WWE & TNA Stars Comment On “Old School” Raw

The following comments are via Twitter…

Chris Jericho: “The difference between Jim Ross and Micheal Cole is the difference between Paul Newman and Paulie Shore…”

Justin Roberts: “Livin the Dream. Tonight was surreal. Honored to be out there w the legends. Perfect way to end a great tour of The US, Canada & Europe.”

Natalya: “Mae Young told Laycool tonight!!! I can’t believe how adorable she was! Laycool didn’t know what they got themselves into:) hilarious!”

Mick Foley: “How cool was it to see JR back on Raw? Great job by Cole and King too. “Bland leading the bland” an all time classic! Awesome promo by the Hot Rod, too! Good to see so many of the old-school guys at one time on the same stage.”

Joey Styles: “JR, King and Cole should be Raw’s 3 man announce team. JR no selling Cole’s insults while King tries not to laugh is great television. For the record, Mae Young called Lay-Cool “SLUTS” and “BITCHES”. Who’s gonna fine an 87 year old woman? There is only one Mae Young. LMAO!”

The Iron Sheik: “Slick is my best manager like my agent, he know hulk hogan piece of shit no good motherf***er. f*** the santino too”