WWE Superstar Helps Out at Food Bank, Financial Site on Why WWE Network Isn’t Working

Windsorite.ca has an article up about Dolph Ziggler helping out at the Downtown Mission’s Food Bank in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, where WWE had a live event last night. WWE fans were given a discount on tickets for donations of food items and the staff of the WFCU Centre collected non-perishable food items during Friday night’s live event.

– The Motley Fool website has an article up looking at why the WWE Network might not be working. Here’s part of what the author wrote:

“I think the only reason why the WWE Network isn’t working is that it’s only been around for a few months. I believe it needs time to push its platform. Time to work out the kinks, time to tap into just 10% of that passionate fan base.

With time, I think the WWE Network will be a major success. There are too many fans, there is too much content, and the value is just too good for it to fail. Ultimately, Vince McMahon may be thought of as a pioneer. If successful, the WWE may be the first of many companies that create a network so that customers can buy what they want, when they want.”

  • Bryan

    they’re trying to come up with all of these excuses for the network. wwe can’t even get people to fully enjoy the product. what makes them think the network will work

  • MistaMacc

    The Network is for the hardcore fan. WWE felt since fans would be happy to purchase all this content that would be at hand. Not everyone is thrilled for a $9.99 service over the Internet. But Netflix and Hulu are somewhat a success. The feeling of the Internet having issues I.E. MITB had many fans up in arms. I only had one issue during pre show and 2 buffer issue that corrected itself within seconds during the ppv. I personally am very pleased and happy with the WWE Network. WWE will just have to wait for the success they need when they open around the world. And it might get better in the US when they finally get the opening day jitters and bugs out, I.E. MLB.TV app and NBA Game Time app.