WWE Tough Enough Results – May 30, 2011

The show opens with the usual recap piece narrated by “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, going over what happened on the show last week. Last week AJ and Christina were eliminated from the show. Three contestants remain – Luke, Jeremiah and Andy. We see Jeremiah and Luke partying in the house with beer. Jeremiah says he doesn’t care who comes back, he doesn’t think any of them should come back.

We see a clip of Andy who says is he angry and isn’t happy with being in the bottom three. They show Andy getting back in the house and he blows off Luke and Jeremiah who ask him about what happened. Andy tells them they already know what happened.

Cue the weekly opening with John Cena, The Rock, The Miz and The Undertaker before running the full cast list.

The three contestants arrive at the ranch and are greeted by Booker T, Bill DeMott and Trish Stratus. There is no theme this week. Bill says he wants to see a cross-body and Luke and Jeremiah get in the ring and start working. DeMott says all they want is to see the best they have. Book puts over the work in the ring as the camera cuts to a pleased shot of Steve Austin.

Booker T wants to see a hip toss. Jeremiah, Andy and Luke take turns working in pairs. Andy botches the drill with Luke. Booker tells him he has to be in control and lectures him. They cut to Andy who says “he messed up” and he can’t say he won’t mess up again but he’ll never stop improving.

Bill DeMott wants to practice lockups. Trish says there’s no reason they can’t get this at the point. We see Andy and Luke lock up and Andy put Luke in a side headlock than Luke coming off the ropes and botching a maneuver, nearly blowing up Andy. Austin stops and scolds them. Jeremiah and Luke are working and another botch occurs and Austin asks if either just broke their ankle. DeMott says someone should have gotten hurt. We see a clip of DeMott crapping on Jeremiah’s in-ring abilities. Booker T says all three failed the test and sends them off by telling them to “have a good night.” Jeremiah says no excuses but they just really had a bad day.

Coming up, The Miz gives the contestants a lesson in awesome.

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We come back from break and the contestants are at a WWE photo shoot where Steve Austin tells them there is a lot more to being a WWE superstar than just being in the ring. Austin introduces The Miz. They role highlight footage of the former WWE Champion.

The Miz congratulates the contestants but he stresses press and promotion is a major part of the business. Trish informs the guys they will be shooting for WWE Magazine and tells them to get ready for their close-up. They show Andy, Luke and Jeremiah at make-up where Andy appears awkward.

Luke comes out with the WWE Championship belt and tells Austin he feels comfortable in the suit. Austin says Luke looks like he could do this all day long and puts over his “pretty boy” looks.

Andy comes out dressed just like Luke in a black suit with the title belt. The Miz says you can tell Andy is just a nice good ole guy. Miz tells Andy he can do whatever he wants with the belt, it’s his photo shoot. Trish tells him he looked awkward holding the belt. The Miz says he hopes Andy can get out of his shell because if he can’t – WWE will eat him alive. Andy appears to loosen up and gets praise from Trish.

Jeremiah comes out with his teeth out but dressed up with his hair slicked back. The Miz doesn’t like the no teeth but Austin put him over in a big way and said he may have a bright future. The Miz reminds the contestants he’s awesome and leaves. Austin says Bill and Booker are waiting back at the ranch and it’s back to work.

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We’re back at the ranch with the contestants arriving to Booker T, Bill DeMott (why do I keep wanting to type Hugh Morris) and Trish Stratus. We see a clip of Luke saying they have to bring it at all times. Andy gets in the ring and works with Bill Demott. Luke goes next and Jeremiah follows. Booker T says he can bring them to the water but they have to drink. Booker and Trish take time to lecture Andy to be the big man that he is. We cut to footage of Andy says it’s been a slow process of figuring out who he is in the ring. Booker and Trish like the adjustments he makes. He continues to work with Luke and convinces DeMott. We cut to a clip of DeMott who says he may have convinced Luke and Jeremiah he might be a force to be recognized with.

Luke and Jeremiah work and Book tells Jeremiah to slow it down. Bill echos the same thing saying he’s in such a hurry to get to where he needs to be it doesn’t work. We see footage of Jeremiah talking about his speed and inexperience. He says he has no room for error. Booker tells Jeremiah he is looking good and DeMott says everything he does from now all is all speed. We cut to a clip of DeMott who says he needs to slow down and digest everything. We see a clip of Luke who says today was a refreshing atmosphere from what has been happening. Bill sends them home after a good day.

We go to a children’s hospital with Steve Austin with the contestants. Austin talks about how WWE likes to give back to their fans. Austin puts over WWE’s good deeds to “make a difference.” Luke and Austin go in the room of a sick little boy and Austin introduces the contestants as Austin signs an autograph for a little boy.

Andy and Austin go into the room of a little girl where Andy explains he’s a trainee. We see footage of Andy talking about how he couldn’t imagine how hard it could be as a parent.

In the lobby Austin says the kids are tougher and braver than him. Austin and Jeremiah go into a room where they have to “gown up.” They entertain the little girl and a clip is shown of Austin talking to the contestants in the lobby.

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We’re back at the ranch and the trainers await the contestants. Austin says this week is about putting everything together what they have learned throughout the competition. Austin says they are going to do a comprehensive skills challenge and at the end of the day someone is going home. Austin asks if they are ready for it and they of course say yes.

Up first in running the ropes. Austin adds a dimension such as a slam, etc. as the contestants take time working in pairs. Bill DeMott says it’s like they are watching their kids and it’s painful because he can’t stop and help them. We see a clip of Andy saying it’s the last day so you got to let it all out. They cut to footage of Andy at the beginning of the competition. They cut to footage of him now with Trish putting him over on the commentary over it. She questions if it is enough at this point in the competition.

They put the heavy bag in the ring, slam it and drop three elbows. Booker T says Luke has “got it back” but got knocked off from his pedestal for a moment as they show footage from a past episode. We see footage of Luke saying he knew when he got to drop and elbow on the heavy bag it was his chance to shine and he dropped a perfect elbow today. DeMott talks about Jeremiah and questions if he is capable but then dogs him for slamming the heavy bag in the wrong direction. Jeremiah does an inverted elbow drop off the top rope and got praise but DeMott says you can’t fix it 300 night a year. He says Jeremiah has glimpses of great stupidity.

Austin feeds them another set of moves which includes a drop kick, leap frog and an arm drag. Jeremiah is the first to start messing up. Austin says he can’t quite grasp everything you need to do to maintain a safe level. Austin calls all three in the ring and says this isn’t the bottom three this is the final three. He tells them to go home and pack their things and come back and meet him in the middle of the ring. DeMott says it all comes down to the captain of the ship and Steve has some tough choices to make.

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Back from break, the three contestants are back at the house. Jeremiah says he pulled a move “ain’t no one ever seen before” and impressed everyone. Andy told him it was dangerous. They show footage of Andy talking about how wreckless Jeremiah is in the ring. Andy and Luke hug as Andy packs his bags. We cut to footage of Luke saying he’s done the best job of showing he is the best. They all three take a shot (liquor for Jeremiah and Luke and water for Andy) before heading to the ranch to meet Steve Austin.

All three remaining contestants are in the ring as Steve Austin gets in to join them. They role music to “play up” the moment. Austin says he’s proud of all them but someone is going home. He starts with Jeremiah. He asks him about the army and Jeremiah tells him he was in for three years and did a tour in Afghanistan and came home and started fighting. Jeremiah says he’s in this for lifetime.

Andy is next to get Steve Austin in his face. Austin tells him he’s “too weak” and “fragile” mentally. He asks him what he has to say about it and Andy tells him he’s full of it. Andy says it’s been tough leaving his wife and family. Austin asks Jeremiah if he has a kid (which Jeremiah confirms he has a 7-year-old) and Austin says he hasn’t see him emotionally fragile since he’s been here. Austin asks Jeremiah what he thinks about Andy he says he thinks he’s soft. He puts over his divorce and Austin jokes about his three. Jeremiah says he’s emotionally stronger than Luke.

Austin tells Luke he’s not bringing much to the table. He’s a good looking guy with nothing else. Luke tells Austin this is the entertainment business. Austin says after twenty years in it he wasn’t quite clear. Luke says today he dropped a mean elbow today and picked up swagger. Austin says Jeremiah, someone who has never done this, is pretty impressive. Luke says he’ll give him that. Austin says you don’t have to give him that you earned it. Luke says Jeremiah looked to him for advice so that’s a win for him. Austin says Jeremiah’s win could be Luke’s loss.

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Back from break, they role footage of what Luke just said about Jeremiah’s win. Luke says it’s funny if you’re looking not to pull punches he might be the arrogant one of the group. Austin asks Jeremiah if he’s the arrogant one. Jeremiah says he’s not arrogant he’s confident. Jeremiah says he has skills; Austin asks Luke his opinion and Luke says he won the skills competition and Jeremiah blew it. Jeremiah says “I ain’t perfect.”

Andy has tears in his eyes and Austin asks him if he’s going to cry. Andy says he’s emotional and he doesn’t care who knows it. Austin says for everything he likes about Andy physically he thinks he lacks in charisma. Andy says he has enough fire for everyone in this ring and has a mean streak a mile long. Andy says he thinks Luke has zero potential in this business and he isn’t comfortable in his own skin. Luke says he loves his own skin.

Austin questions Luke about his nervous laugh. Luke puts himself over and tells Austin he can call it what he wants. Andy says he didn’t bring it to the table every time because he hasn’t been in the business that long. Jeremiah says he put it all on the line and says he got it done. Austin asks him what happened today then and Jeremiah says he left it all in the ring. Steve tells him he left a pile of crap in the ring today. He said today he felt like Jeremiah was going to break his neck today. Jeremiah says he has a lot to learn but since he’s been here since day one he hasn’t hurt anyone even though he might have had a couple close calls.

Austin addresses Andy, Luke and Jeremiah. He says they all put up a heck of a fight and he’s making his decision based on what he’s seen. Austin tells Jeremiah the skill level finally past him by and although not by much he’s sending him home. Austin tells Jeremiah this green rookie almost sent you home and looks at Luke and tells Andy he came real close to sending you home.

Jeremiah is the final elimination leading up to Andy and Luke being the remaining contestants for next week’s live finale. They role a clip of Jeremiah saying goodbye. We go back to the ring and Austin talks about the next time they’ll see one another which is at the Florida Championship Wrestling facility where they will compete in an exhibition in front of the WWE brass (this was taped on 5/19). Austin gives them all beers and they drown them in the ring. They cut to footage of both Andy and Luke talking about how they are excited they are in the finals. They show footage of next week’s show featuring the exhibition matches they taped earlier this month.

Credit: Richard Gray of WrestlingNewsWorld.com