WWE World Heavyweight Title Match Announced For WWE SummerSlam Pay-Per-View

Triple H announced on Monday’s RAW from Miami that John Cena will defend the WWE World Heavyweight Title against Brock Lesnar at next month’s SummerSlam pay-per-view.

Triple H had announced Randy Orton as the challenger at first but Roman Reigns appeared and took Orton out. This led to Paul Heyman appearing and suggesting Plan C to Triple H – Lesnar. Triple H and Lesnar shook on the match before Heyman proclaimed that Lesnar will conquer Cena and take the WWE World Heavyweight Title at SummerSlam.

  • Latoya

    Well now that everyone knows what we already knew, this “Main Event” match is just a re-do of Before with Heyman working overtime to over hype and sell this match to make it seem fresh and innovative( great try btw). I will give them a B bolne and assume that Daniel Bryan’ s injury threw them a curve and they are making lemonade, but I still think they need to fix this match. Add Orton or add a stipulation. Something.

  • CMP

    “Oh-Em-Gee! Brock Lesnar returning to face Cena at Summerslam? I could safely say I never seen that coming from a mile away!” – Nobody Ever

  • Jason

    2 things… #1) I don’t believe there was ever a rematch from extreme rules of 2012 when Lesnar returned. and #2) Cena has been on a summerslam Losing streak in recent years so….. All signs are pointing at Lesnar beating Cena.

  • George Solorio

    shit talk all you want but this is gonna sell massive ppv and network buys. WWE wants the casual fan, all us marks are gonna watch it anyways:-)