WWE Superstar Calls Nancy Grace An Ignorant Sweathog, Total Divas Preview Clip With Natalya

– Cody Rhodes tweeted the following about Nancy Grace after her latest rants on wrestlers:

“Why are folks surprised by @NancyGraceHLN ?? She got dumped by a pro-wrestler in the 80s’ and started a life quest to be just awful… …if she was remotely confident in her accusations, she’d interview an active talent, yet she won’t do that because she’d have a… …”Mark Cuban/Skip Bayless” situation, and she would come-off as the ignorant sweathog she actually is.”

– Here’s another preview for Sunday’s WWE Total Divas with Natalya:

  • The Saber

    atta boy!

  • Scott Henley

    Good for Cody. That Bitch has no place anywhere on television. At least she is where she has to be watched for a price.. I do not subscribe to cable, for just reasons. The worthless programs such as Nancy Grace, HLN, you name it…. I do, however, subscribe to the WWE Network. LOL

  • Andrew Jobling

    We need to get a “Cody’s awesome” chant going again, the kid is a legend in the making, hopefully WWE will have a real go at her and take some shots on Monday, bitch deserves all the shit she gets.

  • Necro

    Cody Rhodes my dude!!!!!! That’s how you respond!