WWE Turning Real Life Wrestler-Diva Romance Into Storyline

World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan is reportedly dating WWE Diva Brie Bella.

WWE recently kicked off a new feud between the Bella Twins and Bryan’s storyline girlfriend, AJ Lee.

Last week on SmackDown, AJ defeated Nikki Bella after Daniel Bryan stopped Brie from making the twin switch. WWE.com speculated that Bryan got involved in the match and prevented the Bellas from switching because he was still “emotionally scarred” by breaking up with the Bellas, whom he was romantically linked to on-screen last year.

The “love square” (a love triangle with 4 people?) continued at Tuesday’s SmackDown tapings, with AJ wrestling Brie Bella – and Daniel Bryan getting involved once again.

Brie Bella posted a series of pictures of herself and Daniel Bryan together (making out) on their official website, so the relationship is now public.

Photos Of WWE Couple Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella Making Out