WWE Trying To Get Goldberg For WrestleMania, Backstage News On CM Punk & Ryback, More

– During the Ryback match on Monday’s RAW, Jerry Lawler’s line about fans loving the Bill Goldberg chants was fed to him by Vince McMahon. The timing for the Goldberg DVD plugs was no coincidence either as WWE officials are very interested in getting Goldberg for a match at WrestleMania XXX.

– Vince McMahon decided to put Ryback and Paul Heyman vs. CM Punk at WWE’s Hell In a Cell pay-per-view inside the Cell to make it more of a “spectacle.”

– Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella were in attendance for Thursday night’s Seattle Seahawks vs. Arizona Cardinals football game:

(Partial source: F4Wonline.com)

  • Wwe Champion

    Goldberg said that he’d like to return to the WWE but NOT for him to face Ryback.He said that Ryback has as much talent as Goldberg has in one finger.So if Goldberg is going to return, you better offer him someone big for him to face.Just not Brock Lesnar…

    • Hi My Name Is Taco

      Like Goldberg vs The Undertaker at WM 30?

      • Wwe Champion

        Do we really wanna see one of these guys as a heel?..It could raise big money but in the end, why to have Goldberg return and then lose? Goldberg said many times that his #1 favourite wrestler whom he’d like to face is Stone Cold.Stone Cold works perfectly as a heel so….

        • http://www.ring-rap.com/ Jay Ciaravino

          But Stone Cold isn’t wrestling anytime soon.

  • Travis Matrious

    I am so sick of the Punk/Heyman story line. It’s so boring and has lasted way too long. The thing needs an infusion. Make another Heyman guy, have Curtis Axel turn face then you got Ryback/??? Vs Punk/Axel

    • Henry Ford

      i had thought that was the angle they we going to take it a while ago , as it seemed the way the story line was going that axel was a second rate heyman guy and it was now all about ryback , it does seem like they have dragged the whole story out a bit long now , yea it gives c m punk some one to hate on but its all very drawn out now .

      • Travis Matrious

        Well they have a decent set up now with Axel losing to Punk and Heyman throwing his IC belt down. They could even have him bring Big E back in as a new Heyman guy and have his first job be to ‘Teach Axel a lesson’

        • Henry Ford

          yea i guess but the whole story line is drawn out now , much the same as the im triple h do as i say not as i did or ill fire your ass yea no doubt at first it was cool and i enjoyed the story line but its drawn out thats all , some new decent heat and may be a few more title matches (you know like back in the day where every match was almost a title match ) hell i mean im still watching so i cant complain to much…..