WWE Looks At Ten Not-So-Scary Superstars, Update On Tamina Snuka Training

– After counting down the list of 31 most scariest Superstars earlier this week, now WWE has listed the top 10 not-so-scary Superstars. The list looks like this:

10. The Yeti
9. The ECW Zombie
8. Mordecai
7. Zodiac
6. Mantaur
5. Seven
4. The Executioner (1996)
3. Braun the Leprechaun
2. Giant Gonzales
1. Zeus

– Injured WWE Diva Tamina Snuka continues to hype her return on Twitter:

“A Morning of hard training and pushing the weights #GottaKeepMovingForward even if I had to do the Girly Pushups Lol #HappyHalloween”