WWE Tough Enough Season Finale Results – June 6, 2011

Welcome to the Season Finale of WWE Tough Enough!

Stone Cold Steve Austin kicks us off by recapping this season. We started off with 14 hopefuls, including Miss USA herself. Luke was an early standout, but became overshadowed by Martin. Meanwhile, Andy started showing some force. Martin was very unfortunately injured later on in the competition, and it came down to Luke, Andy, and Jeremiah. Jeremiah proved to be just a little bit too green, and was eliminated, and now we have come down to the final two… Luke and Andy! Who will win? We’ll find out tonight!

The show kicks off in Tampa, where Andy is back at home with his wife and daughter. Andy provides insight with his wife on what it’s like to be in the finals of Tough Enough. Lauren (wife) is very supportive of Andy, and is helping him train at home. Jumping rope, moving tires, and all kinds of exercises. Andy packs his stuff up from the house, kisses his wife goodbye, and heads off to the finals.

Now we get a look at Luke’s home in Maine. He’s partying on a boat with his friends, but soon we see him doing some training of his own. Running through the woods and lifting just about anything, he shows he is in the shape to win this. Then we move over to him working in the ring with some of his friends, where he definitely looks like he knows his way around working a match. He’s about to leave, but first he thanks his mom and says goodbye to her.

Up next, Ricky Steamboat himself will be working with the two hopefuls. But suddenly we’re live in the arena Raw is airing in, and Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler hype up the finale. We find out who the winner is live, in front of the audience.

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We’re back, where Bill greets Andy and Luke in the FCW training center in Florida. They will be working with Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat this week, which both men are excited about. Ricky points out names that have been trained by him and the other FCW staff, such as Wade Barrett and Sheamus. Bill tells them that this week they will be having an exhibition match… And it’s going to be against him. Bill told them the day they arrived, that in order to get into the WWE, they will have to get through him. The next time they see Big Bill is when it’s time for their match. Until them, it looks like Ricky will be taking control of the competition. Andy and Luke are working in the ring, doing a much wider variety of moves then we first saw them do. This shows just how far they have come. Andy has slipped up a few times, but they both still look good. We hear from Andy and Luke speaking about each other… Andy calls Luke a weasel, and I don’t think Luke is to fond of him either.

Back at the arena, Michael Cole says to stay tuned for the exhibition matches against Bill DeMott!

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We’re back. Luke and Andy have arrived at FCW and are getting their ring gear ready. We cut to the crowd in the FCW arena who are ready to see the Tough Enough contestants in action. Bill DeMott makes his entrance and prepares to face the 2 young hopefuls. But we’re cut off by ANOTHER commercial break. Cole & Lawler tell us to stay tuned and all that jazz, and we’ll be back in a moment…

Commercial Break.

We’re back in the FCW arena now, with Bill awaiting his first opponent. Luke makes his entrance, and then Andy. Both men are looking to make the biggest impact that they can.

Instead of seeing each match individually, we see a video package combining the matches together with the Tough Enough theme song. They show clips one after another in rapid succession for about a minute before it all slows down with both men heading out of the ring after their match.

Now we’re backstage where both men are greeted by Booker T and Bill DeMott. Bill and Booker tell them that they are proud of how far these two have come, and hope for the best from both of them, wishing them luck.

Next, LIVE, Stone Cold will be in the arena to announce the winner of Tough Enough in front of a huge crowd. Stay tuned!!!

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And we’re back. Justin Roberts has the crowd welcome the trainers of Tough Enough: Bill DeMott, Booker T, and Trish Stratus. Once all are in the ring, Bill gives us all the rundown on what’s going on. Before we find out who the winner will be, let’s say hi to the eliminated contestants! The 12 that were eliminated and/or injured are now in the ring. Ivelisse, Matt, Skidmarks (Ryan), Ariane, Michael, Jeremiah (Big Pop), Eric (Heat), Michelle, AJ (Heat), Christina, and Martin (Pop). Trish now says it’s time to find bring out the finalists. Out first is Silent Rage himself, Andy; Then she announces the other finalist, “Party Boy” Luke.

Booker says congratulations to both men, but now it’s time for the moment we’ve ALL been waiting for. To seal their fate, here is the host of Tough Enough, WWE Hall of Famer, Stone Cold Steve Austin! He hits the ring and calls for a beer right off the bat. Austin gets on the mic and says he’s proud of everyone of these men and women right here and how far they made it, and tells the crowd to give em a HELL YEAH. Stone Cold says it’s been an amazing journey, and thanks Bill DeMott, Trish Stratus (Pop), and Booker T. But now we’ve got some business to take care of. He asks Bill his thoughts on Andy and Luke. Bill says that they’ve both made it through a lot of obstacles, and it took a lot of guts and they had to pay close attention. And if he had to pick one right now… Then he’s picking Andy. Now we’re going to get Trish’s opinion. Trish says she’s seen them in all different kinds of emotions, and with everything she knows about these final two, she’s going to choose Andy as well. Austin asks Booker to weigh in. Booker says he’s going to make this short and sweet, and that Luke has a future in the business, no doubt, but when he looks at Andy, he sees the it factor. And he won’t make the choice, because it’s not up to him, it’s up to Steve Austin.

Now Stone Cold is back on the mic, and he wants the finalists opinions on each other. Luke says this isn’t show friends, this is show business. He said Stone Cold is looking at the next Superstar, and the next Superstar is the one your looking at. Andy says Luke has no business here, and he feels insulted that he’s standing next to him. Stone Cold says the time has come, but is cut off by… BAH GAWD IT’S VINCENT KENNEDY MCMAHON! We’ll find out the winner… NEXT!!!

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NO CHANCE A-THAT’S WHATCHA GOT… Vinny Mac makes his grand entrance, to much support from the crowd. Vince asks Austin for a hug for old time’s sake, and Austin says “How about a stunner?” instead. Vince asks these men what makes them think that they should be in the same ring as Shawn Michaels, Andre The Giant, Sgt. Slaughter… Andy says that he guaran-damn-tees that-… Well he got cut off, and McMahon moves on to Luke. Luke says he’s going to make it for sure, he has no doubts. And now it’s time… McMahon says he’s already made up his mind. Well Stone Cold doesn’t give a rat’s ass if he’s the chairman, because it’s his show, and he’s gonna pick the winner. Vince tells him to go ahead. Stone Cold stares down both men, but gets cut off by Vince, who says how about a drumroll? The moment of truth is here. The winner of Tough Enough is… BIG ANDY!!! ‘CAUSE STONE COLD SAID SO! Andy celebrates while Luke shakes hands with Stone Cold, Vince, and Andy. Austin takes his belt and tells the crowd to give him a round of applause. Stone Cold asks Vince if he has any words for his newest employee, and Vince does so by Smacking him right in the face. Andy gets back up, somewhat shocked, and Stone Cold says WELCOME TO THE WWE, then hits the Stone Cold Stunner! Then he calls for a few beers and gets to drinking, as Andy makes his way to the back.

(Report by: Kyle Policastro of WrestlingNewsWorld.com)