WWE To Unify Another Title At Elimination Chamber?, Latest On Live NXT Network Special

Elimination Chamber

– A title unification match between WWE United States Champion Dean Ambrose and WWE Intercontinental Champion Big E Langston is likely for the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view next month.

– As PWMania.com, WWE will air a live NXT special on February 27th on the WWE Network, in primetime and head-to-head with TNA’s Impact Wrestling. There will also likely be a big NXT pre-show that night also.

(Source: F4Wonline.com)

  • radders


  • Bryan Thomas

    Smh like it isn’t obvious who’s going to win that. Go ahead and strip ambrose and hand it to big E why dontcha. Smh Fuck Big E Langston.

  • MinusDarrin

    I’m alright with this because it would leave only 4 titles, one of them being a women’s championship. I say the WWE should bring back the Lightweight division and give the little guys a chance to shine. I know that size doesn’t matter as much in WWE, but it still matters. Look at The Shield, I love all three guys but let’s be honest. Rollins and Ambrose are better on both the mic and in the ring than Reigns. Who gets the first singles push? The bigger guy with bigger muscles, Reigns. Opening the Lightweight division and giving them a title will get the smaller guys a chance at holding a title and showing what they can do. They might not ever get a shot like that because of all of the bigger guys. Look at the smaller guys right now, they either never get TV time or are gloried jobbers. I don’t mean guys like Punk and Bryan they are the exception to the bigger is better rule. I mean guys like Justin Gabriel, Evan Bourne, Tyson Kidd, etc.

  • The Smartmark

    Man i really hope Ambrose wins the unified title, he needs it much more than Big E . Big E is just another big guy with ZERO mic skills, he haven’t cut one interesting promo untill now and is nothing specials in-ring too

  • james reynolds

    opening the cruiser weight or lightweight would be a great thing for wwe as they can then showcase the lower talents but why not just to that with the intercontinental or united states we need to give someone like dean ambrose , seth rollins , people like mason ryan and other nxt stars they should be brought up for like smackdown and take the intercontinental title by storm and show what they have adrian neville would be a classic example hes got amazing talent

  • cj

    They don’t need to unify these titles. WWE doesn’t know how to make use of all their talents as it is. Nowadays if you’re not the champion and number 1 contender, you don’t have a role. So it’ll always be the two guys for the WWE WHChampionship, the two girls for the diva’s title and the two team for the tag titles and if they unify these two it’ll be the same. They need the cruiserweight championship back for guys like Sin Cara, Zack Ryder, Curt Hawkins, Justin Gabriel, etc. Start making more triple threat and fatal 4 ways so we can see a variety of people in the title picture. The hardcore championship rule would fit perfectly into the pg era imo cause it’s almost comedy when think about it. That’ll give the talent just lingering around something to do. WWE had way more talent back then but still almost everybody had a role or at least a match or two on tv. Instead of taking away championships they meed to reinstate some

    • bengalsmarvel

      I completely agree with this person

  • bengalsmarvel

    Lets just get rid of all the belts so they wont have ANYTHING to compete for in the undercard! Haha i wonder who comes up with this stuff