WWE Tough Enough Report – May 16th, 2011

We kick off the show with AJ arriving (alone) in the house. AJ says he in no way feels redeemed for not being eliminated, and that he still has to prove himself to Stone Cold and the other trainers. AJ says he’s happy now, but it’s going to be a long day tomorrow.

Fast forward, Christina is outside the house doing yoga with Trish Stratus. Trish says that she’s the last girl in the house, and she thinks maybe she needed some girl time. Trish and Christina are talking about how far she’s come, and that she’s outlasted all of the other girls. Just some friendly encouragement from Trish to Christina.

Now we’re watching everyone come to the ring area for daily training. Bill makes fun of Martin’s boots and then tells Christina he’s proud of how far she’s made it, and tells her to make him even more proud.

Stone Cold enters (still waiting to hear glass shattering whenever he enters, but I don’t think they’re going to do it again…), and tells them all they will be practicing some moves. Booker says it looks like AJ looks like he’s just going through the motions, and Bill tells Jeremiah to knock of the MMA crap. Everyone else seems to be doing fine, though Jeremiah seemed unhappy that he didn’t impress the judges at all.

We’re back from commercial, and now they are practicing getting thrown over the top rope. Stone Cold says they all look like trash blowing in the wind, and they need to do better. Booker gives a pretty funny, yet good example. AJ threw someone over the rope, and I couldn’t catch who it was, and they got their wrist caught in the rope, but I don’t think anything came of it. Andy working with Luke on the other hand, not so much. Andy accidentally(?) hit Luke in the nose, then threw him WAY to hard over the top and Luke had a bad landing. It looked a lot worse then it was though, but it definitely gave Andy some bad rep. After the exercise, Bill and Booker state their disappointment in AJ, Andy, and Jeremiah.

Back at the house, Andy is on the phone with his wife, as he watches some home videos of his toddler. He says he knows he had an off day, but he’ll make up for it.

Then the Divas enter *sigh*, and it’s 4 of the least talented in the WWE, in my opinion: Kelly, The Bellas, and Eve. They couldn’t send in Gail or Beth or something? Anyway, they are just having casual talk with the guys and Christina. Christina is really excited about this and looks to seek advice from the Divas perspective. Kelly Kelly states that she really likes Christina, while Luke notes that unlike Andy, who (mockingly) says made a “promise to his wife”, he’s going to travel the roads living life like a rockstar. Jeremiah is asking The Bellas to smack him in the face, and Luke joins in too. Then those two end up smacking each other around.

Up next, the contestants are playing WWE All Stars (great game if you haven’t tried it yet).

Stone Cold introduces the contestants to one of the guys who worked on WWE All Stars. This week’s life skills challenge is about developing character. Stone Cold said when he first came into WWE he was The Ringmaster, and after 6 months of doing that he said he’s done with that s***, and he turned into Stone Cold Steve Austin. The contestants are using Create a Wrestler mode. After that, they are facing off against each other. AJ’s CAW was named Jackson Crash, which Austin seemed to kind of like. AJ said he remember what Stone Cold said about needing to be creative, so he made a persona he thought was creative. There’s a couple one on one matches going on… I found it interesting that in the game, on this segment of TE, the crowd chants “Kick his ass.”, yet in the game that I own and play, I’ve never heard that. Anyway, they all finish up and Stone Cold says to prepare for the Skill challenge… Up next.

We’re back… But everyone is back at the training area at night. They are doing some basic stuff at first, but Christina notes that she has been getting a lot of praise lately. AJ gets criticized by both Booker and Bill, the latter of whom says it’s become clear to him that AJ is the weakest link. They are all doing quick pins one, after another, after another… And then Martin’s ankle pops and he gets checked out by the trainer. Bill asks how he is, and he assures him that he will be fine. However, when the trainer asks him to try and talk, and Martin can barely even stand on it. Bill and Booker tell him to get some ice on it. It’s clear they believe he hurt, and they also believe he has what it takes. Martin rides to the hospital, and as he is limping his way in, we go to commercial.

We’re back, and everyone at the house is just now waking up. Today is the skills challenge, and everyone is wondering if Martin is OK. While everyone is working out, Martin arrives in the area in a scene that literally is still giving me chills. He’s in crutches, and he’s wearing his belt. He tells SCSA that his ankle is fractured, and that his doctor won’t allow him to continue. It bothers me a lot to see him go. He was very clearly passionate, and he was clearly one of, if not the top dog. Stone Cold calls him into his office. They have a quick chat about coming back from injuries, and becoming successful in the business. He tells him that the reason all of the other belts were on the wall is because he put them there, because those eliminated contestants weren’t Tough Enough. But he’s not going to do that to Martin. He’s going to let him hang his own belt on the wall, because he believes he is Tough Enough. Bill, Booker, and Trish say goodbye, as well as the remaining contestants. Martin says he will wait until he’s 100%, and he will come back and make it in this business. A sad moment as we go to commercial.

We are back and the trainers tell the contestants that they are getting to the home stretch and that the most basic things can cause injuries.

It is time for the Skills Challenge. Bill explains the challenge and they will have two minutes to show what they can do. Booker tells them that they have to use one move from the top rope.

AJ and Christina go first and Christina hits a double sledge to the head and Christina hurts herself.

Bill and Booker say that they thought it would be a cross body and they blame AJ.

AJ says that it feels like a bad dream and it has turned into a nightmare.

Andy doesn’t want to see her have to go out that way.

Trish says that it is a scary moment to see Christina in that much pain.

Luke comments ‘another one bites the dust’. Luke says that he didn’t take any pleasure in hearing her scream but it is one fewer person to deal with.

Austin tells them that there is no elimination tonight because it looks like we are going to have another elimination.

We go to credits.