowan hits Kane with a splash and they pull Bray up. Harper and Rowan pull Kane over to their leader who hits Kane with his spinning STO finisher for the win.

WINNER: Bray Wyatt

Roman and Harper put Kane on one half the steel step as Bray sits in his rocking chair. Rowan and Harper slam the other part of the steps onto Kane head. The lights up out and The Wyatt Family make their way to the back, dragging Kane with them.

A commercial for WWE 2K14 is shown.

Josh Matthews is with HBK, Booker T, and Vicki Guerrero. They discuss the Ring of Fire match.

A recap is shown when Paul Heyman announced that Brock Lesnar vs CM Punk is now a NO DQ Match.

Damien Sandow makes his way down to the ring with the Money in the Bank briefcase.

Cody Rhodes makes his way down to the ring and his mustache is GONE!

Damien Sandow vs Cody Rhodes

Cody puts Damien in the corner and slaps him in the chest. Cody hits Sandow with a back body drop as he bounces off the ropes before hitting a reverse suplex for two. Damien clips the legs of Cody as he is sent to the outside. Back in the ring, Sandow begins to hit Cody with elbows to the back before hitting a suplex. Cody goes for Cross Rhodes but Damien reserves. Damien hits the Elbow of Disdain for two. Damien locks in the leg submission but Cody gets out of it. Sandow goes up to the middle rope but Cody stops him. Cody hits Damien with a Muscle Buster for 2.

Cody gets kicked in the gut but is able to fight through and his the Goldust drop down slap. Cody hits an impressive springboard dropkick before positioning Damien on the ropes and kicking him in the midsection. Sandow rolls up Cody for a quick 2 count but Cody hits Cross Rhodes for the win.

WINNER: Cody Rhodes

The crowd is on their feet for Cody as he motions that he wants the World Title. Damien clutches the Money in the Bank as Cody celebrates.

The World Heavyweight Championship match is up next and we go to a hype video for Christian.

Christian comes out for his World Title match and The Peeps go wild.

Alberto del Rio comes out with the World Championship around his waist.

Lillian Garcia is in the ring and she gives the competitors their championship introductions but Alberto del Rio demands that Lillian do his introduction in Spanish.

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Alberto del Rio vs Christian

Alberto del Rio and Christian lock up in the ring and Alberto del Rio kicks Christians leg. Alberto del Rio has Christian in a headlock before taking him down with a tackle. Christian slaps the taste out of Del Rio’s mouth before sending him to the outside. Christian goes up top but leap off as he sees Del Rio coming for him. Christian is nailed with an enziguri by Del Rio as he is seated on the top rope. Del Rio begins to attack Christian’s arm on the outside. Back in the ring, Del Rio gets a two count and then goes for an arm lock. Christian slaps Del Rio again but gets sent down with a Flapjack. Del Rio attack Christian’s shoulder. Christian’s arm is locked up in the ropes and Del Rio attacks it. Del Rio goes for his running dropkick but Christian moves out of the way and is sent to the outside.

Christian goes to the top rope and leaps onto Del Rio on the outside. They get back into the ring and Del Rio wrenches Christian’s arm, slamming him down to the mat. Del Rio goes to the middle rope and leap off but Christian gets his feet up and hits a missile dropkick. Del Rio goes for the enziguri again but Christian moves and hits a flying body press. Del Rio hits a Backstabber for a 2 count. Del Rio begins to attack Christian’s back, kicking it hard. Christian gets a roll up for 2 but Del Rio hits his enziguri again for two. Del Rio goes for a Senton and misses, Christian hits a reverse elbow from the middle rope. Del Rio backs Christian up into the counter and hits him with several shoulder blocks.

Christian goes for a sunset flip but Del Rio stops him only for Christian to do an impressive top rope hurricanrana for 2. Christian goes for a Spear but Del Rio hits a dropkick to the face for 2. Del Rio goes for the Armbreaker but Christian rolls through only for Del Rio to kick Christian in the head with a superkick. Del Rio gets a 2 count after the kick and takes down his knee pads. Christian hits the spear but his shoulder is weakened so he can’t make the pin. Del Rio has Christian in the Armbreaker. Christian taps out.

WINNER and STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Alberto del Rio

Alberto del Rio is interviewed in the ring and says that tonight is a great night because he is our champion. Alberto del Rio says that he is representing the Latinos again.

No Money in the Bank attempt is made.

Lillian welcomes the members of the National Guard.

A recap video is shown of WWE AXXESS this afternoon where Natalya and Maria Menounous defeated Brie Bella and Eva Marie.

In the back, The Miz interviews Maria only for Fandango and Summer Rae to show up and dance. The Miz and Maria show up Team Fandango by dancing off the set.

A hype video for WWE Total Divas on E! is shown.

Natalya makes her way down to the ring with Naomi and Cameron.

Brie Bella comes down to the ring with her sister Nikki and Eva Marie.

Brie Bella vs Natalya

Nattie and Brie lock up in the ring and Brie hits Nattie with several knees to the gut before we are forced to see a slap fight between the two. Nattie goes for the Sharpshooter but Brie claws her way out of the ring. Nattie is on her knees and Brie stomps on the back of her head and follows up with a legdrop. Brie has Nattie in a arm submission but she gets free. Brie hits Natalya with a clothesline and locks her in the arm submission again. Natalya locks in the Sharpshooter but Brie gets out of it and sends Natties head into the turnbuckle. Once again, Brie locks in her arm submission but Nattie fights out. Brie knees Nattie in the skull and goes for a sunset flip. Nattie reverses it into a Sharpshooter and Brie taps out.

WINNER: Natalya

A video is shown of Ryback bullying some catering guy in the back and he is wearing a new leather vest. Ryback is now Bully Rayback.

CM Punk vs Brock Lesnar is up next as a hype video for their match is shown.

Brock Lesnar makes his way out to the ring in new black trunks with Paul Heyman in tow.

CM Punk makes his way down to the ring to a huge ovation from the L.A. Crowd. It’s Clobbering Time!

No DQ Match
CM Punk vs Brock Lesnar

CM Punk charges at Brock Lesnar only for Lesnar to send him into the turnbuckle with several shoulder thrusts. Brock Lesnar is dominating CM Punk in the corner, stomping him into the mat. CM Punk begins to hit Lesnar with a couple of kicks to the gut but Lesnar is showing off his power, tossing him to the side. CM Punk hits Lesnar with a high knee and Lesnar falls out of the ring. CM Punk hits a Suicide Dive on the outside and Lesnar is down. CM Punk has the Steel Steps but Lesnar tackles the Steps, sending them into Punk. CM Punk goes up top and hits a Double Axe Handle onto Lesnar. Punk gets ontop of the announce table and hits Lesnar with his clothesline. CM Punk goes for Heyman but Brock Lesnar stops him.

Lesnar grabs CM Punk by the neck and throws him over the announce table. Brock Lesnar stomps onto the back of CM Punk and follows up with a belly to belly suplex on the outside. Back inside of the ring, CM Punk tries to kick Lesnar in the legs but Lesnar simply pushes him down. In the corner, Lesnar hits Punk with a couple of shoulder tackles before locking in a bear hug. CM Punk hits Lesnar in the nose with elbows to break free only for Lesnar to knee Punk in the gut. Lesnar puts Punk in the bearhug again but Punk breaks out and kicks Lesnar in the gut. CM Punk goes up top and leap only for Lesnar to catch him and throw him away with a Fallaway Slam. Lesnar continues to punish the rib, hitting Punk with several backbreakers, only for Punk to kick out at 2.

CM Punk is now in a necklock but Lesnar can’t keephim down. Punk bites down on Brock Lesnar’s ear and follows up with several kicks and elbows. Punk goes up top again and hits a high knee from the top rope, Lesnar is down. CM Punk nails his signature high knee and goes for another and then a third only for Lesnar to counter with an F-5 attempt. Punk is about to fight out and he kicks Lesnar in the head. Punk hits the Macho Drop from the top rope and gets a 2. Punk motions for the GTS but Lesnar fights out only to get hit with another high kick. Punk has him up for the GTS but Lesnar counters with a Kimura Lock. Punk reverses into an Armbar and followed up with an Triangle Lock. CM Punk is out MMAing the former UFC Champion.

Lesnar is about to power out and hits a running powerbomb to break out of the Triangle Lock. Lesnar goes for the cover but he is only about to get 2. Lesnar hits Eddie Guerrero’s Three Amigo’s Suplexes but CM Punk kicks out at 2. Brock Lesnar goes to the outside and slowly picks up a steel chair. CM Punk leaps on top of Lesnar on the outside and picks up the Steel Chair. CM Punk begins to wail on Brock Lesnar’s back. Lesnar catches the chair and goes to hit Punk but he gets hit in the balls for his troubles. CM Punk has the chair and he is going up to the top rope. CM Punk hits the Macho Drop on Lesnar, the chair going right into Lesnar’s head. Punk makes the cover but he only gets a 2 count. Punk still has the chair and he continues to hit Lesnar with it.

Paul Heyman gets the chair away from Punk. Lesnar has CM Punk up for the F5 but Punk is holding onto Heyman. Punk hits Lesnar with the GTS but Paul Heyman breaks it up. CM Punk goes after for Paul Heyman but Lesnar catches him with an F5 only for Punk to reverse into an DDT. Punk has the Anaconda Vice locked in but lets go when Heyman tries to interfere again. Punk punches Heyman and locks in the Anaconda Vice on Heyman. Lesnar hits Punk with the chair and lift Punk up for the F5 onto the chair. Lesnar makes the cover and gets the win.

WINNER: Brock Lesnar

The crowd gives CM Punk a standing ovation for the match.

They show a video of a fan taking a splash from Mark Henry in order to get tickets to Summerslam.

Dolph Ziggler and Kaitlyn come out to the ring to Dolph Ziggler’s music.

Big E. Langston and AJ Lee make their way out to the ring.

Dolph Ziggler and Kaitlyn vs Big E. Langston and AJ Lee

Ziggler and Langston stand things off in the ring with Ziggler hitting a dropkick onto Langston. Lanston picks up Ziggler and slams him to the mat. Langston picks him up and lock in an Abdominal Stretch. Langston brings Ziggler over to AJ, who slaps him. AJ and Kaitlyn are now in the ring. AJ hits Kaitlyn with a spinning side kick for two and drags her into the turnbuckle and hits a snapmare into a necklock. Kaitlyn gets out of it only to take an elbow for AJ. A two neckbreakers by AJ send Kaitlyn to the mat. AJ leaps onto Kaitlyn back and locks in a sleeperhold. AJ kicks Kaitlyn in the back and screams that she is the champion. Kaitlyn with a shoulder tackle and a tag to Ziggler meaning the men are now legal.

Ziggler hits a neckbreaker followed up by several his signature 10 elbow drops. Big E. Langston kicks out and nails Ziggler with a backbreaker for two. Kaitlyn breaks up the pin and AJ takes Kaitlyn on the match. Ziggler hits sending Big E. shoulder first into the steel post. Kaitlyn spears AJ on the outside and Langston goes for the Big Ending only for Ziggler to wiggle out and nail the Zig Zig for the win.

WINNERS: Kaitlyn and Dolph Ziggler

A commercial for WWE 2K14 is shown.

The Miz is in the back and gets interrupted again by Fandango, The Miz clotheslines Fandango.

The Summerslam Kickoff Panel is shown again and they make their predictions for the WWE Championship Match. They all pick Daniel Bryan to take the championship.

A hype video for the WWE Championship Match is shown. The match is next.

HHH comes out in his referee shirt to the King of Kings theme.

Daniel Bryan comes out to a massive ovation of Yes! Chants.

John Cena comes out with the WWE Championship to a chorus of boos.

Justin Roberts is in the ring and gives the Champion and Challenger their introductions.

WWE Championship Match
Special Guest Referee: HHH
John Cena vs Daniel Bryan

The match begins with a Lockup and Daniel Bryan wrenches the elbow before being sent down to the mat by John Cena. The commentators mention that Cena’s elbow is taped up. The fans are on their feet and chant “You Can’t Wrestle” at the champion. Daniel goes for a test of strength and is taken down by John Cena. Daniel Bryan takes Cena down with a Monkey Flip. John Cena goes for a Yes Lock but Cena goes to the outside for a few moments before taking Daniel Bryan down with a headlock toss. John Cena goes for a pin attempt but Daniel reverses with a baseball slide for 2. Daniel Bryan tries to go for the Surfboard but John Cena powers out. Cena with a AA Attempt but Daniel Bryan goes out to the apron. John Cena sends Daniel Bryan out onto the table. Daniel Bryan sends John Cena, elbow first, into the Steel Step. Daniel tries to suplex John off of the Steel Steps but John Cena reveres and suplexes Bryan.

Back in the ring, John Cena begin to punch Daniel Bryan before sending him careening into the corner. John Cena hits a Batista Bomb on Daniel Bryan for a 2 count and follows up with a necklock. Daniel begins to hits Cena with elbows before bringing Cena into the corner and kicking him several times in the midsection. Daniel Bryan hits his signatures flying clothesline and follows up with his signature kicks to Cena’s chest. Before Daniel could hit the kick to the head, John Cena moves out of the way and hits his Shoulder Tackles and Spin Out Powerbomb. He hits another one and nails the 5-Knuckle Shuffle. Daniel is up in the AA but reveserves out of it. He hits a missile dropkick for two. Daniel Bryan begins to kick John Cena’s bad shoulder and hits Cena with an armbreaker. Daniel kicks Cena in the shoulder a few more times but Cena reserves and goes for the STF. Daniel reverses and locks Cena in with his own STF.

Daniel Bryan nails a bridging German Suplex for 2. He goes for another and gets another 2. John Cena tries for an AA but Daniel reserves and Cena is in the Yes! Lock. John Cena tries to fight out of the Yes! Lock but hits put in a Guillotine Choke. John Cena powers out of the hold and rams Daniel into the corner but Daniel won’t let go. John is finally able to get out by suplexing Daniel Bryan onto the corner. John Cena hits the AA but Daniel Bryan kicks out at 2. John Cena goes to the top rope but Daniel Bryan catches him with a kick to the head. Daniel Bryan hits a Spider Suplex and follows up with a flying headbutt but only gets 2. John Cena rolls out of the ring but Daniel Bryan goes for his Suicide Dive, only for Cena to hit him with a massive elbow. John Cena goes to the top and hits his Top Rope Leg Drop for 2.

John Cena picks up Daniel and places him on the top rope. He goes for the AA but Daniel counters with several elbows before trying for a Hurricanrana. John Cena hold onto him and locks in the STF. Daniel Bryan fights out of it and locks in the Yes! Lock. John Cena is clawing to the ropes and gets to the bottom rope. Daniel Bryan hits 2 missile dropkicks in the corner and as he went for the third, John Cena lays him out with a massive clothesline. John Cena and Daniel Bryan are trading Yes and No punches and kicks before they each go for a running move, taking each other out. Both men are leaning on each other to get to their feet and John Cena slaps Daniel Bryan, leading to a slap war that fires the both of them up. John Cena for the AA again but Daniel Bryan reverses it into a DDT. Daniel Bryan goes up top for another headbutt but gets caught by John Cena in a AA but Daniel Bryan rolls him up for 2 and kicks him in the head. Daniel Bryan hits a running high knee and PINS JOHN CENA CLEAN!

WINNER and NEW WWE Champion: Daniel Bryan

Randy Orton comes out with the briefcase. HHH pedigree’s Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton decides to cash in!

WWE Championship Match
Daniel Bryan (c) vs Randy Orton

Randy Orton simply covers an unconscious Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton is the NEW WWE Champion.

WINNER and NEW WWE Champion: Randy Orton

HHH raises the hands of his friend Randy Orton as Summerslam goes off the air.

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