WWE Surveys Fans On 2014 Main Event Stars, WWE TLC PPV Promotional Video

– WWE issued a survey to fans earlier today asking which Superstars they would want to see featured in the main event in 2014. Here is a list of the Superstars they listed:

* Randy Orton
* Big Show
* John Cena
* Daniel Bryan
* CM Punk
* Bray Wyatt
* Roman Reigns
* Seth Rollins
* Dean Ambrose
* Damien Sandow
* Fandango
* Dolph Ziggler
* Alberto Del Rio

– WWE uploaded the following promotional videos to their YouTube Channel hyping Sunday’s TLC pay-per-view event:

  • Larry Brown

    Not surprised to see punk, bryan, ziggler and sandow on there but I am surprised to see orton on there.