WWE Tag Team Asks For Release From The Company?, WWE Veteran Praises Jinder Mahal

– According to an article on the Mexican wrestling site SuperLuchas.com, there is a “strong rumor” that Primo and Epico have asked for their release from WWE. A t-shirt for Orlando Colon (Epico) was recently promoted by ProWrestlingTees.com which has fueled the rumor. WWE stars under contract are typically not allowed to have merchandise made outside of the company. Puerto Rico promotion WWC retweeted PWT’s tweet.

The team has gone through several gimmick changes in recent years, going from Primo/Epico to Los Matadores to the Shining Stars and then back to Primo/Epico.

– During a recent appearance on Chris Jericho’s podcast, The Big Show joined the list of WWE talent that have positive words for Jinder Mahal:

“Jinder Mahal, this up-and-coming heel, who [has] a fantastic, different look and who [has] made a lot of changes in his work and his body. I mean, Jinder’s work is really good. He’s tall. He’s like a striking viper, or a praying mantis, or something, but he also looks physically impressive. Do you know what I mean? He looks like he could whip somebody’s ass. Do you know what I mean? He doesn’t look like somebody’s gardener that got out and in the wrong place or something.”

Show also talked about how he left Mahal slam him at a WWE live event:

“It was great for him because I look at what they’re doing with him and they’re trying to do something with him. Now he’s moving to SmackDown. And my job as an older guy, an older veteran, is to see somebody that has the right attitude, that is doing the right thing, that’s getting a new opportunity, and WWE knows me, and Vince [McMahon] knows me, the fans know me. I’m not about to let anybody do some s–t like that. So in one way, I’m kind of giving Jinder a ‘thank you’ from me and a respect from me for the hard work he’s putting in and I see it. Do you know what I mean? I don’t have booking control and I don’t do payoffs and all that B.S., but I can let him know that in my mind, as a locker room veteran, I respect the hard work he’s doing and I see something in him too.”