WWE Superstars Results – April 3rd, 2014

WWE Superstar Results – April 3rd, 2014

Kofi Kingston vs Heath Slater

Kofi and Heath lock up, with Heath working the arm. Kofi gets out and takes Heath down, going for a cover that only gets a 2 count. Kofi then hits a splash in the corner, and then goes to the top and hits another splash for a 2 count. Heath then fights back with a shoulder block, but Kofi then hits an elbow to the head, forcing Heath to go to the outside and regroup. We return with Heath in control, but Kofi hits an arm drag and continues to work the arm. Kofi then tries for a springboard maneuver but misses and is taken down with a devastating kick by Heath. Heath goes for the cover but only gets a 2 count. Heath then hits a kick to the chest, and begins to work the mid section of Kofi. Kofi tries to fight back but Slater hits a neckbreaker for a 2 count. Heath then puts Kofi in a headlock to keep him grounded. Kofi gets out and gets his way up top, hitting a dropkick. Kofi then begins his comeback. Kofi hits a cross body and gets a cover but only receives a 2 count. Kofi then hits a Boom Drop and calls for Trouble in Paradise. 3MB then distracts Kofi, letting Heath hit an Impaler DDT for the 3 count.

Winner: Heath Slater

We are given a replay of the Undertaker and Brock Lesnar’s segment from Monday Night Raw.

Up next we are shown the promo given by Triple H and Stephanie on Raw.

We then go to a video package of Bray Wyatt and John Cena’s segment from Raw.

We are shown a replay of the main event of Raw between Randy Orton and Batista, with Bryan interfering and standing tall. This closes the show this week for WWE Superstars.