WWE Superstars Results – September 13 2012

We kick off the show with Justin Gabriel vs Tensai but out main event for the evening is Cody Rhodes taking on Zack Ryder. Cody has been on Superstars often recently, but his work has been great.

Match #1
Tensai vs Justin Gabriel

Match starts with Tensai going after Gabriel but Gabriel keeps his ground and gets around him. Gabriel using plenty of crafty techniques to dodge Tensai and get some strikes. Spinning wheel kick by Gabriel. Tensai begins to take control, pounding away at Gabriel in the corner. Butterfly suplex from Tensai. Nerve hold on Gabriel. Justin begins fighting out. Big spinning kick from Gabriel. Justin sets up for the tornado DDT In the corner but it gets reversed, only for Gabriel to guillotine Tensai on the rope. Top rope springboard moonsault from Gabriel for a near fall. Gabriel goes for a kick but Tensai blocks it and goes into a Baldo Bomb! Tensai with the running senton for the win.

Winner: Tensai (Approx 5 mins)

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We come back with Jinder Mahal facing off against Santino Marella

Match #2
Santino Marella vs Jinder Mahal

Santino plays to the crowd quite a bit for this one. Santino scares Jinder with the cobra. Santino is aggressive at the moment. Lock up in the middle of the ring and Jinder overpowers Santino. Crowd wills Santino back into it. Roll up cover from Santino and a hip toss. Santino misses a dropkick and Jinder hits an elbow smash. Stomps to the head from Jinder and a knee to the chest. Chin lock from Jinder. Santino gets out quick but Mahal hits a big clothesline. Jinder chokes Santino on the ropes. Mahal mocks the cobra. Neckbreaker from Mahal for a near fall. Back into a chinlock from Jinder. Crowd riles up Santino as he fights out into a back body drop. Santino comes back with some strikes of his own and splits followed by a hip toss. 2nd rope headbutt from Santino and he pulls out the cobra and hits it for the win!

Winner: Santino Marella (Approx 6 mins)

Match #3
Natalya vs Alicia Fox

Lots of lock ups and a slap from Alicia. Chain wrestling and Natalya locks in the anaconda vise only for Alicia to turn it into a headscissors. Roll up from Alicia leads to Natalya trying for the sharpshooter. Natalya pulling at the hair and then tries a monkey flip but Alicia catches herself. Natalya takes control again and goes for the sharpshooter but Alicia gets the ropes. Alicia goes to pick her up but gets flung by Natalya. Alicia goes for a handshake and Natalya pulls her arm down and steps on her hand. Fox is throwing a tantrum as she plays with Natalya’s robe. Fox with a backbreaker back in the ring. Very heelish stuff for Alicia now. She slaps Natalya in the faces and spanks her before locking in a bodyscissors. Natalya picks up Alicia but Alicia falls on her. Clothesline from Fox. Natalya catches Alicia’s leg when she goes for a big boot and locks in the sharpshooter for the submission victory!

Winner: Natalya (Approx 5 mins)

Recap of the Raw Punk/Cena segment.

Time for our main event of Zack Ryder vs Cody Rhodes!

Main Event
Zack Ryder vs Cody Rhodes

Rhodes fakes a nose injury during the opening lockup. Rhodes with a hammerlock but Ryder reverses. Ryder gets some control but Rhodes rolls out. Ref gets close to the count out when Rhodes gets back in. Rhodes gets thrown out again but skins the cat and gets back up. Ryder with a bunch of control segments here, getting the best of Rhodes with a flapjack and clotheslines. Rhodes takes control with a Russian leg sweep. Amazing facial expressions from Cody. Cody stomps away at the body of Ryder. Ryder dodges Cody and almost hits the Broski Boot but Rhodes rolls out again. Ryder with a vaulting body press out of the ring. Ryder goes for the pin to no avail.

Commercial break, aka ad for Del Rio/Sheamus feud.

We return and Rhodes is stomping away at Ryder and then hits a front suplex. Ryder with a rollup but Rhodes gets out and hits a clothesline. Stomp to the face to Ryder. Rhodes applies what seems to be a camel clutch with an arm trapped but Ryder fights out, only to be irish whipped chest first into the corner. Cody gets back into the clutch but turns it into a chinlock with body scissors applied.

Ryder starts the comeback after grounding Cody. Two forearms from Ryder and a big facebuster. Ryder with a forearm in the corner and follows with the Broski Boot for a near fall. Rhodes hits the Goldust uppercut (for lack of a better term) and then goes for the Alabama Slam but gets rolled up. Ryder with a neckbreaker for another near fall. Ryder sets up for the Rough Ryder but Rhodes reverses into a powerbomb for a close two count! Ryder with a huge clothesline out of the corner but Cody kicks out at 2! Ryder dodges the disaster kick but goes for an enziguri and Cody dodges and hits the Cross Rhodes for the win!

Winner: Cody Rhodes (Approx 11 mins)

Overall the show had some short matches, but Gabriel/Tensai had a fun dynamic to it. And the main event was wonderful. Cody has been on fire and Ryder looked great!