WWE Unhappy With Raw Crowd, Buried Alive Matches, Derrick Bateman Has Surgery (Photo)

– WWE officials weren’t pleased with the crowd reactions at Monday night’s RAW in Charlotte, North Carolina. That’s two nights in a row as they were very down on the Hell In a Cell crowd in Atlanta on Sunday night.

– WWE’s website has a new article up looking at the history of the Buried Alive match.

– WWE Superstar Derrick Bateman underwent knee surgery earlier today. He posted the following photo on Twitter:

(Partial source: F4Wonline.com)

  • Matt

    aside from a couple matches HIAC was shit. the Main Event was a joke. No matter how much WWE push Ryback, i’m not buying into it at all. he’s over-hyped, over-rated, and not ready for Main Event matches. also, having Raw 3 hours is killing them. worst decision they made… well, since Ryback. 3 hours is total over-saturation.

  • Pat

    Maybe WWE should realize that their product sucks and the croud just does not care any more. I hope the crouds everywhere continue to act this way to show how they feel about horrible shows. I would not waste 2 cents of my money on any WWE show or PPV.