WWE’s Top Announcer Table Crashes, Tyson Kidd Shows Off His Memorabilia, Submissions

– In this week’s edition of the “WWE Top 10,” the most memorable announcer table crashes are counted down. Mick Foley, Vince McMahon and Jeff Hardy, among others, are featured.

– In this WWE App video highlighting Tyson Kidd’s road to recovery, the Calgary native shows off his ring gear from the past, and takes a look at the old Hart Family Dungeon.

– The official WWE website has issued a poll asking fans who has the most devastating submission maneuver. With over 21,000 votes cast, Natalya leads at 32% with her Sharpshooter. She is followed by CM Punk’s Anaconda Vice (28%), Daniel Bryan’s “YES!” Lock (26%) and Alberto Del Rio’s Cross Arm Breaker (14%).

Photos – AJ Lee hangs out with CM Punk on Friday