WWE TLC Results – December 15, 2013

WWE TLC Results – December 15, 2013

– The 2013 WWE TLC pay-per-view kicks off from Houston, Texas with Triple H’s music. He and Stephanie McMahon make their way out as Lilian Garcia introduces them. Stephanie speaks from the stage and says everyone is a part of history tonight. Triple H talks the history behind both titles, shouting out some legends who have held them. Both Randy Orton and John Cena’s names get booed when Stephanie plugs the match. Stephanie and Triple H head to the back. We get an opening video.

– We come back to the Toyota Center in Houston and get the pyro. Michael Cole welcomes us to TLC. We go right to the ring and out comes CM Punk.

Handicap Match: CM Punk vs. Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose

Punk makes his way out as Lilian Garcia does the introductions. We see some recent highlights of this feud before The Shield makes their way out, coming through the crowd.

We see the Spanish announce team which features Ricardo Rodriguez tonight. Punk starts things off with United States Champion Dean Ambrose. They lock up and break. They lock up again and Punk avoids going into their corner. They never get into it before Rollins tags in. Punk goes to the floor a break. Rollins chases after him but Punk runs back in the ring. Punk decks Ambrose and turns around to ducking a clothesline from Rollins. Punk takes Rollins to the corner and unloads with shoulder thrusts. Punk with back elbows to the face now.

Punk nails a neckbreaker and keeps control of Rollins. Reigns tags in and stares Punk down. Punk ducks Reigns and fires back with forearms. Reigns grabs Punk and tosses him into their corner. Reigns unloads. Punk kicks him and knocks Rollins and Ambrose off the apron. Punk turns around and Reigns levels him. Reigns mounts Punk with right hands now. Reigns stomps Punk and tags Rollins back in for some double teaming. Rollins works Punk over before tagging Ambrose back in. Ambrose with a pin attempt. Ambrose keeps control of Punk with a slow pace. Ambrose picks Punk up by his hair and whips him hard into The Shield’s corner. Reigns tags back in and keeps Punk down.

Reigns drops Punk and kicks him in the gut. Punk starts to make a comeback but Reigns cuts him off and tosses him out to the floor. Reigns follows and waits. Punk gets up and Reigns goes for a spear but Punk moves and Reigns flies over the announce table. Punk comes back in the ring as a doctor checks on Reigns. Reigns makes it back in and ends up tossing Punk back to the floor. It appears Reigns is suffering an eye injury after hitting the announce table. Rollins comes in and goes at it with Punk. Punk goes for GTS but Ambrose makes the save. Punk is distracted and turns around to a big shot from Rollins for a 2 count.

Reigns is still being looked at by a doctor. Punk shoves Rollins into Ambrose, sending Ambrose to the floor. Punk fights back for a 2 count on Rollins. We see Reigns on the floor and it looks like his eye is in bad shape. Punk ducks Rollins and hits a heel kick. Punk makes a comeback and nails a swinging neckbreaker. Punk realizes that Rollins is all alone. Punk with the high knee in the corner and a clothesline. Punk goes to the top and nails a crossbody for a 2 count. Punk with the Anaconda Vice on Rollins now. Ambrose makes the save and breaks it. Rollins tags Ambrose in. Ambrose with shoulder thrusts in the corner. Ambrose takes Punk to the top for a superplex but Punk headbutts him to the floor. Punk nails the big elbow drop and knocks Rollins off the apron. Punk with a 2 count.

Punk goes for GTS but Ambrose slides out. Rollins comes in and Punk hits a GTS on him. Ambrose comes in and slides out of GTS. Punk side steps a Reigns spear. Reigns accidentally spears Ambrose. Punk takes advantage and covers Ambrose for the win.

Winner: CM Punk

– After the match, Punk hits the stage to celebrate. Reigns, puffy eye and all, shows frustration in the ring as we go to replays. Rollins and Reigns talk as Ambrose tries to recover on the mat.

– Renee Young is backstage with AJ Lee and Tamina Snuka. Renee asks about Natalya winning and AJ says, “and they call me crazy.” AJ talks about how nobody has her number because hers is #1. She says the WWE Universe, Total Divas, Natalya and the Divas division are all jokes. AJ says she always wins when it counts and after tonight, she will be the only one laughing.

WWE Divas Title Match: Natalya vs. AJ Lee

We go tot he ring and out first comes Natalya in some new ring gear. WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee is out next with Tamina Snuka.

They lock up and Natalya goes for a quick roll up. AJ kicks out but Natalya takes her right back down with a headlock. AJ breaks out and starts working on Natalya’s arm. More back and forth. Natalya with a suplex for another 2 count. Natalya goes back to working on the arm as Tamina looks on. Natalya with a dropkick to the back of the head. AJ goes to the floor to regroup. Natalya follows and comes face to face with Tamina. AJ takes advantage with a baseball slide but Natalya sends her face first into the fan barrier. Natalya brings AJ back in the ring and stares at Tamina. Natalya comes back in but AJ kicks her off the apron.

AJ with a 2 count now. AJ with a headlock but Natalya stands up with her on her back. Natalya runs into a heel kick and AJ covers for another 2 count. Natalya rams AJ back into the corner and they both go down. Natalya runs into boots in the corner. AJ takes her back to the corner and kicks away. AJ charges with a clothesline but Natalya moves. Natalya goes for a slam but AJ turns it into a Black Widow submission. Natalya overpowers but AJ rolls her up. Natalya rolls through and dropkicks AJ in the face. Natalya catches a kick and clotheslines AJ. More offense from Natalya. Natalya nails a nice suplex and hits another. Natalya talks some trash and nails a sitdown slam. Natalya goes for the Sharpshooter and locks it in. AJ crawls for the ropes but Natalya pulls her back to the center of the ring. AJ breaks it and slams Natalya.

Tamina gets on the apron but Natalya knocks her off. AJ locks in the Black Widow again but Natalya breaks it. Natalya nails a big clothesline and goes for the Sharpshooter again but AJ rolls her up by her hair for the win.

Winner: AJ Lee

– After the match, Natalya gets emotional in the ring as we go to replays. AJ laughs her way up to the stage with Tamina.

– We get more hype for tonight’s title unification match.

WWE Intercontinental Title Match: Damien Sandow vs. Big E Langston

We go to the ring and out comes Damien Sandow with a public service announcement. He rips on Southern slang and says he is about to become our champion. WWE Intercontinental Champion Big E Langston is out next to not much of a reaction.

They lock up and both go for their finishers but have no luck. They go at it. Big E nails a huge back drop and throws Sandow out of the ring under the bottom rope. They meet on the floor and Big E runs over Sandow. Sandow sends Big E into the ring post and he goes down. Sandow brings Big E back in for a 2 count. Sandow drops right hands and an elbow for another pin attempt. Sandow with a headlock.

More back and forth. Sandow counters Big E and nails a big clothesline for another 2 count. Sandow is very aggressive tonight. Sandow drops the Elbow of Disdain and a knee drop before covering for 2. Sandow with another headlock. Big E comes back and runs over Sandow into the corner. Sandow comes right back with a dropkick for another 2 count. Sandow with a knee drop. Sandow with headbutts to the back as he takes Big E to the corner. Big E ends up dropping back and slamming Sandow with an electric chair. Big E with a pair of clotheslines and a belly-to-belly suplex. Big E with a splash to the back and another 2 count. Langston goes for the Big Ending but Sandow counters and drops him for a 2 count.

Sandow goes for You’re Welcome but it’s blocked. Sandow slides out of a Big Ending and rolls Big E up for 2. Sandow with more offense. They run the ropes and Big E runs over Sandow. Langston drops his straps and nails the Big Ending for the win.

Winner: Big E Langston

– We see Randy Orton backstage getting ready. Vince McMahon walks up and shakes Orton’s hand before walking off.

– We go back to the announcers who send us back to the panel – Josh Mathews, Booker T and Mick Foley. We see footage from the pre-show where Kofi Kingston attacked The Miz while he was speaking. Booker says Miz vs. Kofi will take place tonight. Foley adds that it’s No DQ.

Fatal 4 Way Elimination for the WWE Tag Team Titles: Jack Swagger & Antonio Cesaro vs. Big Show & Rey Mysterio vs. Ryback & Curtis Axel vs. Goldust & Cody Rhodes

We go to the ring and out comes Zeb Colter with Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro. Rey Mysterio is out next followed by his partner Big Show. Ryback and Curtis Axel are out next followed by WWE Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes and Goldust.

Ryback starts things off with Cody. They lock up and Ryback sends him to the mat. They lock up again and Ryback takes control. Cody turns it around and tags in Goldust for some double teaming. Ryback takes Goldust to the corner and tags in Axel. Axel nails a big dropkick and they go at it. Goldust makes a comeback and kicks Axel to the mat before going to work on his arm. Goldust tags in Big Show. Axel tries to attack but Show overpowers and works on Axel’s arm. Show with a big chop to the chest.

Show with another big chop to the chest. The crowd chants for one more so Show gives it to them. Rey tags in and keeps up the attack on Axel. Axel turns it around and slams Axel as Ryback tags in. Ryback comes off the second rope with a splash and a 2 count. Ryback slams Rey’s face into the turnbuckles and tags back in Axel. Rey ends up countering and they clash in mid-air with crossbody attempts. Ryback comes back in but Rey tags in Goldust. Goldust unloads on Ryback and hits the big right hand. Goldust with a spinebuster. Goldust knocks Axel off the apron but turns around to a big shot from Ryback. Ryback misses a powerbomb and Goldust rolls him up for the pin. Ryback and Axel are eliminated.

Ryback drops Goldust on his way out of the ring. Jack Swagger comes in and takes Goldust to the corner before grounding him to the mat. Swagger takes it back to the corner and tags in Antonio Cesaro. Fans chant “we the people” as Cesaro and Swagger keep control. Goldust ends up on the floor. Swagger follows and runs over him with a big clothesline. Swagger brings Goldust back in for the ankle lock but he fights it off. Cesaro tags in and stops Goldust from tagging. Cesaro with a gutwrench slam and a 2 count. Goldust makes a comeback but Cesaro cuts him off and tags Swagger back in. Swagger with a bear hug now. Goldust finally rolls Swagger up for a 2 count and is almost able to make a tag but Swagger stops him. Goldust nails a springboard back elbow out of nowhere.

Cesaro tags in and hits the Cesaro Swing on Goldust. Swagger comes in and Cesaro catapults Goldust into a big slam from Swagger. Swagger covers for 2. Swagger nails a big Swagger Bomb and Cesaro tags in for more double teaming. 2 count by Cesaro. Another pin attempt by Cesaro. Cesaro with a headlock now. Goldust kicks Swagger off the apron and kicks Cesaro away. He goes to tag but Swagger pulls Cody off the apron. Goldust comes off the top with a hurricanrana on Cesaro. Show grabs Swagger on the floor and tosses him into the barrier. Goldust and Cesaro go at it. Goldust nails a powerslam. Goldust tags in Show. Show runs over Cesaro and slams him face first from high in the air. Show with a back splash in the corner and a big forearm. Show knocks Swagger out and turns around to knock Cesaro out of the air. Show covers for the pin. Swagger and Cesaro are eliminated.

It’s down to Show and Rey vs. Goldust and Cody now. Show helps Goldust to his feet and makes sure he’s good to go before they lock up. Goldust with a headlock. Show fights out and knocks Goldust out of the ring. Show brings Goldust back in by his head and slams him on the mat. Show runs into a boot in the corner. Goldust goes up top for a crossbody and nails it but Show kicks out at 2. Show catches a kick but Goldust blocks a chokeslam. Goldust nails a DDT for a 2 count. Cody tags in for some double teaming on Show. They nail a double suplex and Cody covers for 2.

Cody goes for a Disaster Kick but Show knocks him out of the air. Rey tags in and unloads on Cody. Rey goes to the top and nails the senton. Cody comes back with a kick and a sunset flip. Rey rolls through with a kick to the head and a 2 count. More back and forth. Cody nails a Disaster Kick for a 2 count. Rey blocks Cross Rhodes and drops Cody for 619. Goldust comes in and Rey drops him for 619 also. Rey hits it on Goldust first. Show grabs Goldust and throws him into the barrier outside of the ring. Cody gets caught but rams Show back into the apron. Show scoops him but Cody slides out and sends Show face first into the ring post. Cody springboards in but Rey powerbombs him for a 2 count. Rey comes off the top but gets caught. Rey blocks Cross Rhodes. Cody blocks a 619 but Rey rolls him up for another close 2 count. Fans chant “this is awesome.” Cody finally nails Cross Rhodes for the win.

Winners: Cody Rhodes and Goldust

– After the match, Show comes back in the ring and shakes hands with the Rhodes brothers. Show helps Rey up and Goldust checks on him also. Rey falls back to the mat and Show helps him to the back.

– There’s a backstage segment with Titus O’Neil, Darren Young, The Great Khali, Los Matadores and El Torito to promote the Brawlin’ Buddies toys. Vickie Guerrero and Brad Maddox come in and play fight with each other until everyone else walks out. Kane walks in and his music plays. He stares at Vickie and Brad as they hurry away. Kane picks up the Cena toy and has the Brodus Clay toy knock him out of the room.

Brodus Clay vs. R-Truth

We go to the ring and out comes Brodus Clay, Tensai, Cameron and Naomi. R-Truth is out next with Xavier Woods.

They go at it to start the match. Truth takes Clay to the corner and works him over. Clay turns it around but runs into a forearm and a pair of boots. Truth with a missile dropkick and a pin attempt. Truth with a scissors kick and another pin attempt. They end up on the floor and Truth takes Clay back down. Truth brings it in the ring but Clay turns things around. Clay drops Truth in the corner and stomps away. Clay goes to the second rope and squashes Truth.

Clay with a 2 count and an elbow drop. Clay drops a big double leg drop. Clay keeps control and socks Truth in the mouth with a right hand. Clay hits a big suplex and starts mocking Truth. Tensai has been yelling at Clay to get the pin. Clay with a pair of splashes in the corner that sends Truth out to the floor. Clay goes to throw Truth into the steel steps but Tensai gets in the way and they argue about Clay getting the win. Clay brings Truth back in and follows. Clay turns Truth upside down in the corner and charges with a pair of splashes. Tensai comes up on the apron and argues with Clay, telling him to get the cover. Clay says he’s better than Tensai. Tensai drops off the apron and walks off. Cameron and Naomi argue with Clay now. They also walk out. Clay turns around to a kick to the jaw from Truth. Truth rolls Clay up for the win.

Winner: R-Truth

– We recap TLC’s kickoff show.

No Disqualification Match: Kofi Kingston vs. The Miz

We go to the ring and out first comes Kofi Kingston. The Miz is out next.

They go at it and Kofi beats Miz down in the corner. Kofi follows Miz to the floor and continues the aggressive attack. Kofi brings Miz back in but tosses him right back over the top rope. Kofi charges with a suicide dive through the ropes but Miz cuts him off with a big right hand to the jaw. Kofi comes back and sends Miz crashing into the barrier. Kofi with kicks to the gut now. Kofi goes for Trouble in Paradise but Miz ducks and Kofi kicks the ring post. Miz works on the leg now.

Miz ends up bringing Kofi back in the ring and working on his leg. They go back to the floor with Miz in control. He brings Kofi back in for another 2 count. More back and forth. Miz with the big clothesline in the corner. Miz comes flying off the ropes but Kofi dropkicks him in mid-air. Fans chant “boring” and they want tables. Kofi ends up getting the win.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

– We get more hype for tonight’s main event plus a video package for The Wyatt Family and Daniel Bryan.

Handicap Match: Daniel Bryan vs. Bray Wyatt, Erick Rowan and Luke Harper

We go to the ring and out first comes Daniel Bryan to a big pop. The lights go out, the lantern lights up and out comes The Wyatt Family. Bray sits at ringside in his rocking chair as Rowan and Harper enter the ring.

Rowan starts off and Bryan charges. Rowan turns it around but Bryan fights back. Rowan drops Bryan with a big elbow to the mouth. Fans chant for Bryan as Harper tags in for some double teaming. Bryan turns it around on Harper and kicks away. Harper cuts him off with a huge slap to the mouth. Rowan tags back in and keeps Bryan down in the corner. Rowan with a big body slam and another. Harper with an elbow to the lower back and now a bear hug. Bryan tries to make a comeback but Harper powerbombs him for a 2 count. Bray finally tags in.

Bray comes in and yells at Bryan before splashing him in the corner. Bray wails away on Bryan and beats him down in the corner. Bray whips Bryan hard into the corner. Bray walks upside down like a spider before tagging in Harper for some double teaming. Harper with the gator roll as fans chant “that was creepy” at Wyatt. Rowan comes back in and manhandles Bryan some more. Rowan hits a big fall-away slam. Harper comes back in with a big boot before tagging in Wyatt. Bray yells at Bryan some more. Bray offers Bryan one last chance to shake his hand. Bray says he will make all of this go away. Fans chant “no!” at Bryan. He kicks Bray’s hand and they brawl. Bryan ducks a clothesline but Wyatt takes him out with a big elbow in the air.

Bray tags in Harper and orders him to finish Bryan. Harper nails a powerbomb but Bryan kicks out at 2. Harper goes back to Bray for more advice. Harper misses a big running boot in the corner as Bryan moves out of the way. Bryan hulks up and dropkicks both Rowan and Bray off the apron. Bryan with a dropkick on Harper. Bryan takes Harper to the top for a super back drop. Harper kicks out at 2. Bryan with kicks on Harper now. Bryan goes to the top and nails the flying headbutt but Rowan breaks the pin. Rowan misses a splash in the corner. Bryan traps Rowan in the ropes and unloads on him with kicks. Bryan comes in off a tag but Bryan kicks him off the apron. Rowan also gets kicked off the apron. Harper gets sent over the top. Bryan rolls up Wyatt for 2. Wyatt connects with a kick to the head. Bryan runs the ropes and nails a suicide dive on Harper, sending him into the announcers. Bryan drops Rowan into the steel steps. Bryan fights back in and nails a missile dropkick on Bray. Bryan goes for the Yes Lock but Bray beats him in the head with right hands.

Bray nails Sister Abigail on Bryan for the win.

Winners: The Wyatt Family

– After the match, Bray cradles Bryan’s head and laughs as we go to replays. We come back and The Wyatt Family is posing over Bryan, who is still knocked out. The lights go out with Bray laughing.

– We get a “don’t try this at home” promo and more from the announcers and then the pre-show panel. Foley predicts Cena will win while Booker goes with Orton.

– They air a video for tonight’s main event.

TLC Match for the Unified WWE Title: John Cena vs. Randy Orton

We go to the ring and see both belts hanging high above the ring. Tables, ladders and chairs are all around the ring. Out first comes WWE Champion Randy Orton to mostly boos. World Heavyweight Champion John Cena is out next to a big mixed reaction. We get official ring introductions from Josh Mathews.

They lock up and go to the corner. Cena with a headlock now. Orton fights out but Cena drops him with a shoulder. Cena goes to the floor and grabs a table but Orton nails him from behind. Orton grabs a ladder and stands it up in the ring. Cena stops him and crashes the ladder into Orton, sending him over the top rope. Cena goes back to the table and slides it into the ring. Cena leans the table in the corner as Orton clutches his elbow. Cena goes for an Attitude Adjustment but Orton slides out. They attempt shots into the table but get blocked. Orton brings a chair into the ring and kicks the ladder out. Orton charges with the chair but Cena blocks it. Orton kicks him and nails him with the chair. Orton with chair shots to the gut now.

They go to the floor and Orton keeps control with the chair. Orton mocks Cena. Orton swings the chair but Cena ducks and Orton smacks the ring post. Cena grabs the chair and beats Orton with it now. Cena sets up a table on the floor. He tries to powerbomb Orton through it but Orton slides out. Orton sends Cena crashing into the steel steps. Orton goes back in the ring and stands the ladder up. Orton climbs the ladder but Orton stops him. Cena pulls Orton back down and they go at it. Orton with a dropkick. Orton with a kick to the gut and a headbutt. Orton keeps control and works Cena over. Cena fights back but Orton powerslams him.

Orton slides another chair and ladder into the ring. Cena hits Orton with the ladder and sets it up under the belts. Cena climbs the ladder but Orton stops him. Orton grabs the ladder and charges but Cena ducks it. Orton grabs the chair and cracks Cena in the back with it. Another big shot to the back from Orton. Orton exposes the turnbuckle now. Cena comes back with shoulder tackles and the big slam. Cena goes for the Five Knuckle Shuffle but Orton kicks him in the face. Orton sends Cena head first into the corner where a steel chair is wedged. Orton brings a ladder back in the ring and climbs for the belts. Cena stops him once again and knocks Orton to the mat. Cena hits a Five Knuckle Shuffle from high on the ladder. Cena knocks Orton from the apron through a table on the floor, using a ladder. Cena sets the ladder up and climbs for the belts.

Cena grabs the belts but Orton rushes in at the last minute and nails a RKO. They trade shots on their way up now. Cena brawls back and clotheslines Orton over the top rope. Cena goes after him and slams him face first into the apron. Cena nails Orton in the face with the steel steps. Orton looks to be busted open. Orton gets up and Cena hits him in the head with the steps again. Cena brings a table into the ring and leans it in the corner. Cena goes back after Orton but Orton decks him in the head with a microphone. Cena goes down. Orton drops Cena onto the steel steps. Orton mounts Cena and wails away with microphone shots to the head. Orton takes apart the Spanish announce table now. Orton takes his time as Cena gets up. Orton goes for a punt kick but Cena moves. Cena puts Orton through the announce table with an Attitude Adjustment.

Cena crawls back into the ring and stands the ladder up. Cena is slow to climb but goes for the belts. Cena grabs the belts and tries to bring them down but Orton tips over the ladder. Cena is stuck hanging above the ring. Orton cracks him in the back with a chair, causing Cena to fall without the belts. Orton wails away with chair shots on Cena. Orton taunts Cena as he tries to get up. Cena rushes up out of nowhere and spears Orton through a table in the corner. Orton goes to the floor while Cena is down in the ring. Orton lifts up part of the floor mats and has a handcuff and chain hidden there. Orton cuffs Cena to the bottom rope. Cena recovers and is shocked. Orton enters the ring and taunts Cena with the cuff key. Orton tosses the key out into the crowd.

Cena is trying to break free, while Orton fetches an immense ladder from the entrance ramp. Cena is on his feet on the outside, and Orton drills Cena in the head.

Cena is frantically trying to break free, and Orton climbs the ladder. Cena rips the turnbuckle right off the post, and follows Orton. Cena drills him with the turnbuckle, Orton falls. Cena has one arm, and is hung up by the ropes. Orton trying to tug Cena down. Orton pulls Cena down, crashing into the table in the corner. Orton goes to climb the ladder, and stops to look at the crowd.

Orton grabs the titles, savoring the moment. Unified champion – Randy Orton.

Randy Orton def. John Cena (becomes the unified WWE World Heavyweight Champion)

Cena looks up and realizes he just lost. Orton hoists up both titles, as he beats Cena clean without any interference. However, Vince McMahon’s music hits…

Vince, Triple H and Stephanie approach the ring, clapping. Did they provide the handcuffs?

The four stand in the ring, as the brass claps for Orton. The PPV goes off-air.

Backstage WWE TLC Photos: New Unified Champion & With Vince McMahon

  • The Professor

    The Shield losing is sooooo dumb it makes them look so weak but yet they beat super teams months ago and took out Undertaker? So fucking stupid

    • Durp

      WWE Logic. They are planting seeds for Reigns to break out on his own and become something bigger. Dunno whats going to happen to Ambrose or Rollins but that is the way its going

      • The Professor

        See its okay to break them up because all three are gonna be big stars especially Reigns but the way WWE is doing it is so dumb

        • Negatist

          Prof… YOU are dumb, okay? You’re dumb because you’ve already scrolled out the script that has no ink on it yet. If you don’t know what I mean… you’re judging something that hasn’t even been scripted, written into the storylines, and most importantly, has NOT happened. Stop being such a washout. Enjoy WWE programming, shut up, and stop trying to be a smart. Most smarts are retardedly obnoxious and painfully annoying.

      • Rick Yuhnke

        Of the 3, he is the wrong guy to push. Both Rollins and Ambrose are good at this and sell really well. Reigns is just another meat head and is still so green. Huge mistake, but Vince sure loves muscles, just wish he would use the one in his brain

        • Mr Slippyfist

          Totally agree. Rollins has proven he has star appeal. Long before he was in WWE at all. He would be a great face to push against Big E right now, or to fued against Ambrose.

          • Negatist

            Rollins vs Big E? Dude… how about Rollins vs Rhodes or Kofi in singles action… Rollins would be good in high-flying competition-style matches… not against someone like Big E… at least not now.

          • Mr Slippyfist

            Well Negatist, I appreciate your views, not so much the douchey confrontational way you present them so much, but oh well.

            Notice how I mentioned the two midcard title holders? I’m saying Rollins could be pushed into contention for one of those. I agree that he would be great in the matches your saying, but my point is that he should be the golden boy of the group in my humble opinion.

        • andy


        • Negatist

          Obviously, you’re not playing with a full deck… Reigns might get pushed, but I see Ambrose for sure getting a push. Will these two get pushed simultaneously? Perhaps… But in the end, I think Ambrose has more talent. As far as Vince goes: I’d like to see you pull off a grain of sand’s worth of what Vince has since he’s been Chairman…

          • Mr Slippyfist

            And yes, Ambrose is great. I’m not fond of Reigns.

      • Negatist

        Umm… excuse me… ONE Shield member has a title, and that’s not Reigns… Ambrose is the strong straw of the trio. Reigns can be great one day, but just how soon… hmm… time will tell.

    • Richard Martinez

      If you don’t like tha you better get you a box of tissues. They’re going to split them up soon.

      • king

        what now everybody want to breaking up the shield. no one want to see Wyatt family vs Shield match. strange people

        • Negatist

          No one said that… I’m sure it will come at some point… Just WATCH THE PRODUCT, PEOPLE… and stop being so damn impatient!

    • Negatist

      No, Prof. (and I’ll use your name in abbreviation because no professor swears in a post response like you just did). Apparently, WWE wants to but a wedge between members of the Shield. So therefore, it makes sense for them to lose to CM Punk. They don’t have it together.. and it makes sense for CM Punk to win because he’s the best in the world, and a big draw. You’re welcome for the education, by the way…

    • bgilman45

      Wrong wrong wrong … Shield losing was perfect. Sets the stage for Roman reigns to break from the group and get the big “Edge Style” singles push that has been talked about.
      Meanwhile, dont be surprised to see CM punk take over The Shield the same way he took over the Nexus.

  • Mr Slippyfist

    If Big Show and Rey win…I riot.

    • Rick Yuhnke

      Well, sorry we are losing you, hope you enjoy your riot. Anywhere specifically you plan to riot like Walmart or Target? Please do not say Kmart, argh!

      • Mr Slippyfist

        No riot needed.

  • robert

    yea i hope john cena wins

    • Mr Slippyfist

      I hope Cena goes heel..then wins!

  • andy

    goldust and cody Rhodes are going to win

  • Mr Slippyfist

    I was hoping the real americans would, but maybe now Antonio can go out on his own and compete in the main event.

  • andy

    cm punk with the victory

  • Malvinfan

    Tonight only one Champion Survive: And it’s the /ApeXPredatoR), The real Face of the WwE, The Best Superstar of any generation & your Next Champion of Champions=> ~¤§RANDY¤Orton§¤~

    • Joseph Grassano

      John cena

    • laurafan

      u r also a mother fucker like the authority…I think it is time now to quit WWE..and riot as the wwe now doesn’t have even a single…toughest son of a bitch…WWE sucks…

  • andy

    yeah gr and cr forever

  • Joseph Grassano

    Who do u think will win the wwe championship

    • The Professor


      • andy


        • Skipper

          Certainly not the fans.

  • andy

    cm punk could beat john cina and randy orton any time

    • Kfjf

      Acully John cena did beat punk at who face the rock at wrestlemaina and randy orton did beat him at wrestlemaina 27 I think

      • andy


    • Ramen Biswas

      yes …………..!!!

    • Negatist

      Amen to that.

  • cj

    I’m actually surprised WWE let Aj retain tonight

  • Steven Francis

    Kane will interfere

  • Steven Francis

    The authority will interfere in the champions match

    • Matt The Man

      And then let Randy Orton win :-(

    • Steven Francis

      That being said when the authority. They will then make it a no dq match

      • Steven Francis

        Now it’s time for the authority to come out and make this a no dq match

      • Negatist

        They didn’t…

  • Messij

    John cena

    • happy rathore

      john cena lost its a biggest lose his life

  • bryan

    Reigns has that monotone personality. I hate wwe’s logic. They bettter not screw over ambrose and rollins

    • Negatist

      Oh please… he hasn’t been put in a position to develop his personality yet. Ever hear the saying… “it’s the quiet ones you have to be careful of…” ? You people have poor interpretation skills…

  • Mr Slippyfist


  • The Professor

    Yes Orton won!

    • Negatist

      The LAST choice I’d ever make to be any kind of champion… I wouldn’t even give him the hardcore title if it were around still. He’s a behavioral problem inside and outside the ring, he’s ALMOST as gifted as Cena, yet doesn’t deserve a damn thing he’s been given…. he’s (in real life) a real dick to people. No. Cena should have won this; most of all, Daniel Bryan should have this title.

  • The Knight of Truth

    I dont know what people are complaining about, I found Orton vs Cena entertaining and the hand cuff usage a tribute to so many legendary match finishes. TLC 2013 was 1000 times > Survivor Series 2013, and people are just delusional!……..

    • Negatist

      I didn’t see TLC because I had to work, but I’ll take your word for it.

    • That Guy

      Any PPV from the 90’s and early 2000’s > Any in the last five years

      • Guest

        Not quiet. You werent even old enough to know how shitty ppvs like Survivor Series 1996 were…….

  • Adam Heatherly

    This day was going so well…the hobbit…the anazing once upon a time winter fi ale….brian lives….but no they had to give orton the fucking titles

  • Jeshewa19

    Cena should of won that fucking stupid handcuffs rematch

  • Sunny

    I think this hand cuff was put up there by theauthority for Orton because they knew 5hat Orton cantcan’t beat cena of his own as randy has alliance with the authority

    • Negatist

      You need to re-format your response. Your grammar is poor.

  • Raviv

    sad the way orton had to win, his booking has been weak i’m confused by @WWE action as he is the weakest champion we have had in ages!!!

  • TheApexPredator

    Whatever you say, Randy Orton showed that he’s the greatest of all times. You motherfuckers can talk about alliance with the authority or anything else. John Cena blamed Randy for making excuses. Let’s hear what sucking Cena has to say now. And his stupid fans are already making excuses. Handcufss? Bitches, they’ve been used a 1000 times before. And it was Cena’s idea to put both the belts on line. Now don’t cry, weenies!

    • Puh Leeze

      Happy 7th birthday, TheApexPredator. Do you enjoy seeing the big men wrestle? Yes, you do! Yes, you DO!

    • king

      we want to hear from john cena= “The Loser iz hereeeeeeee. because i am not champ anymore.” it is Excuse time for Cena.

  • Ty Gibson

    Handcuffs were planted by the authority. How else would Randy know to pull up the floor mats? Who hides cuffs there?

  • The 3rd

    Why did you lose cena? You disappointed me for life.

  • nevrquit

    Vince will sell his soul to the devil if need be. That hand shake too Randy will come back and Viper him {Orton}.

    • nevrquit

      Randy, Vince is setting you up to face Reigns for those Titles, so don’t celebrate so quickly. That is the reason CM punk were assigned to tear apart The Shield, to bring division among them, for individual title shots.

  • Abaus

    Yes cmounk, AJ, the Wyatt’s so happy now

  • Abaus

    *cm punk

  • Abaus

    One quesgin though, the authority have to be planning something beacuse of what happened on raw.

  • Melissa Morris

    I already bought my tickets to WrestleMania seeing as I live in New Orleans but since as randy Orton beat John Cena I plan to sell my tickets and quit watching WWE!!!!!

    • king

      oooooooooooooo cry baby cena fans.now it is the time for wwe to walk without cena for the sake of future.

  • shivam agrawal

    what the hell cena doing no problem next time


    what sux is that randy orton is champion of champions because john cena was handcuffed to the ropes but wwe is so predictable so there will be a rematch and cena will win #RUBBISH

  • Joel Britto

    i cant able to believe cena lost his title…. i hope he will ask rematch for that titles..

  • Philip Joseph Young

    The question is why would WWE have Randy Orton win this… We all know besides the rock and stone cold who are both pretty much retired John Cena is the most popular wrestler and honestly he is the face of the WWE by fan popularity alone…Thats proven fact… And He always plays the good guy… So why wouldn’t WWE give him this honor… great match but over all i think it is gonna be a ratings nitemare for the WWE. The majority of fans wont be pleased… And i’m sure the WWE will even lose some fans over it… And im not even a Cena fan… nor do i have anything against Randy Orton…

  • rajveer

    my john cena loses

  • Philip

    Having orton as champion is NOT good for business, if the wwe is keeping making these stupid decision then I and lots of other people are gonna stop watching wwe, we all know cena should have won that much, orton knew that cena was gonna win so he puts cenas hands on the rope so he cant get the titles, right now im not impressed with the wwe , when I watch raw I wanna see a rematch or a rematch set for next Monday night raw , if this does happen then I would like to see , CENA VS ORTON VS BRYAN as bryan has still net had a title for atleast a month so sort this out or the wwe is going down the toilet.

  • Teresa J

    I am getting bored with this dumb stuff, same old crap,Triple H and Stephanie, backstabbing, Twoface, What is best for business,this is bullshit,and everyone knows it,I will not watch this crap again.

  • bgilman45

    I was surprised Big E beat Sandow … i was expecting a Sandow win and then a Big E win monday in a rematch.
    But Orton win was expected. They set it up nicely for Cena to put him over. But dont be surprised to see HHH challenge for the title tonight or very soon. He has too big an ego to allow Orton to call himself the greatest champion of all time.
    Bryan losing was expected and now he likely will join the family.
    CM pink winning was expected and look for him to take over the Shield with Roman Reigns breaking off.
    I was very surprised to see AJ win. Thought she would lose and then get it back at the Rumble.
    Ziggler? When oh when will the WWE start using him right again or have the mercy to let him go to TNA.




      me too

  • Arthurnatius Muringani

    Tripple H is slothful in the running of wwe. Movies are better. Will just stop watching it coz its no longer what it used to be. The suspence, the edge, the originality. Its all now a farce. Honestly hhh and wife should do whats best for business, not what they say is best

  • rudransh

    salla randy bhanchod