WWE To Air Chris Benoit Footage On The WWE Network With Advisory Note

WWE has sent out a memo stating that Chris Benoit footage will be allowed on its new Network broadcasts. There will be an advisory played before every show he appears on, F4Wonline.com reports.

WWE is expected to announce the Network in Las Vegas next week.

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  • FritzLn


    • Jmac

      You’re a fucking shit parent then, Chris Benoit was one of the best wrestlers in the business.

      • Joe del Toro

        I think benoit murdering his own child makes him a worse parent but whatever,being a good wrestler means you shouldn’t be judged for double homicide. Unbelievable

        • Chris

          Ok lad first off, what he did was a a terrible thing. How ever One of the most gifted technical performers of all time, had the brain of an 80 year old alzheimer’s sufferer due to countless concussions, with roid rage affecting his mind, not to mention dealing with the death of his closest friend, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit took the lives of his wife, his son, and his own life, over six years ago.
          Stricken from all records by executives who felt responsible for the underlying factors that led to his actions, and vilified for years in the public eye due to how his legacy was treated by the company he gave so much to, people are still blindly slinging mud at the name of a man who was not in his own mind.
          Chris wasn’t looked after by WWE. All the cranial injuries and the steroid abuse that went unmonitored by the company for years caused that incident in no small part. I can only speculate, but I honestly believe that if people had been more aware of mental health issues and more open about how to deal with the stuff that goes on in our heads, this may not have happened.

          We need to talk more honestly and openly about mental health issues, and I think the story of Chris Benoit is one we should be using to emphasise just how important that can be. Rather than burying the memory of those who have done awful things due to personal issues, we should be talking about these issues so that people can see how important it is that we all look after one another.

          • Joe del Toro

            I agree with all that. You’re absolutely right. My point isn’t oh we should burn effigies of him, I’m just pissed off that people have to be told why his “contributions to the business” are ignored. It’s because a child’s life and his mother’s life are more important than his contributions to wrestling.

    • Michael Future

      You mean the most gifted technical wrestler to ever step foot in the ring…………..who suffered so many concussions that he had the brain of an 80 year old with alzheimer’s………..And stress from his best friend dying…………..who also was a great guy who kept to himself according to Chris Jericho, Bret Hart, Cm punk, Stone cold, and many others…………Who had roid rage and made ONE Horrible excuse. My point is wrestling is scripted, so to acknowledge this man’s life OUTSIDE of the ring is breaking Kayfabe and leads me to the point that we should respect Chris Benoit THE WRESTLER along with his accomplishments, not acknowledge his one imfamous moment of murder. I respect your opinion, but I think it will finally bring closure to WWE fans who enjoyed his work as much as I do. I hate seeing WM20 packages without seeing his main-even 5-star match with HHH and HBK, it’s matches and moments like that, that make this announcement great for a person like me. I will never respect him as a man, but I damn sure respect him as a wrestler.

      • Nikki

        He was a very nice person and kind person, He did something terrible and unforgivable but that was not the man he was. He had so many concussions that I do believe he had to much of protein build up in the brain . This happen to football player as well. He was sick because of it and was not who he was before. I ‘m trying to learn more about the protein in the brain. I only know the cause and some of the effect but I have no clue if it could be treated. Maybe the steroids are part of it but I really think the accumulations of proteins in the brain is to blame as well .

    • primetime703

      Oh shut up iight he’s one of the best wrestlers of all time go somewhere with ur trash

    • CanadianCrippler1385

      Idiot. He was Canadian. And if you judge him solely on that your a moron too.

    • Брадлеы Петерс

      To be honest, it’s parents like you that have turned the world into the political correct place that is today. Everything offends morons like you whether it be the word “black” or something so miniscule it is barely worth noting. As a parent it is your job to raise your kids properly and there are plenty of ways to do so especially with a tragedy like this. Tell our kids about how great a wrestler Chris Benoit was, tell them that he had millions of fans, was one of the biggest names in the business and how he worked his heart out to succeed. Then you tell them how he ruined all of that by taking drugs, and killing his family. Explain to them that way and it will have a bigger impact. The WWE does not give a single fuck about your opinion. You’re another idiotic parent who tries to hide the world from your children. Your job as a parent is to prepare your children for the real world. How are you ding that by hiding facts from them?

  • Chad Smith

    Good. His contributions to the business have been ignored for far too long. Anyone who judges him solely on the tragedy that ended his life is a total fucking moron.

    • Joe del Toro

      He murdered two people, including a child. You absolute psychopath

      • Ray d


      • Rei Busujima

        And you just choose to focus on the horrible thing he did you know there has been one “superstar” who killed someone and I do believe is in the Hall of Fame.

        • Michael Future

          To add to this, Jimmy Snuka, The Great Khali, and Scott Hall (As well as all of the others I’m forgetting) Have all killed someone and/or have been charged with murder, and are still mentioned in WWE today. Good point

          • Joe del Toro

            Of course I choose to focus on one thing he did, because that one thing was CHILD MURDER. The people you mentioned who have killed people shouldn’t be on tv either. Because they ended people’s lives. That matters more than how well he could do a German fucking suplex.

          • Andrew

            Separating what he did in the ring from what he did outside the ring is NOT psychopathic, you stupid fuckin’ know-it-all. It’s probably just a coping mechanism people use to acknowledge the fact he was flawed, while still being their hero on television before the tragedy.

          • Bloodshed Ed

            Acting like people are “morons” because they don’t like a murderer is psychopathic. What you’re describing is one thing, what that idiot was doing was another.

          • Glenn Vaughn

            “resorts to namecalling”
            entertainment>Killing someone

          • Брадлеы Петерс

            You should probably do a little research before you claim Chris Benoit actually commited any crime. Let me guess? The media said he did it? Look into the case a little more and perhaps into mental illness. Ignorance is bliss

          • Matt

            but they killed just one person, benoit killed 2 people OVER THE WEEKEND over 2 days his wife and kid. now i dont mind them showing him on tv but people like you need to understand what he did is way more sickening and shocking then what those guys did thats why its such a shock he is going to be showed on tv.

          • DC

            Because killing just one person is okay. That’s what you sound like.

          • Rei Busujima

            I forgot about Kahli in the inde match right?

      • Eric McMillan

        Watch this and part 2, on youtube………….http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KTYwVy1fpHE

      • Benjamin Scott-Pye

        He’s also the best wrestler of all time, and was involved in the best matches of lots of other people’s careers and also the main event of the most memorable Wrestlemania in recent history. From what I can gather he was a really nice, well meaning person who was forced into a certain lifestyle (lots of painkillers and steroids) by the nature of his job and it drove him over the edge. Chris Jericho is one of the few people with the balls to go out and defend his friend on National TV based on TV. What happened was horrific and no amount of talking about it will bring his wife and child back or repair the mental scarring of those who knew him or his family but censoring his work would be like the art world removing Picasso from history.

      • chris jericho

        If you had 17 concussions and dementia i am pretty sure that would make you go crazy too moron.

      • Joe del Toro is a cunt

        I wish he had murdered you.

    • jerry

      Yes thank you if they have a fucking problem then dont even bother watching it simple as that

    • Jimmy Dipp

      he put his kid in the crippler cross face before he killed him

  • Punk BITW

    Yo. Calm fown this man has true talent and further investigation shows his family could’ve been murdered including himself being MURDERED.

  • Peinado97

    I had the pleasure in meeting Benoit in person. Him and EG were my idols growing up. I strongly believe Benoit just became sick in the head. There is no excuse for what he ended up doing, but his work in WWE is some of the best and I’m glad that it is making a return.

  • David Michael Dixon

    Who gives a fuck about his “head trauma”. I’m so sick of morons using stupid fuckin excuses for people’s behavior. This fuck killed his family. It’s inexcusable. Up until last year , the wwe wouldn’t even mention macho man due to him and Vince having a falling out. This fuckin jerk off kills his family and it’s ok to show him on TV? Fuck all that. Wwe should know better. And anybody excusing his actions is a fuckin idiot.

    • Poseidon7777

      Yes, because if someone is sick, than you should just kill them, right? Should we also begin shunning and beating all the mental impaired than, shall we?

    • Sora

      yes, what he did was in inexcusable but Chris Benoit is one of the reasons WWE is here today.. if it was not for his in ring skills wwe would not be around he help make and form what you now see as the weee.. what he did outside the ring was awful but he still is one of the best wrestlers and should be treated as such

      • Ray d

        If Chris Benoit never existed the wwe wouldn’t be around?!? What r u a fucking moron? Fuck chris Benoit he’s a piece of shit who cares about anything else, he’s garbage. It seems like only Canadians r sticking up for your piece of trash murdering psychopath hero. I would bring him back to life an kill him again

        • Sora

          do you not know anything about WWE back in the day.. they were dying.. they were doing worst the TNA Is doing now.. if it wasn’t for people like Chris WWE wouldn’t be around.. go read some time and you might learn some facts

    • bandit3334

      this is a reply mostly to David Michael Dixon, there is no excuse for what he did. but his head trauma is a true and proven injury.and it has happened with many NFL,NHLand professional .wrestlers who have committed suicide.so if you’re going to be this hard on Chris Benoit you might as well not watch any ESPN channels nor any channel to do with sports at all.because somewhere on the way there will be a player on the sceen that has committed suicide. so I will watch whatever Chris Benoit I can watch because the man I will be watching is the one I idolized as a kid.

  • keever

    Does anyone boycot the NFL because of what happened last year with Belcher? Or that teams slow people who killed people drink driving to contend to play? What happened is a tragedy, but what parents should be doing is using these stories add ways to have conversations with their kids about had injuries and steroids, don’t just hide from it. He was a great wrestler, tellyour kids that, andthen have a grown up conversation with them about how he destroyed everything using steroids. It bothers me when parents refuse to be a parent and talk to their kid and instead believe that hiding their kids from everything is better.

  • steve

    That motherfucker killed his family and especially his little son, fuck him and the wwe for showing that dead fucker

  • Loyd Campbell

    Y’all are a bunch of DUMB FUCKS yes what Beniot did wasn’t right but pro athletes all over the world do stupid stuff they kill people they drink and drive they commit sucicde they overdose on drugs they buy sell drugs. Actors and actress do the same thing even normal every day people their is NO denying that inside the ring Beniot was one of the best wrestlers of his era.

  • Guest

    yes, what he did was in inexcusable but Chris Benoit is one of the reasons WWE is here today.. if it was not for his in ring skills wwe would not be around he help make and form what you now see as the weee.. what he did outside the ring was awful but he still is one of the best wrestlers and should be treated as such

  • Guest

    For you asshole who don’t know the true story and wanna run off of everything that the mainstream media have to say… He did not kill his family and he did not kill his self. He and his family was murdered and it was labeled a suicide. Everyone wants to talk down on a person but don’t know shit about them….

    • Ray d

      Oh yea? Lmao who “murdered” his family u idiot? You didn’t hear what William regal said was happening a week before the “murder”? Or did chris Benoit know he was going to be “murdered” and that’s why he never showed up for the ppv? Shut your stupid fucking mouth

    • Willey

      who are you, R-Truth? It’s a CONSPIRACY!

  • Taylor Gang

    Asshole he and his family was murdered and it was labeled a suicide. Why do you think wwe will even allow him to be aired on there programming. And please tell me which one of you dip shits did your own investigation? None of you. You set you dumb ass in front of a tv or CPU and listened to some more assholes who just jumped to conclusions. So please as I pray for you I pray that you pray for your self ass well.

  • Hugo

    What would the “disclaimer before every show he appears on” say? “Warning: Someone killed two people. Don’t kill people.” Reminding everyone about it before every show is just going to make people feel weird watching.

  • Patrick

    I was never a fan of his to start with..so I don’t care about his wrestling career and what he did to his family Especially a innocent child is unforgivable in my book.

  • KB

    Jesus man, this is like a YouTube comment section, calm it!

  • Mayhem

    You stupid fucks the reason he killed his family was because of head injuries, concussions and trauma he suffered from wrestling in order to entertain all you ungrateful morons . If you can’t appreciate what he has done for this business, just dont watch and shut your mouths . Chris Benoit will always remain a legend no matter what most people say .

  • hank

    i agree we should not celebrate Chris Benoit as great as his in ring work was and can still be enjoyed for how technically good it was. However should we punish the likes of Booker T, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Jericho, Dean Malenko, Bret Hart, Kurt Angle, and many others who have great matches and moments not shown because of who they had the match against? Especially David Benoit the living son who suffers the most from his actions among living people. I admire that David wants to become a wrestler despite what his dad did and he should be allowed to become a pro wrestler even for WWE if he is good enough.

  • Troy Delaney

    I dont even know why they are airing this Chris Benoit is a twat cuz he killed his wife and his children and then commuted suicide wtaf

  • Cody

    I don’t care what Benoit did! He was an amazing wrestler and one of my all time favorites. Glad to hear this

  • Joe del Toro is a cunt

    I sincerely hope anyone who has a problem with Benoit being shown dies a horrible death. I don’t care if you call me a “psycho”, I wouldn’t get my hands dirty but I sure as hell would celebrate the demise of all you useless cunts.