Cena, Laurinaitis, JR & Others Comment On WWE No Way Out

Here are comments from WWE Superstars and employees, posted on their Twitter accounts, regarding tonight’s WWE No Way Out pay-per-view:

Ricardo Rodriguez: Today is the day! #WWE #NoWayOut #FearTheMongoose

John Laurinaitis: Tonight at #NoWayOut, @JohnCena will regret ever laying a hand on me. #SoLongCena

Dolph Ziggler: upside down, whatevs #NoWayOut #LaterMarks

Zack Ryder I offered @MisterRyder tickets to #NoWayOut for Father’s Day…he declined…he said he had no interest in seeing me against catering.

Kofi Kingston: No. Way. Out.

John Cena: TONIGHT at #NoWayOut a JOHN gets FIRED! Will it be the end of #PeoplePower or will u finally not see me?

Jim Ross: What’s the over/under on titles changing hands tonight on PPV @ No Way Out? I say 2 or less..what say you? Will Big Johnny rasp bye bye?