WWE Survivor Series Results – November 18, 2012

Welcome to PWMania.com’s exclusive LIVE WWE Survivor Series Coverage. It is time to start things off with the WWE YouTube Preshow.

The YouTube preshow begins with Matt Striker and Scott Sanford welcoming us to the show. Footage of the WWE Universe coming in the arena is show. Stanford and Striker run down the Survivor Series card and mention that Cody Rhodes will not be in the Survivor Series Match. They show footage of Cody’s injury.

Backstage, Team Ziggler is shown and they announce their replacement for Cody Rhodes is David Otunga. This does not please the majority of Team Ziggler. They begin to argue about who is the best leader.

A commercial for WWE Brawling Buddies is shown.

Footage of the feud between Sheamus and The Big Show is shown.

3MB make their way down to the ring, with Drew McIntyre in tow. Zack Ryder and Santino Marella make their entrance.

3MB vs Santino Marella and Zack Ryder

Jinder Mahal and Zack Ryder will start things off with Jinder taking early control. Ryder counters with an arm drag before tagging in Santino. Santino begins to work over Jinder’s head before Heath tags in. Heath gets put into the corner as Zack Ryder tags in. Drew McIntyre stops Heath from getting hit with a move from Ryder. Jinder tags himself in and hits a knee to Zack’s skull. Santino gets back in and hits his signature hip toss and head butt. He goes for the Cobra but is stopped by Jinder. Heath stomps Santino into the match and tags Jinder back in. Jinder hits a neckbreaker for two. Santino goes for a double clothesline but misses and Heath locks in a necklock. Jinder is tagged back in and Santino tries to get to his corner. Zack Ryder tags in and hits a missile dropkick and the Browski boot for two. Ryder hits the Rough Ryder on Heath Slater but Jinder is the legal man. Jinder nails Ryder with a full nelson slam for the wins.


A commercial for WWE 13 is shown.

A recap of the A.J. scandal is shown. A segment is hyped with AJ and Booker T.

Backstage Josh Matthews interviews R-Truth and Little Jimmy. Josh Matthews tries to ask Jimmy a question but apparently Little Jimmy did not show it until the segment is about over. R-Truth makes Josh Matthews apologize to Little Jimmy.

A recap of the WWE Championship feud between CM Punk, John Cena, and Ryback is shown.

That ends the WWE YouTube preview and WWE Survivor Series is now underway.

A hype video showing the history of the Survivor Series is shown, afterwards the video moves towards hyping the WWE and World Heavyweight Champioship match.

The pyro for Survivor Series goes off and Michael Cole welcomes us to the show. Joining him on commentary is Jerry Lawler and JBL.

The first match is a bonus traditional Surivivor Series Match.

Brodus Clay, Sin Cara, Rey Mysterio, Tyson Kidd, and Justin Gabriel make their way down to the ring. They will be taking on ensai, The Prime Time Players, and Primo and Epico.

Traditional Survivor Series Match
Brodus Clay, Sin Cara, Rey Mysterio, Tyson Kidd, and Justin Gabriel vs Tensai, The Prime Time Players, and Primo and Epico.

Epico and Tyson Kidd will be starting things off. Tyson Kidd is in control to begin with. Tyson Kidd has tries to go for the sharpshooter but Epico drags him to the outside. Epico goes for a plancha and misses. Tyson Kidd tags in Gabriel who worked over Epico’s arm. Gabriel hits a legsweep and moonsault clothesline before he tags back in Tyson Kidd. Rey Mysterio is tagged in but Epico tags in Young. Young with a suplex but Rey reverses it. Sin Cara is tagged in and hits Young with a double team move. Cara hits Primo with a hurricanrana after he is tagged it. Sin Cara with a flying crossbody for two. Tensai is tagged and the Alberto chants begins. Tensai slams Cara a couple of times before tagging in Titus. Primo is tagged in and locks in a camel clutch on Cara. Primo tags in Tensai. Cara tags in Brodus who cleans house. A brawl begins. Justin, Tyson, Rey, and Cara hit highflying moves to the outside and we are left with Tensai vs Brodu. Tensai hits his body senton onto Brodus to eliminate him.

Brodus Clay has been eliminated

Justin Gabriel comes in to try to attack Tensai but he is flattened. Titus is tagged in and locks Gabriel in an abdominal stretch. Tensai comes in and hits his senton onto Gabriel but Gabriel locks in a Crucifix for a pin.

Tensai has been eliminated.

Epico is now in the ring with Gabriel who misses an enziguri but makes his way over to Tyson Kidd. Tyson goes to the apron but is dropkicked to the outside by Epico. Tyson gets back in the ring and is pinned for two. Primo tags in Titus who stomps Kidd’s gut and slams him to the mat. Tyson hits a kick to Titus’ head and pins him after a springboard.

Titus O’Neil has been eliminated

Tyson Kidd locks in the Sharpshooter on Epico and he is eliminated.

Epico has been eliminated

Primo slams Tyson to the mat and goes up top. Tyson hits Primo with a dropkick as Primo comes off the top. Rey Mysterio is tagged in and hits Primo with a hurricanrana. Rey kicks Primo in the head for two. Rey goes to the top but is stopped by Primo. Rey off the top with his senton and misses the 619. Primo misses the backstabber and Rey rolls him up for the pin.

Primo has been eliminated

619 to Young and Sin Cara hits the Swanton. Babriel is tagged in and hits his Lionsault. Tyson is tagged in and hits a springboard elbow drop. Rey Mysterio is tagged back in and hits a bodysplash for the win.

Darren Young has been eliminated

WINNERS: Team 619 (Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara, Justin Gabriel, and Tyson Kidd survive)

Kaitlyn is shown walking in the back and is attacked by I believe Aksana. Kaitlyn is able to fight off the attack. Eve comes up but is pushed down by Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn makes her way down to the ring followed by Eve.

WWE Divas Championship Match
Eve (c) vs Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn tackles Eve and begins to level punch after punch in Eve’s face. Eve is pushed into the corner and Kaitlyn continues her assault. Kaitlyn uses her power to slam Eve to the mat. Eve rolls to the outside. Eve’s face is slammed into the announce table. Eve tries to run away but Kaitlyn catches her and rolls her into the ring. Kaitlyn begins to slam Eve’s head into the mat. Kaitlyn gets kicked intot he gut. Eve begins to slam Kaitlyn’s head into the match and gets a two count. Eve slaps Kaitlyn and drags her to the corner. Eve begins to choke Kaitlyn in the corner and begin to pose. Eve gets a two count. Eve locks in a submission move that has her legs around Kaitlyn’s head. Kaitlyn gets to the ropes but is hit with a Clothesline. Eve goes to the top but is shoved off by Kaitlyn. Eve begs for mercy but is bitchslaped and tossed about by her hair. Kaitlyn with a shoulder tackle and a gutbuster for two. Eve goes to the outside and suckers Kaitlyn to the apron and gets the rug pulled out from under her. Eve drags Kaitlyn back in and hits the neckbreaker for the win.

WINNER and STILL Divas Champion: Eve

A recap of the Team Ziggler segment from the YouTube Preshow is shown.

Backstage Team Foley is shown arguing. Foley is there and gets them to stop arguing. Orton says that he hates Foley before leaving.

Antonio Cesaro makes his way out to the ring with the US title around his waist and a mic in his hand. Cesaro guts a promo against Thanksgiving and the United States. R-Truth and Little Jimmy come down the ramp.

United States Championship Match
Antonio Cesaro (c) vs R-Truth

They lock up and R-Truth gets a roll up for one but after a few moves Truth gets a victory rolls for two. Cesaro with a headbutt and sends R-Truth to the corner and punches him. Cesaro puts Truth in the middle of the ring and locks in an armbar as USA echoes throughout the arena. Cesaro with a bodyslam and a stomp to the chest. He follows up with a bodylock. Truth kicks out of a pin as JBL and Michael Cole argue about Rugby. Cesaro slams Truth to the mat and floats over for another gutslam. Truth with another roll up gets one. A USA chant charges up Truth and he clotheslines Cesaro. Truth hits the Lie Detector and follows up with another clothesline for two. Truth hits Truth and Consequence for another two count. Truth goes for the Axekick but hurts his leg. Cesaro with the Very European Uppercut and the Neutralizer for the win.

WINNER and STILL United States Champion: Antonio Cesaro

A hype video for next months TLC is shown

WWE hypes The Rock’s Rumble Title Shot.

A recap of the AJ Scandal is shown

AJ bounces happily down to the ring.

AJ gets on the mic and runs down Vicki Guerrero for her role in the scandal. Vickie Guerrero comes down to the ring and reminds everyone that he is the managing supervisor for RAW. AJ says that she is a seeker of the Truth. AJ brings up a faked image of Vickie eating burritoes with Ricardo and eating ribs with Jim Ross. Vickie screams that he did not happen. Finally, an image of Vickie in a nightie with Brodus Clay in a hotel room. It is revealed that if Vickie lays a hand on AJ that she will be fired. Tamina Snuka comes out from behind and takes out AJ Lee with the Superfly Splash.

A hype video for the WWE Attitude Era Box Set is shown.

Backstage, Josh Matthews interviews Paul Heyman. Paul Heyman runs down the WWE Universe while hyping CM Punk’s title reign.

A recap video of The Big Show and Sheamus’ feud is shown.

The Celtic Warrior Sheamus makes his way down the rampway. The Big Show comes down the ramp while he holds up the World Title. When both men are in the ring, we get the championship introductions for both men from Justin Roberts.

World Heavyweight Championship Match
The Big Show (c) vs Sheamus

The match gets underway with Sheamus striking and moving against The Big Show. Sheamus gets Show into the corner for a few strikes but the Big Show headbutt Sheamus and takes him down with a clothesline. Sheamus takes out Show by the knees and locks The Big Show up in the rope so he can hit his signature 10 hits to the chest. On the outside, they both begin to brawl. When they are back into the ring, Sheamus goes uptop but is met with a Spear by The Big Show and both men are down. Sheamus is sent into the steel steps by The Big Show and is then rolled back into the ring. A bodyslam to Sheamus and The Big Show begins to stalk his prey. The Big Show headbutts Sheamus and The Celtic Warrior is down. Sheamus is sent into the corner and Show steps over Sheamus’ chest. Sheamus tries to hit Show but Show just swaps him down by hitting him in the back before he hits Sheamus with another headbutt. Sheamus is choked by the middle rope but Sheamus get to the apron and hangs The Big Show up on the top rope. Sheamus hits up over the top rope shoulder thrust but Show doesn’t go down. Sheamus try to hit a clothesline but is met with a kick to the gut by Show. Sheamus is level with a sideslam from Show.

The Big Show steps on Sheamus’ skull and then swats Sheamus down as he tries to make a comeback. Sheamus is in the corner and locks in the Sleeperhold on The Big Show. Show is trying desperately to try to get Sheamus off him and finally does. Sheamus is sent into the post by Show as he tries to hit a shoulder thrust, Show with The Final Cut for two. Show goes for the Vader Bomb but Sheamus stops him. Sheamus has The Big Show up on his shoulders for an Electric Chair for two. With both men on their knees, they begin to punch their way to their feet. Sheamus with a high knees and a running axe handle to get Show off of his feet. Sheamus goes for the Brogue but it is blocked. Show goes for the chokeslam but it is blocked and Sheamus hits White Noise for two. Sheamus steps up for the Brogue again but he hits the referee by accident. As the other referee’s come out to check on Scott Armstrong, The Big Show hits Sheamus with the Knockout Punch for the win but the call is reversed when it is revealed that The Big Show pulled Scott into the path of the Brogue Kick.

WINNER via DQ: Sheamus

Sheamus begins to assault The Big Show with a steel chair on the outside of the ring. The Big Show begins to crawl up the rampway as he gets hit with the chair by Sheamus. Sheamus tells The Big Show to beg to not get hit with the Steel Chair again. Sheamus tosses away the Steel Chair but then hits Show with The Brogue Kick.

They show a recap of what just happened as The crowd chants for Ziggler to cash in, this unfortunately does not happen.

A hype video for Vortex on The CW is shown.

Alberto del Rio makes his way down to the ring as Ricardo Rodriguez introduces him. Damien Sandow comes out to the voice of the angels. David Otunga comes out to no reaction as they show a video of how Cody got hurt. Wade Barrett and Dolph Ziggler come out to complete the Team Ziggler lineup.

Mick Foley comes out to represent his team. Kane and Daniel Bryan comes out together with their titles. Kofi Kingston comes out with a Boom followed by The Miz, sans the blow up Awesome. Randy Orton is the last man out.

Team Foley (Randy Orton, Kofi Kingston, The Miz, Daniel Bryan, and Kane vs Team Ziggler (Dolph Zigger, Alberto del Rio, Wade Barrett, Damien Sandow, and David Otunga)

David Otunga and Kofi Kingston start things off. Kofi goes for a roll up for two. Kofi goes for Trouble in Paradise but Otunga rolls out of the ring. Kofi rolls him back in the ring for two. Daniel Bryan is tagged in. Otunga tags in Sandow after a powerslam. Damien hits the Elbow of Distain for two. Daniel hits Sandow with a kick in the corner before hitting several kicks to Sandows chest. Sandow tries to leave but Kane drags him back in. Kane with a chokeslam to eliminate him.

Damien Sandow has been eliminated

Ziggler with the Zig Zag on Kane for the pin.

Kane has been eliminated

Orton and Ziggler are in the ring now. Kofi is tagged into the ring and begins to punch Ziggler. Ziggler is hit with a monkeyflip by Kofi. Daniel Bryan is tagged in and begins to hit Ziggler with a series of uppercuts. Wade Barrett is tagged in but is hit with a drop toe hold into the middle turnbuckle. Barrett boots Bryan’s skull and he falls to the outside before rolling Daniel into the ring for two. Otunga is tagged in but is locked into the No Lock and taps

David Otunga has been eliminated

Alberto del Rio comes into the ring to face off against Daniel Bryan. Tilt a Whirl Backbreaker on Daniel from Del Rio before he is sent to the outside by Bryan. Kofi Kingston is tagged in and he hits his springboard clothesline and the Boom Drop on Del Rio. Wade Barrett hits Kofi with the Winds of Change and hits Kofi with the Bull Hammer.

Kofi Kingston has been eliminated

Randy Orton comes in and dropkicks Wade Barrett. Orton gets kicked in the skull by Wade. As Barrett goes for a suplex, it is blocked by Orton, who hits a suplex of his own. Bryan is tagged in and kick Barrett several times before hitting a missile dropkick. Del Rio is tagged in and is put in the No Lock. Del Rio fights out of it and kicks Bryan in the ribs. Del Rio locks in the cross armbreaker after the corner enziguri to take out Bryan.

Daniel Bryan has been eliminated

The Miz comes in and faces off against Del Rio. He hits Del Rio with a clothesline before tagging in Orton. Orton hits an arm smash on Orton before tagging in Ziggler who hits his jumping elbow drop. Ziggler has Orton in a headlock and Orton hits a flapjack onto Ziggler. The Miz and Barrett are tagged in. The Miz assaults Barrett in the corner and hits his corner clothesline before going up top for an axehandle. Barrett goes for the Pumphandle Slam but is hit with the Skull Crushing Finale.

Wade Barrett has been eliminated

The Miz and Del Rio square off in the ring and The Miz is able to get Del Rio off of his feet. The Miz goes for his clothesline in the corner again but is hit with an Enziguri by Del Rio.

The Miz has been eliminated

Randy Orton and Del Rio trade punches in the ring. Ziggler gets tagged in and hits a neckbreaker onto Orton for two. Del Rio is tagged back in and stomps on Orton’s chest. Del Rio goes to the top but is hit with a missile dropkick by Orton as he leaps. Orton hits his powerslam and begins to hear the voices in his head. Ricardo goes for the Viper DDT on Ricardo but Del Rio kicks Orton in the skull. On the outside, Foley pulls out Mr. Socko and takes out Del Rio. Dolph Ziggler accidently hits Del Rio and Orton RKO’s Del Rio.

Alberto del Rio has been eliminated

Ziggler is in the corner as Orton brings the crowd to life by pounding on the mat. Ziggler with the Zig Zag for two. Ziggler goes for the legdrop across the skull but sends Ziggler into the ropes and hits the Viper DDT on Ziggler. Orton sets up for the Punt Kick and as he runs Ziggler nails Orton with a Superkick that would make HBK proud for the win.

WINNERS: Team Ziggler (Sole Survivor Dolph Ziggler)

A preview for The Day is shown.

WWE airs several Touts from WWE fans about who they want The Rock to face at The Royal Rumble.

A hype video for the WWE Championship Match is shown.

John Cena comes out first wearing some new merch. WWE Champion CM Punk is out next wearing a hoodie with Paul Heyman in tow. Ryback is the last man out even though he is a challenger.

WWE Championship Match
CM Punk (c) vs Ryback vs John Cena

CM Punk heads to the outside and is chased by both Ryback and John Cena. Both Cena and Ryback want to hurt Punk and they argue about who is going to get to do it allowing CM Punk to get an advantage. John Cena comes in and hits a running bulldog. John Cena and Ryback, WWE’s two superhuman beasts, lockup and Ryback tosses Cena to the ground. The crowd is divided by CM Punk and John Cena, Ryback’s fan are not in the building. Cena goes for the AA on Ryback but Ryback fights out of it. Punk blows a kiss to the crowd and suplexes Ryback. Ryback feels nothing of it and tosses Punk out of the ring. Cena hits a belly to belly suplex on Ryback. Cena is sent to the outside and CM Punk hits Ryback with an elbow off the top rope. He goes for it again but Ryback catches him. Cena goes back into the ring and rolls Punk up for two. Punk hits Cena with a DDT for two. Ryback hits Punk with a running powerslam and Cena hits Ryback with a spinning powerbomb but Ryback does not sell it. Cena is sends into the steel steps by Punk and he follows it up by hitting Ryback with a springboard clothesline. CM Punk locks Ryback in a headlock. Ryback fights out of it as the crowd chants Feed Me More. Ryback sets up for the Meathook and nails it. Ryback goes for the Shellshock and Cena stops him and locks Ryback in the STF. CM Punk goes to the top and hits The Macho Elbow on Cena. All three men are down.

CM Punk motions for the GTS but Cena fights out and they begin to trade punches and kicks before Ryback hits a Double Clothesline on both. He tosses both Punk and Cena out of the ring. Ryback tries to set up for Shellshock on the outside but Cena and Punk begin to beat down Ryback. Punk and Cena double suplex Ryback through the announce table. Punk and Cena get back in the ring and Cena hits his signature moves of doom. Cena goes for the AA but Punk reverses into a GTS for two. Cena pops up and hits the AA on Punk for a two. Punk begins a series of kicks to John Cena. Cena grabs the legs and goes for the STF but Punk counters. Punk hits the corner knee but as he goes for the bulldog, Cena stops him and locks in the STF. Ryback clotheslines Cena on the outside and hits the Meathook on Punk again. Ryback hits Shellshocked on Punk but Cena saves him. Ryback hits Shellshocked on Cena but as he is going for the pin, a group of men from NXT come out from the crowd and take out Ryback by putting him through the other announce table. The men are Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose. Back in the ring CM Punk pins John Cena to retain the title.

WINNER and STILL WWE Champion: CM Punk

CM Punk celebrates with the championship as we go off the air

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