WWE Superstar Darren Young Comes Out – “I’m Gay” (Video)

Thanks to our friends at TMZ.com for sending PWMania.com the following:

WWE superstar Darren Young just dropped a bombshell, telling TMZ, he’s gay … and no, this isn’t part of the act.

Darren was at LAX Wednesday when we asked whether a gay wrestler could succeed in WWE, and Darren laughed, saying, “Absolutely. Look at me. I’m a WWE superstar and to be honest with you, I’ll tell you right now, I’m gay. And I’m happy. I’m very happy.”

For the record, Darren is now the first openly gay wrestler ever at WWE … and the first headlining wrestler ever to come out while still signed to a major promotion.

Other pro wrestlers have been rumored to be gay, but that’s it … just rumors.

Bottom line: this is big, big news. For all its chauvinism and testosterone-driven bravado, coming out in WWE is tantamount to coming out in the NFL.

Of course, wrestling is a little different, particularly because of how physical it is, and how little clothing is involved — but Darren is completely unfazed. Watch the video to hear why.

  • toni

    If I was a gay ‘celebrity’ i certainly wouldn’t ‘come out’ to a TMZ reporter.

  • James Roman

    Kanyon was gay n Orlando Jordan was Gay and Patterson

    get your facts straight.

    Pun Intended

  • Theripperdannyb

    Kanyon was only ever rumored, Jordan is very openly bisexual, not gay, and Patterson, even though everyone knew, really only came out after he stopped wrestling.

  • Mike

    Poor guy just wanted to get on with what he was doing. Generous to wait around so much

  • Guest

    Betting he just said that to get the TMZ people to go away.

    • Gob1in


      Around the 38 second mark, Cena says “congratulations on him finally doing it”. Keyword is finally. So his buddies in the locker room must’ve known, but it never left the locker room.

      • tom

        That might have just been a finally as in he’s came out, doesn’t mean Cena knew about it.

  • wrestlingfanactic

    he aint never won anything,so how you succesful!!stop the madness!!

    • Thomas Meagher

      He has* never won anything so, how is he* successful*?

      For the record, he’s doing what he wanted to do in life. You sir are a moron

  • Geoff

    Top, top respect for Darren Young, very brave of him. With little precedence and understanding of gay wrestlers, it must have been so hard for him to come out. Good on him.

  • Dalton Adam Robert Huehn

    More like a wwe diva LOL

  • wolvie667

    James roman, you are wrong with Orlando Jordan… He isn’t gay he is openly Bisexual!!!

  • Stormfront

    Orlando Jordan was about as unprofessional as you can get. I don’t have a problem with bi’s or gays, but Orlando’s gimmick was way worse than what Darren Young is doing right now.

  • Bilal Mvw

    That’s why he looks like cena. because he is gggg. Well I will just say happy,