WWE’s Most Underrated Stars, Jim Ross Credits Tony Schiavone

– WWE’s website also has an article up with current Superstars picking the most underrated Superstars of all-time. Dolph Ziggler chose Billy Gunn, Daniel Bryan chose Billy Robinson, Eve Torres chose John Laurinaitis, Alex Riley chose X-Pac, Ezekiel Jackson chose Tito Santana, Kofi Kingston chose Billy Kidman, Matt Striker chose Johnny Rodz, Howard Finkel chose Bam Bam Bigelow and WCW Classics as a whole chose Dean Malenko.

– Jim Ross has a new in-depth article up on WWE.com, wondering if former WCW announcer Tony Schiavone was the most underrated play-by-play man of all-time. Here’s part of what Ross wrote:

“In the early years of our relationship, I’d rank Tony right there with the best play-by-play talents in the business. However, as the years went on and the political scene in WCW became more tumultuous and stressful, the lifelong baseball fan seemingly hit the wall and the genre of pro wrestling did not appear to be as much fun for him as it was back in the day. Until one has been in those shoes, one can’t imagine the stress of doing live TV in that type of environment.

Tony will likely always be remembered as steering the unpredictable ship of Monday Nitro as it earned massive TV ratings during the “Monday Night Wars.” I will best remember him as my ‘roomy’ and fellow sports enthusiast who I truly enjoyed working with.

Tony is living his dream these days doing baseball play-by-play on radio and also working on the Georgia Bulldog Radio network. I’m sincerely happy for the devoted husband and father. Working alongside Tony Schiavone was pivotal in my growth as a broadcaster.”