WWE Superstar Reportedly Announces His Retirement at Live Event

Santino Marella reportedly announced his retirement from in-ring action at tonight’s WWE live event in Toronto. Santino told the crowd that he has suffered his third neck injury.

We noted before that Santino mentioned in a recent interview that his career was winding down and was interested in staying with WWE in a non-wrestling role.

  • MistaMacc

    Thx for the comedy skits bro! Your debut was cool too!

  • Necro

    Thank you Santino! You had easily one of the most memorable debuts in history and you were a great comedy act! You will be missed and hopefully you have an out of ring role in WWE TV!

  • Adam Gibson

    Bout damn time, I couldn’t stand that guy!

  • pik

    Dolph Ziggler is a lost cause and WWE should send him down to NXT to job to Adrian Neville for a couple of months before redebuting Dolph as The Red Rooster Jr. so he can cut passionate promos of himself going COCKADOODLEDOO and he can finally get rid of his pink homoerotic ring gear. The WWE will never trust him due to his sloppy work which ends up with him getting a concussion every couple of months… If they dont send Dolph down to NXT then they should just release him after he jobs out to younger talent for the next few months.

  • pik

    I hope RVD sqashes that overrated balding Swiss jobber. Cesaro has failed at every gimmick he has had. First he was a rugby player that was Aksanas love interest, then he was very European, then he was a yoddler and he failed at ALL of them. Real Americans worked because of Zeb and Swagger. How many chances is Cesaro going to get? I dont see Heyman doing much for Cesaro. Curtis Axel and Ryback have more pure wrestling ability than Cesaro and Heyman did him no good.Thats whats wrong with Cesaro, his little swing is not realistic and causes no damage. It is just a chance for smarks in the crowd to participate by counting the swings. All Cesaro has is his swing, the Neutralizer, and a bunch of European Uppercuts..yawn

  • pik

    Batista made the right decision to turn down the match with Bryan. Batista is one of the top WWE superstars and was nice enough do the job for that overrated midget, Daniel Bryan. If they just wanted him to put Bryan over AGAIN then i say Batista made a good choice and he should wait until his movie does come out and then he can squash Bryan at SumerSlam. Say what you want about Batista but he is a very accomplished performer and one of the top names in the WWE and his brand is getting bigger by the day. I definitely see at least 2 WWE title reigns in Batsitas future because after his movie comes out he is gonna be an even bigger star than he is now and he is one of the best workers in the business especially when it comes to story telling and pschology.

  • pik

    John Cena vs Kane is going to tear the house down. Its a shame they have less than 20 minutes if not i would say it would easily be a MOTY contender. Guys like Ziggler and Rollins open up the show and do their little flippy stuff to impress the children in the crowd but guys like John Cena and Kane are the reasons the arenas sell out everywhere they go and real wrestling fans know that John Cena and Kane are living legends in this business and its a privlege everytime we get to see them in action.

  • pik

    Daniel Bryan stripped of the WWE Title, automatic A+ for this episode of RAW. We all knew his run at the top wouldnt last. The way Bryan wrestles is too tough on his body, he will end up like the Dynamite Kid or Benoit. Those hard bumps for cheap pops take a toll after a while. Bryan had his moment at WM and had his run but i hope they give him the Dolph Ziggler treatment, Ziggler won the title, got a concussion, lost it, and went back to the midcard where he belongs. I hope Bryan does the same.

    • Luke

      Stop trolling. It’s pointless and unfunny.

      • pik

        I thought MITB was a good show. Usos vs The Wyatts was a great opener, i just wish the Wyatts wouldve won the straps. Paige vs Naomi was a great match besides the botch when they both fell to the outside. Naomi proved that she definitelly deserves a run with the Divas Title down the road. Adam Rose and Sandow was the low point of the show and really shouldve been saved for RAW, same goes for Rybaxel vs The Dust Brothers. Rusev vs Big E was a decent match and i never get tired of Big E’s tackle to the outside, great spot. Summer Rae vs Layla was meh but atleast they have a consistent storyline. I thought Seth Rollins winning MITB was a travesty but the fact that they had Kane help him win it makes it more believable because everyone knows that Rollins on his own is just a mid card guy. RVD and Kofi really brought their A game and i thought it was a great match until the ending. I must say that for once WWE got it right, John Cena was the only logical choice to win the WWE Title and i am glad the WWE made it happen. I was thrilled to watch John Cena win his 15th World Title because no one deserves it more than him. Cena vs Brock will be an amazing match just like their first match.

      • pik

        Seth Rollins used to be a gay softcore pornstar….google “Seth Rollins cyberfights”

  • pik

    Google “Seth Rollins cyberfights” to find out about his past in gay softcore porn

    • Mike

      You should really dig into Colby aka Seth more and Jonathan Good aka Dean Ambrose and Theory of a dead man front man Tyler Connolly…Jon had his wwe facebook removed and taken down 2 times and the same with Tyler and I have a screen shot of Jons and Tylers page that says engaged !!! look into this for yourself….Seth and Jon have real history!!!! WWE wants to keep this quiet for now

      • pik

        What are you saying?

        • Mike

          Darren Young !!!! Thats all I am saying

          • pik

            So Ambrose is banging the guy from Theory of a Deadman and used to bang Rollins?

          • Mike

            like i said don’t take my word for it dig you will see 100% what the wwe does not want to come out yet…notice no more Dean and Renee and Seth was always…i wish I could talk direct to you some stuff I will not put on here

          • codys moustache

            Is dean Ambrose gay?

          • *JustAFan*

            No. Thats not true. Tyler Connolly is dating someone. I traced the IP to James Sell in California. He’s a WWE Fake maker. Jons with Colby truly.

  • Wrestling_fan

    While it sucks to have one’s career cut short like that, am honestly glad (for lack of a better word) that he won’t be an in-ring performer anymore.
    Best part was his debut & maybe one or two promos here and there, otherwise, never really found him funny! Still can’t believe he was the final two at EC 2012 & RR 2011.

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    damn.. announced on an un-televised event? that sucks