WWE Teasing WrestleMania Announcement From The Undertaker On Tonight’s Raw

While Hulk Hogan will be making a WrestleMania XXX announcement on tonight’s RAW, WWE is teasing that The Undertaker also has an announcement. They wrote on WWE.com:

“The Road to WrestleMania hits a twist when Hulk Hogan and The Undertaker return to Raw for a pair of must-see announcements concerning The Show of Shows.”

  • Ryan LaFalce

    I think Undertaker won’t announce his retirement, but will actually say that he wants one last shot at the WWE World Heavyweight title after Wrestlemania.

  • I dont know

    It would be nice if they added some kind of stipulation.

  • Latoya

    I think it’s either retirement, like loser will leave the company or a future title shot, and it would make sense if he was done after this WM.

    • Tiny

      Let’s make it 25, a few more years, little schedule time,.he could do it.

      • Latoya

        I don’t know sometimes he looks tired, but ultimately it up to him so I guess we’ll see.

  • Adnan

    clearly he gonna say its a no holds barred match, Brock style means he has to wrestle in a street fight i cant even remember any of Brocks matches during his current run which didnt have a stipulation

  • Adam

    Hell In A Cell or submission