WWE Surveying Fans On DVDs On Sting, Ultimate Warrior, Paul Heyman, The Nexus, WCW & More

Published On 10/24/2013 | By PWMania.com Staff | News

Could DVDs highlighting Sting, Ultimate Warrior, Bruno Sammartino, The Attitude Era and World Championship Wrestling be on the horizon? WWE issued a survey to its “Fan Council” today gauging interest on the following 16 potential future releases for 2014:

* Bruno Sammartino Biography: Biography plus matches on the Living Legend (includes new Hall of Fame footage)

* Nexus – Where are they now?: (Highlights of Nexus and the subsequent careers of its members (Daniel Bryan, Ryback, Wade Barrett, etc)

* John Cena matches: John Cena’s greatest rivalries (Batista, Eddie Guerrero, JBL, Orton, HHH, CM Punk, etc)

* WWE Around the World: Never before released matches and moments from international matches

* Attitude Era volume 2: Matches and moments

* WrestleMania Main Events: Some of the top matches from WrestleMania

* Ultimate Warrior matches: Best matches and moments featuring Ultimate Warrior

* Top Giants in wrestling history: 20 profiles on WWE’s Best Giants (Andre the Giant, Big John Studd, Kamala, King Kong Bundy, Big Show, Mark Henry, Gorilla Monsoon, etc)

* Best of PPV’s: Match compilation from the best PPV matches this year

* Sting matches: Best matches and moments featuring Sting

* Best of RAW: Not on RAW: Never before released moments after RAW has gone off the air and the cameras keep rolling. Stone Cold singing to fans, Vince doing Spinarooni, Dark matches Cena vs. Edge, etc

* OMG! Part 2 (WCW History): As a follow up to the best 50 moments in WWE, OMG! Part 2 chronicles the top 50 moments from WCW history.

* Paul Heyman: Complete biography of one the most controversial figures in wrestling. Hear from critics and supporters of Paul Heyman and their thoughts on his incredible rise through wrestling — from a teenager taking photos to running his own wrestling company.

* Best of WCCW: Matches and moments from WCCW, hosted by Michael Hayes

* Wrestling factions: Profile the best groups of WWE

* Best of Great American Bash: Best moments from this WCW PPV from 1985-2000

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